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The new volumetric lights on CV spotlights

Update: May 23, 2019 (Build 2470)
- Fixed: Problem that "Default Base Attack" scenario was not correctly uploaded to Steam
- Fixed: Force Fields did not work anymore: either always on or always off (eg doors, hangar doors, forcefield devices etc)
- Fixed: Not possible to interact with OxygenStation (BA,CV) - no collision
- Fixed: Auto Miners did not show their beam while mining anymore


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We just released Part II of Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10. Thanks to your dedicated feedback, we already improved a lot of the new features and added a heap of new bug fixes!

Said that, the update also includes a few new features and feature refinements, as you can see from the changelog below.

Among others, we improved the “fixed” drill mode of the Hover Vessel by adding a fine-grained directional steering to the previously fully-locked mode. You can now use W/A/S/D and the arrow keys to precisely navigate your vessel while drilling. In addition, when pressing LMB in fixed mode, your drills will remain active until you press LMB again. Thus, you can now concentrate on moving the vessel (which is slower with fixed-mode activated) and aiming its fixed drills on the target area without the need to hold LMB all the time in order to keep the drills running! Remember the fixed drill mode is activated for HVs that have a drill module with SHIFT-O.

Alpha 10 EXP Part II also adds a completely new scenario, designed around the new “Base Attack” system you already got to know in the first Alpha 10 EXP iteration in standard survival (default-random scenario). But unlike the default-random survival scenario, the Base Attack Scenario will have you starting directly in a contested base. Take your time - but not too long - to familiarize yourself with the compound and ramp up the defences. Waves of drones and troops will come for you! This is a test case not only for the base attack system itself and how it can be scaled as well as an offer for you to easily drop in a COOP game with some friends and have, but also adds the first (code-side) iteration of the redesigned PDA tech - adding more setting and management options by offering C# as an additional PDA scripting language.

If you are a mission designer and are capable of using C#, keep an eye on the latter. We will release more info about that particular topic in the next weeks!

As always with a major...
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Update: May 16, 2019 (Build 2450) - Client only

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Exception when drilling underwater rocks


Update: May 16, 2019 (Build 2449)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Dynamic HP calculation incorrect for some small armored steel blocks
- Fixed: No frames on windows on first game start
- Fixed: Water plane is blocking buildings blocks & terrain placeable devices from being placed
- Fixed: Loading of mods in client and playfield server even if not specified
- Fixed: Multi-player choose planet window localizing planet class.
- Fixed: Sometimes exception triggered after killing a NPC
- Fixed: Filler function of T2 Drill is producing Iron Textured terrain
- Fixed: Templates - Drill T2 required Drill T1 as input
- Fixed: Terrain Shader - Relief not working (only a regression in A10)
- Fixed: Terrain Shader - Cluster scale not working (only a regression in A10)
- Fixed: Some half-size block shapes missing sides when placed next to other blocks
- Fixed: New Armored Door with missing 'part'
- Fixed: Light block of small vessel was difficult to remove (too small collider)
- Fixed: Internal exception found in EXP dedi logs

- Increased version number to EXP 10.0.1
- Increased texture resolution for some models (Constructor, Deconstructor, O2 Station, Medic/Clone Station, Shield Generator)
- Improved filler mode on drill: Updated filler texture and improved blending/usage
- When drilling on top soil, dirt is now shown again immediately

Known issue:
Exception triggers when drilling underwater rocks [6354]


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We are very excited to start the Experimental phase for our upcoming major update. Alpha 10 will feature more than 100 new building block shapes, shields for vessels and bases, a highly improved (and speed up) drilling gameplay, an improved base attack mode, a new tabbed chat for multiplayer and a huge amount of bug fixes, gameplay refinements and other changes!

While many of the changes and improvements are pretty straightforward, the new base attack in Alpha 10 might need some words of explanation: Previously, only drones would attack your base, given some arbitrary rules, like activating the first generator or placing a turret. Starting with Alpha 10, the rules that will now provoke a base attack are much more meaningful and fully tied to the NPC...
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Update: May 7, 2019 - Fixed local coop

Changelog: Alpha 9.7.1 (Build 2321)
- Fixed: Local Coop: Cannot connect via Friends tab in Server Browser
- Fixed: Large PDA window was shown when starting local coop
- Fixed: Logistics window exploit
- Fixed: Blueprint save data in MP (now BP spawns without any ammo)


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

We just released a new update with Unity 2018.3 on the public branch. For this update, we switched the network protocol back to RakNet since UNET could not handle the network traffic on busy servers. We had to do some extensive internal refactoring to ensure that RakNet is working with Unity 2018.3.

Please let us know if you experience any problems.

Changelog: Alpha 9.7 (Build 2319)

- Switched network protocol back to RakNet
- Internal refactoring to make sure RakNet is compatible with Unity 2018.3
- Optimized RakNet protocol (now sending packages with different priorities)
- Updated EAH Tool: https://empyriononline.com/threads/tool-emp-admin-helper-eah-free-v1-45-x.5771/page-54#post-305591

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Set Anti Grief distance only if RegenAfter is set for a POI
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions
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Update: April 23, 2019
We are really sorry, but we had to temporarily revert back to Unity 2018.1 (Alpha 9.6 - Build 2307) since UNET causes some problems that we need to address first. Your save games should be fully compatible with Alpha 9.6.

Alpha 9.7 (Build 2316) will stay on the EXPERIMENTAL branch.


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Given that our Unity 2018.1 version finally seems to be stable, we released Alpha 9.7 where we upgraded the game engine to Unity 2018.3. For this upgrade, we had to switch the network protocol to Unity UNET.

Please let us know if you notice any problems in multiplayer.


Changelog: Alpha 9.7 (Build 2316)


- Upgraded game engine to Unity 2018.3
- Switched network protocol to Unity UNET
- Increased wait time for local coop server from 10 to 20 seconds
- Improved telnet connection
- Added PDA parameter ListVisibility to allow for previews of deactivated, invisible chapters. To help guide players to activation positions
- Mod: Player inventory modifying requests don't respect open Logistic window showing that

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Instant-Production speed does not trigger PDA checks when used in any constructor
- Fixed: Broken inner glass texture on vessel cockpits for last damage state
- Fixed: Sometimes consuming an item reduces body radiation
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions
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Update: April 4, 2019 - 2.30pm CEST

Unity 2018 (Build 2307) is live again on the public branch!

Bug Fixes
- Possible fix for login problems
- Fixed: Server communication hangs
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions
- Fixed: Corrupt player avatar colors
- Fixed: HullArmoredFull / HullArmoredThin had no dynamic HP calculation (now the dynamic calc is based on SV/HV structures)
- Fixed: Cockpits collision model is incorrect
- Fixed: Problem that player could respawn underground in crashed ship that was buried (removed medic station/clone chamber from crashed POIs)
- Fixed: NearUnit checks in MP
- Fixed: New blockshapes do not stop upgrade-beam when on the CS material level
- Fixed: Shooting dancing alien leads to removal of complete base

- Updated EAH Server Tool: https://empyriononline.com/threads/tool-emp-admin-helper-eah-free-v1-45-x.5771/page-54#post-302735


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We are giving Unity 2018 another try. As mentioned the last time, the ideal outcome would be that you do not see any difference to the last public release version Alpha 9.5.0 (Build 2294) - except performance improvements :)

For bug reports, please visit: https://empyriononline.com/threads/...ort-template-requirements-known-issues.47082/


Emp Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 9.6.0 (Build 2302)

- Upgraded game engine to Unity 2018.1: in a first step, we have upgraded to Unity 2018.1 and if everything runs smoothly we will upgrade to Unity 2018.3 in a second step
- Re-added legacy cockpits to cockpit block group due to popular demand
- Updated Robinson Protocol and PDA missions (better timing, better explanations etc)
- Updated Localization.csv

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that sometimes in Coop player do not start in same wreckage POI. It could happen that player spawns in POI far away from crashsite (to fix this problem, we had to rename some BPs to make sure they do not have "Wreckage" as spawn name)
- Fixed: Choose planet window for multiplayer always showing default image.
- Fixed: Some Wreckage POIs are now buried 1m in ground
- Fixed: Culture-dependent floating point conversions
- Fixed: Mass / Volume of Open Cockpit 1
- Fixed: Sector map does not load
- Fixed: No POI was spawning on...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

To sweeten the waiting time for Alpha 10, we decided to release Alpha 9.5 from the A9 branch with some goodies such as armored SV/HV cockpits, a new planet, an advanced game start for experienced players, bug fixes and more.

In addition, we are still working on preparing the code for the Unity 2018 upgrade. Unfortunately, it takes more time than expected.

For bug reports, please visit: https://empyriononline.com/threads/...ort-template-requirements-known-issues.47082/


Emp Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 9.5.0 (Build 2294)

New Armored Cockpits (SV / HV):
- Added armored cockpits for SV / HV that have much higher hitpoints than standard cockpits
- Armored cockpits can be upgraded from standard cockpits

Re-Balanced SV/HV Cockpits and other Cockpit Tweaks:
- Slightly increased Hitpoints of most standard Cockpits
- Reduced Hitpoints and Mass of both Open Cockpits considerably
- Reduced Hitpoints and Mass of standard Closed Cockpit 05 to match size/block count relative to the others
- Do not display old legacy cockpits anymore
- Added max count of 2 for SV/HV cockpits (per group) - only active if enabled in gameoptions.yaml
- Updated model of Cockpit 3 (less frames to have better visibility)

New Planet:
- Added new Ocean Planet

Improved Game Start:
- Added alternative start on Temperate Planet (TemperateStarter2):
Start in wreckage base with advanced equipment and no Tutorial (Robinson Protocol)
> for experienced player who do not need the tutorial and who want to progress faster
- Added Wreckage POI instead of JunkT2 so player has already a base earlier in game (only on Temperate Planet - Escape Pod start)
- When Robinson Protocol is skipped, the player gets Portable Constructor, Motorbike and Detector
- Added more info about starter planets in New Game Menu
- Reduced amount of Crushed Stone needed to obtain Iron, Copper, Silicon Ore in Constructor
- Added more rock resources in starter biomes to easier obtain Crushed Stone
- Zirax POI is now sufficiently far away from JunkT2 / Wreckage

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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released Alpha 9.4.1 from the A9 branch with important bug fixes that cannot wait until the next major A10 release. Moreover, we changed the folder structure of the Client and the Dedicated Server in the Steam install directory to prepare the upcoming Unity 2018.3 game engine upgrade.

The new folder structure is as follows:

Empyrion Client:
|----- Client
|----- DedicatedServer (for local Coop)
|----- SolarSystemGenerator

Empyrion - Dedicated Server:
|----- DedicatedServer
|----- PlayfieldServer

- You need to adapt your firewall settings to take into account the new .exe files - otherwise the servers will not show up in the server list
- EmpyrionAdminHelper (EAH) tool has been moved into DedicatedServer folder

After updating to A9.4.1, please make sure to "Verify Integrity of Game Files" via Steam Client before you start the game.

For bug reports, please visit:


Emp Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 9.4.1 (Build 2288)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Terrain is not correctly removed for POIs that use playfield parameter "DroneBaseSetup" (eg drone bases)
- Fixed: Wrong y-offset for several POI (especially drone bases)
- Fixed: Issue with capacitor/battery amount not updating fast enough leading to problem with food spoiling in Food Processor and Fridge (MP)
- Fixed: Problem with explosion calculation in PvE (MP)
- Fixed: AI sometimes shooting through walls
- Fixed: Docked ship not always getting attached to parent ship (invisible colliders)
- Fixed: Cockpit collision exploit
- Fixed: HV Docking exploit
- Fixed: Not enough Upgrade Points to unlock all devices at level 25 (we added 250 more Upgrade Points)
- Fixed: Normal Zirax had still new Base Attack weapon config and thus were overpowered (ie Zirax could easily destroy base blocks)
- Fixed: Modular Wing Connector (Medium) was placed wrong
- Fixed: Problem that SciFi Bed could not be removed / had strange collision
- Fixed: Tribal Cauldron 2 cannot be removed
- Fixed: Troop transports turning & moving away when they reach a destination
- Possible fix for occasional problem with structure duplication
- Fixed: SV\HV open cockpits have broken building size model
- Fixed: Occasional PDA entity link didn't find the block due to the entity still loading. Wait up...
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Update: February 15, 2019 (Build 2281)

Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Based on your feedback, we improved the Voxel calculation for mass and hitpoins of building blocks: while mass and hitpoints are still correlated to the size of the building block (ie shapes with more Voxels have higher mass/hitpoints), we adapted the formula that maps the Voxel count on mass/hitpoints.

Now, the smallest shape has the same mass/HP as in A9.3. From the mass/HP of the smallest shape, we interpolate to the max mass/HP of the largest shape (= full cube). Before, we interpolated from basically zero mass/HP to the max mass/HP of the largest shape, which resulted in overall lower mass/HP for all structures. Now, the mass/HP of an average structure should be roughly the same as in A9.3.

Here is a graphical illustration:

This was the situation in Alpha 9.3 where all Full Shapes had the same mass/HP and all Thin Shapes had the same mass/HP:
(Example: Steel Blocks for BA/CV)

Please let us know what you think of this change and if it now "feels" right again.

Changelog: Alpha 9.4.0 (Build 2281)

- Improved Voxel calculation for mass and HP of building blocks

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that wrong game could be loaded via Resume Game and double sounds appeared
- Fixed: Strange grass texture patterns in swamp biome on Temperate Planets


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released a hotfix for Alpha 9.4. Thank you for your feedback and bug reports.

Bug Reports: https://empyriononline.com/threads/...ort-template-requirements-known-issues.47082/


Emp Dev Team


Changelog: Alpha 9.4.0 (Build 2279)

- Showing correct VolumeCapacity of Container Controllers also in ControlPanel, ie VolumeCapacity will now be dynamically adapted according to number of Container Extensions
- UI improvements with dynamic grids (added missing grid backgrounds)
- Increased resolution of SV/HV Containers
- Turret Targeting: Predator faction checkbox now includes Alien faction (+adapted text of checkbox in Control Panel)
- Adapted Factions of NPCs: Creepy is now Predator faction and AlienBug02 is now Alien faction
- Updated some POI (AbandonedPOI and Artifacts): consistent spawning of NPC...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

With Alpha 9.4, we are adding a completely new planet type, more variants and updated models of cargo containers and controllers, dynamic grids for large cargo containers, three new HV thrusters, many model updates, a major POI update, new building shapes, calculation of hitpoints and mass according to the shape of a block and much more.

Check out the full changelog below and do not forget to add your feedback on the changes, as well as report remaining bugs in our forum

Bug Reports Guidelines: https://empyriononline.com/threads/...ort-template-requirements-known-issues.47082/


Emp Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha 9.4.0 (Build 2275)

Added new Planet “Barren Metal”:
- It is a highly radiated, dead planet with extreme temperatures
- Added BarrenMetal to random solar system generator
- Added new stamps and POIs for BarrenMetal

Added more Shapes for Building Blocks:
- This is a first iteration to expand the shapes atlas (which was limited to 64 slots before).
- The shapes added right now are some of those that were created a while ago, but did not fit into the old atlas as it ran out of slots.
- We already created a list of desirable new shapes from all your suggestions (and beyond). Those will go in production soon, but it might take a while until more will be added (Alpha 10)

Model Update and Additions:
- Updated models of SV/HV Container Controllers
- Updated models of SV/HV Containers
- Updated models of CV/BA Container Controllers
- Added new CV Cargo Containers (Palette)
- Added new plain emissive block texture (Xeno Steel)
- Updated Talon Crossbow model
- Updated model of Teleporter
- Updated sofa model
- Portal model has now a non-transparent backface to make clear that you cannot go through it

Thruster Update:
- Added 3 new HV Thrusters
- Updated Techtree for HV thrusters
- Added missing specs for some thrusters (temperature, radiation)
- Increased Thruster Force for all HV thrusters...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released a small hotfix for Alpha 9.3.

Changelog: Alpha 9.3.1 (Build 2212)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Several problems with terrain decorations (vanishing billboards, etc)
- Fixed: Exploit - Block resources from Input container being used
- Fixed: When using the Cut function in MP creative sometimes the player can be kicked
- Fixed: Plasma Cannon (Weapon) has broken texture in some use cases
- Fixed: Traps did not work in Burial Chamber POI (re-added Core)
- Fixed: Set default gamemode for each new game window to prevent gameoptions exception.

- Updated Prison POI with filler blocks