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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to Part IV of our Alpha 7 experimental phase! This will be the final experimental version release - the next update will already be the Release Candidate.

Part IV has a lot to offer: XenoSteel as a new material to build with, a slew of updates on the scenarios, optimizations and refinements, like the Color/Texturing now working with the UNDO button in creative and the furnace now working in full-auto-mode.

As we are making good progress, we also managed to add a long wanted feature: Blueprints are now showing a preview! No guessing of front and back sides anymore ahead of placing it. ;-)

The biggest undertaking in Part IV has been the first ever rebalancing of all the handheld weapons.

Said that, the settings you experienced until now were a first attempt of how they could work but weren’t based on the limits of the game, like view distance of objects etc. Some weapons (like the T2 or Epic Pistol) had a damage output which was far over the top and not in a meaningful relation to all other weapons yet.

Our goal of this re-balance is to give each weapon a better identity and role. We want players to make a meaningful decision which tool to pick for the task they intend to do. Keep in mind that these updates do not attempt to simulate features of similar real-world weapons.

One change is the reduction of weapon ranges. Some of the prior ranges made little sense: You had long-range weapons up with 600m range - but the graphic engine currently shows spawned creatures, like wildlife, only up to 120m. You had no benefit of using a long range weapon at all unless floating in space shooting drones. A place where you are always better off sitting in a spaceship anyway.

We also intend to reduce the sitting duck problem: Some weapons allowed you take out drones before they were even able to react to you on a planet. This made taking out drones a shooting gallery without challenge. Now you must approach them with most weapons or have a proper long range weapon to get an advantage.

Please let us know what you think about these changes here:
We are very curious about your feedback.

Please also report new and recurring bugs over here: https://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-experimental-7-0.15379/


Empyrion Dev Team


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The above screenshot shows the updated terrain for Akua

Update: Build 1277
- Fixed: Problem that rotate gizmo for selection tool was not visible


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to Part III of our Alpha 7 experimental phase! Our main topic this time: Optimization and refinement. We added more handmade terrains for you to test out and the new grass is now nicer and is eating up less performance. We also added a density setting for grass!

For our builders, testing the new features in the Building Helper menu (N): You now can rotate your copied parts!

In any case, especially if you are new to Experimental 7.0, please make sure you read through the FAQ and HELP topics before starting a new game. https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/

Please also report new and recurring bugs over here: https://empyriononline.com/threads/bug-reports-alpha-experimental-7-0.15379/

If you do not see your issue fixed in the current changelog, it would be of great help, if you could re-test your issue with the new version and report it again in the bug section - in case your problem is not fixed yet.

What’s next?
We are also slowly but steadily approaching the public release. We are planning to release Part IV next week and the Release Candidate the weekend after the Part IV release. Both will now concentrate more on bug fixing and optimizations. Small feature updates not ruled out, of course. ;-)


Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 7.2.0 (Build 1276)

Important: We renamed the playfield NewSnow2 into NewSnow and removed NewSnow2: Consequence is that all save games where you have been on Ningues are not useable anymore! Sorry for the inconveniences (note: it will only affect save games that have been started during the EXP phase)

Updated / Added Planetary Terrains:
- Updated terrain of Akua: less mountains, more valleys (renamed playfield: instead of NewTemperate500 > NewTemperate)
- Added new terrain for the Moon
- Added new terrains for Aitis...
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Update: October 2, 2017 - Build 1268

Based on your feedback, we tweaked the handheld drills again a bit:
- The T1 drill speed is now 30% faster compared to the speed of the live version (Alpha 6.7)
- The T2 drill speed is now as fast as the terrain removal mode of the live version (Alpha 6.7)

CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 7.1.1 (Build 1268)


- Increased damage/mining speed of handheld drills
- Increased size of colliders on Spiders to make them easier to hit
- Added outlinesize/intensity change to Ore Scanner Shader: closer Ore has stronger/larger scan outline: what do you think?
- Minor tweaks to terrain of Omicron
- Better visuals of asteroid field in space: smoother fading of fog
- Added damage states to Repair Station
- Set moon a bit further away from Omicron to avoid jumping of LOD0/1

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Selection Box Copy-Paste throws an error
- Fixed: POM video setting is showing as set to High when set to low or off after relauching the game.
- Fixed: Problem that asteroids in Asteroid Field playfield were still named Titan and Germanium (named back to Zascosium and Copper)
- Fixed: Template missing for Pentaxid in Mobile constructor.
- Fixed: Could not add more than 2 blocks to pillar of Armored Concrete
- Fixed: Ore scanner: Ore that lies behind another ore is shown, instead of being hidden
- Fixed: Texture problem for BA Tier 3


Update: Build 1266

- Fixed: SV mobile constructor was not placable on SV's & was only placable on terrain.


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We were blown away by your feedback about the first Alpha Experimental 7.0 release. Thank you so much - we are grateful to have such an amazing community! Keep it up...

Here comes Part II of Alpha Experimental 7.0. Check out the changelog below.

We added a new feedback thread about resource balancing: https://empyriononline.com/threads/a7-0-experimental-faq-feedback-resource-balancing.20009/

Here are the links to the other feedback and info threads:

New Game Start & Rebalancing

Building Block Texture Update:
- Wood Textures...
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Thanks for the feedback so far. We realized that the MP default setting has only PvP playfields. This is not intentional and is a mistake since we copied over the new playfields from the SP default setting. Sorry for the inconveniences.


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to our first Experimental 7.0 release! Be aware that this is still a very rough version - so expect bugs and unpolished features. But we wanted to release Alpha EXP 7.0 as early as possible to get your feedback!

What is Alpha 7.0 all about? Short answer: Creative tools, textures, visuals and a rebalancing of some of the game contents and functions such as the game start, templates and mining. With Alpha 7.0 we also introduce a new type of playfield: handmade, heightmap-fixed planets.

As this is a lot of info to pack into a single announcement, we used the same approach like with the previous major updates and created FAQ threads for all of the major changes.

The following threads offer additional details, small howtos and explanations and will be monitored for you dedicated feedback and questions!

New Game Start & Rebalancing

Building Block Texture Update:
- Wood Textures
- Concrete Textures
- Metal Textures

Offline Protection Enhancements

Heightmap Terrain + Texture Editor


New Building Tools

As an advice: before reporting a bug, issue or suggestion, check these threads for info about KNOWN ISSUES and PLANNED IMPROVEMENTS. ;-)

Please report bugs and issues over here:...
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The above screenshot is from our internal Alpha 7.0 development branch and shows the new desert planet Zeyhines.

Update: September 25, 2017 - Build 1219

We just released another small patch to fix an issue with the Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH) tool. It seems that the EAH tool was reported by several virus scanners due to the obfuscation tool we are using. We changed the obfuscator and it should be fine now.

Changelog: Alpha 6.7.1 (Build 1219)


- Empyrion Admin Helper (EAH) tool now uses a different obfuscator to avoid reports by virus scanners
- Added community translation for Polish: Thanks to ChrisMatters

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Exploit with Stamina Recovery


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released another small patch for the Alpha 6.7 development cycle and included the "Empyrion Admin Helper" (EAH) tool. When you are a server admin, you might already know this tool because it is one of the best out there to manage your server.

To facilitate the life of all server admins, we decided to include EAH as a separate program into the Dedicated Server package of Empyrion - in other words, it will now automatically be distributed with the Empyrion Dedicated Server. A big thank you to Jascha and RexXxus for developing this tool.

For info about EAH and a basic documentation, please have a look here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/documentation.13838/

Please let us know what you think about EAH and what we can still improve.

Changelog: Alpha 6.7.1 (Build 1218)

- Added "Empyrion Admin Helper" tool to dedicated server package

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that first-person and third-person camera was sometimes clipping into objects
- Possible Fix: Connection to workshop BP's list sometimes being lost (we increased the subscription limit from 100 to 300)
- Fixed: LCD Panels not updating after initial edit.


Road to Alpha 7 - Progress Report

Two weeks ago, we gave you a few insight on the main features of the Alpha 7.0, which can be summarized as “World Design, Creative Tools and Visuals”.

If you missed the info, please follow these links:

Creative Tools & Visuals blog: https://empyriononline.com/threads/alpha-6-7-patch-and-road-to-alpha-7-part-ii.13332

World Design blog:...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We released another small patch for Alpha 6.7. Again, it is a client side update and is compatible with the servers running on B1211.

Please report remaining and new issues in our bug forum: http://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

Changelog: Alpha 6.7.0 (Build 1213)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Container exploit
- Fixed: Problem that mounted weapons stopped firing when vessel was moving in certain directions.

- Added Turkish and Korean language
- Updated localization: FR, Ita, RU, JPA, CHS, Spanish and Port(Brazil)
- Updated Unity to version 5.6.3f1


Road to Alpha 7.0 - Part II

A few days ago, we released a teaser picture with a few hints on upcoming features. While we make good progress on those - and beyond - we would like to disclose some of the work-in-progress topics.

Complete overhaul of block textures :
We will add new and rework old textures for all materials. So look forward to new designs for your bases and vessels.

Texture quality update:
We will add the Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) technique to all our textures. This will improve the looks of surfaces a lot by giving them a 3D touch and additional depth!

New creative tools:
While the released teaser pic could not hint all the changes we are planning to add, lets line them up right here:
- Switch Mirror Plane between "center" and "edge"
- Textur Rotation
- Cubic block-selection: copy, paste, cut and delete an area in all three dimension! We even plan to have a temporary repository for your copied areas, so you can easily paste them over and over to your structures and vessels without having to copy them each time again!
- Large area painting and texturing, will be in as well!

In addition Alpha 7.0 is not only dedicated to the new heightmap planets (http://empyriononline.com/threads/a...date-hull-textures-and-road-to-alpha-7.12796/) but will also see a slew of game optimizations and a large update to the possibilities of mission-creation (PDA)!

Here are some more teaser screenshots from our internal Alpha 7.0 development branch.

Texture update:

New planets
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[​IMG]The above screenshot is from our internal Alpha 7.0 development branch. You might notice the steep mountain in the background. We have increased the max height of mountains to 500m.

UPDATE: August 28, 2017 - Build 1212 (Client only)

This is a CLIENT side update which means you can connect to any server that is running A6.7.0 B1211.

Changelog: Alpha 6.7.0 (Build 1212)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Symmetry plane auto centers after turning it off and back on until plane is reset to where you originally placed it.
- Fixed: When using a Symmetry plane it was possible to mirror a Warp Drive, Warp Tank and Repair bay
- Fixed: SV prefab Tier 1E contained forbidden blocks.
- Fixed: Problem that TriCount showed 2 numbers in Stats window

- Higher resolution of color masks for building blocks


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We just released Alpha 6.7. It is a relatively small update for our standards because behind the scenes we are already working hard on Alpha 7.0.

In Alpha 6.7, we implemented the signal logic (sensors and triggers) also for SV and HV and updated some textures on building blocks (yes - we now have a nice metallic looking hull texture). We are planning to update a lot more building block textures for Alpha 7.0. We also updated the model for the Pulse Rifle and added more tiers for it.

Please report remaining and new issues in our bug forum: http://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

We prepared a first blog post for the "Road to Alpha 7" (see below). We are planning to update you regularly about the development process of Alpha 7.0.


Empyrion Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 6.7.0 (Build 1211)

- Added sensors + triggers to SV / HV
- Updated model for Pulse Rifle + added Pulse Rifle T2 and Epic Pulse Rifle
- AI Planet Vessel does not auto-repair anymore when it is shot down. In addition, you can now enter and loot it
- Slightly adapted formula to calculate size class: we are now using a more accurate formula to calculate the triangles
- Updated stock prefabs to update triangles count to new formula
- Updated holo screen 05 + other texture tweaks for holo screens

Texture Update for Building Blocks:
- Updated standard hull...
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We just wanted to let you know that we have moved to a new host as well as upgraded the forums. Somethings might break and this is a normal process as we fix and tweak any changes and compatibility issues.

Please let us know if you end up having any issues so we can fix them asap.

Have a wonderful week!
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Hey everyone,

we just released a patch that addresses several issues from Alpha 6.6.

Changelog: Alpha 6.6.1 (Build 1202)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Interrupting a reload resulted in the ammo of the weapon or tool reloading being placed in the toolbar: now ammo is placed into inventory (and if inventory full into toolbar)
- Fixed: Exception when a playfield designer used very small values for near-POI resource spawning
- Fixed: Exception when adding more than 8 items in construction queue of Survival Constructor or Furnace
- Fixed: Very limited character set for Game and Player names (now international characters can be used - eg in Russian, Japanese or Chinese)
- Fixed: Mirror plane did not work correctly with color/texture tool
- Fixed: PDA language was not updating on first open after language was changed
- Fixed: Chat box second row of text was roaming free out of its one line blue boundaries
- Fixed: Exception that appeared on a dedi "Exception: Please remove this script from: Light"
- Fixed: Problem that Spotlight Cube was removed earlier than Spotlight slope or Spotlight horizontal (LOD level)

- Mirror plane: enabling mirror plane should now behave as before, i.e. when you enable the plane the last used plane will appear
- Added console cmd "deco refresh" to reload all deco after a change in playfield.yaml
- Added better emissive texture to holo screens
- Seamless emissive texture is now brighter when placed the first time
- Updated model for control station (deco table with computer)
- Updated icon for dedi server
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The above screenshot is from our internal Alpha 7.0 development branch. More teaser screenshots can be found below.

Update (August 15, 2017): Hotfix (Build 1200) - client side only

We just released a small client-side patch that should fix an occasional exception when you exit to the main menu. However, when this exception appears it is nasty because you cannot resume the save game afterwards.

Changelog: Alpha 6.6.0 (Build 1200)
- Fixed: Exception that sometimes appeared when exiting to main menu and corrupts a save game


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

With Alpha 6.6, we added a few new convenience features. You can now switch weapons while the reload animation is in progress. Moreover, for all long range or dogfight pilots, you can now use the new auto-brake to make use of inertia movement in space.

For our builders, we not only increased the range of the texture and paint tools but you can also make use of the mirror planes for painting and texturing! In addition, we fixed the issues with some of the blocks not mirroring correctly. Please have a look and report remaining issues in our bug thread!

For our playfield and planet creators, we slightly changed the rules on how POIs and ore deposits are placed: You can now use the random and fixed mode at the same time and in any combination! For more info, please have a closer look at the “Improved POI / Resource Spawning” paragraph below. We also created a first iteration of the Playfield Reference sheet with all the NPCs, Deco and Textures you can use to build awesome locations over here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/handbook-playfield-reference-sheet-v0-1.12646/unread
Feedback is very much appreciated! ;-)

Please report remaining and new issues in our bug forum! http://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.24/

Finally, we are proud to announce that - thanks to the efforts of some of your community members - “Empyrion - Galactic Survival” is now available in 11 different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese (Euro and Brazil), Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional). For now, the PDA also has been translated into French, Portuguese(Brazil), Russian, Japanese (partially) and Chinese (simplified). Of course there are always new words and terms to translate and some of those are not...