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  1. Furious Hellfire
    Furious Hellfire
    steam failing to show pics of anything i try to upload XD
  2. Sephrajin
  3. abelzw
    abelzw ASTIC
    SUPER helpful guy. Not only did he help me figure why my mod wasn't working but he helped me with something completely unrelated.
  4. Crusty
    Crusty Hummel-o-War

    Wir haben jetzt nodch ein Problem festgestellt. Die funktion im Admin Helper um das abbauen von Lagern zu aktivieren geht leider nicht. Gibt es da noch eine möglichkeit. z.b Die t1-t3 miner zu speeren..


    Startrek Server
  5. Slipstream
    This game is really lacking in mid-to-end-game content AND randomizers in the PDS/Mission scripting.
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    3. Slipstream
      This game's netcode does not support PvP. ;)
      Jul 12, 2018 at 9:45 PM
    4. RadElert_007
      Has not stopped me :D
      Jul 12, 2018 at 10:18 PM
    5. Keith Hovey
      Keith Hovey
      Its been around 2 years since any lump of content has been added. As much as I would like to pvp... Its not quite there yet. And its lame to expect that to be "More Content". But thats just my opinion... If all they are shooting for is to add capability and new tech to the game they certainly exceed that... New revisions sure bring more players but without more to do they wont stick around long.
      Jul 14, 2018 at 10:37 PM
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  6. ASTIC
    ASTIC Hummel-o-War
  7. SilvRav
    spammers, you shall not pass!!!
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    2. rucky
      still they do.
      Jul 12, 2018 at 4:42 AM
    3. SilvRav
      i know :( its sucks but we trying hard to fight it
      Jul 12, 2018 at 6:52 AM
  8. SilvRav
    spammers, you shall not pass!!!
  9. Tyrax Lightning
  10. The Hashtronaut
    The Hashtronaut
    Don't Poke me bro,im not your type
  11. SilvRav
    41 of 47323
  12. shiddin
    Waiting with acceptation get off of working thinking about building and wanting to rule the starter planet Muawwh !
  13. The Tactician[ Λ ]
    The Tactician[ Λ ]
    happy birthday America
  14. ☣.C.H.U.D.☣
    ......... and there i was.....
  15. The Tactician[ Λ ]
  16. OopsLoops
    OopsLoops Trig
    I was deeply impressed to have direct advice. As you pointed out, I feel slightly dissatisfied when I try to use the thrust forward and back. Sometimes, after mining vertically, I have difficulty pulling out of the hole.
    1. OopsLoops
      As to how to use the texture, I noticed by watching your posts that followed. It is a cross section of the wall plate. I should can used it there. If I want to avoid lighting, it can use other textures.
      Jun 28, 2018
    2. OopsLoops
      It taught me very important things. Sincerely thank you.
      Jun 28, 2018
  17. electriclimbo83
    New Custom POI project!
  18. paul louis beauregard
    paul louis beauregard
    playing in fields of JELLO !
  19. A startled Deer
    A startled Deer
    In a cloud of uncertainty
  20. A startled Deer
    A startled Deer
    In a cloud of uncertainty