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New Mod: Jun 17, 2024

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Jul 17, 2024 at 9:47 AM
    1. ASTIC
    2. ASTIC
      New Mod: EmpyrionChatBotCommands for the most popular CB commands
    3. Groza
      Hello. do you have any plans to make a mod for sending chat messages to discord? it would be amazing!
      1. ASTIC
        I am currently waiting for the extension, by Eleon, of the API for controlling constructors.

        But maybe I'll pass the time with such a mod ;-9
        Apr 23, 2024
      2. ASTIC
      3. Groza
        Now all I have to do is add it to my server and configure it correctly. I'm so happy, thank you!
        Jun 29, 2024
    4. The_Hammander
      Hi! Love the scripts, they're huge quality of life improvements! I wanted to know if it's possible to make the Deconstruct script have a cost, similar to the Crop Harvest one? I haven't been able to find anything in searches and I'm not familiar with lua/coding in general to try and do it myself
      1. ASTIC
        At the moment the deconstruct are not able to calc with costs, but i think about it to make these possible
        Feb 21, 2024
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    5. tmajibon
      The server I'm on recently implemented the teleporter mod to help their admins create teleporter points without messing with creating POIs and the main admin is hesitant to allow anyone but admins to create points (we improvised by restricting it to admin structures).

      I was wondering if you could add a feature to specify a "free" option that's moderator only, so we can have some free and paid for player made ones?
    6. Necroz
      hello , love your scripts and mods , could you help me with this please? i been having a problem with some LCDs that display the ships docked and other ones , the thing is they work fine until i leave the planet and comeback , then all those lcd instead of showin information , show this message : Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. 15:24:39" , if anyone can help , i would apreciate it .
      1. ASTIC
        In single player, the API loses the reference to the ship the pilot is controlling when the playfield is changed. Eleon is aware of this error. The only workaround is to play in MP.
        Mar 24, 2023
    7. ezbz14
      I really hope the authors take a very close look at your work. Your mod is an incredible start. It would be a terrible waste if they did not fix the bugs in 1.8 to allow C# scripting to work properly.
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    8. bbk.3164
      Astiz Greetings,
      I SUPER LIKED your mod:
      (screen =>
      I intend to create a THEME -> IN THE SUGGESTIONS, and ask the developers -> that they LEGALIZE this mod (script for displaying interactive information -> fuel / oxygen remaining ...), previously agreed with you (as with the author)
      Also I will post 2 links to download the mod:
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      2. ASTIC
        My mod is free for use, installation in the EGS or download - it should only help to make Empyrion a better game and to increase the fun in the game.

        Note: I have already offered the developers to integrate it into the game - but so far they have unfortunately shown no interest :-(
        Mar 28, 2021
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      3. bbk.3164
        Mar 29, 2021
      4. ASTIC
        I'll take a look at it .
        Note: you can install the mod on a server so that all players can use the function
        Mar 30, 2021
    9. Don't Panic
      Don't Panic
      It is a great loss for the community that you are withdrawing from Empyrion.
      1. nottrox ¯\ (ツ) /¯ and ASTIC like this.
    10. ASTIC
      I will withdraw from Empyrion. I'll play the A12 with friends a little and then mothball it.
      1. nottrox ¯\ (ツ) /¯
        nottrox ¯\ (ツ) /¯
        Sad to read that.
        Jun 21, 2020
      2. Oddyseous
        Maybe just taking a short "break". You do amazing server end mod work. The Empyrion community would be at a loss to see you go.
        Jun 28, 2020
    11. Maverick 2
      Maverick 2
      Are your mods still compatible with a12.5? Like EWA, etc?
      1. ASTIC
        In principle yes - only the API function GlobalStructureList is broken and no longer provides structures. I have provided a fix to Eleon - but until they install it, all functions/mods that restrict or cannot use until this list of structures are available.
        Jun 9, 2020
    12. Ephoie
      The Mod Ext thread has taken off. Glad to see the community involvement.
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    13. ASTIC
      Ich bin dann mal weg... I am offline for a while...
    14. ASTIC
      Ich bin dann mal weg...
      1. RexXxuS
        Schönen Urlaub!
        Jul 16, 2019
    15. BigSnoopy
      Bester Server-Admin überhaupt :)
      Und grösster Serverquälgeist mit fiesen Ideen, damit wir ja alle Spass haben
    16. abelzw
      SUPER helpful guy. Not only did he help me figure why my mod wasn't working but he helped me with something completely unrelated.
    17. ASTIC
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