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    1. SlayDark27
      Hey when we'll have some kind of animation when using jetpack in space? it's too weird play the last two years and that part is still with no animation... "Walking" throug space... it loses all the inmersion. Please, Please, add an floating animation to that soon.
    2. En_Ma
      Say, do you guys plan to put out some kind of community sourceable translation system?
      (or, if something like this is already in place, where could I find it?)
      1. Taelyn
        Aug 13, 2017
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    3. Kieve
      I know you guys aren't stupid. Which is why leaving durability as-is confuses the hell out of me. You've listened to us on so many features, why are you ignoring this one?
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    4. Mercman
      Hi Guys Just noticed a issue with the cv RCS units, cv's that have worked fine in the past are not working even by adding 10 additional t2 RCS units?
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    5. Eliteace

      If you experience Driver crashes in empyrion switich of share button in GeForce Experience in settings click share off
    6. Eliteace
      First Problem
      Trader NPC
      Just warning people about the trader NPC in itemmenu putting it down a bad idea you can't undo it or shoot it if you do shot the NPC your building vanishes as if you deleted the building and if you over right your blueprint is spawn badly
    7. papermangamer
      sup i love your game and hope it gets much better. :)
    8. John Orman
      John Orman
      Hey, how do I leave you guys crash reports? I am outside my CV in creative mode, and when I try to change tools, game crashes...
      1. Pantera
        Mar 26, 2017
    9. zv20000
    10. Maxa2000
      When you will be to make Russian language?
    11. EliteSniper 524
      EliteSniper 524
      malicious script hackers. some has found a way to enter a server and spawn hundreds of ships in a playfield in under 20 seconds of entering the server this act crashed the server and made it unplayable and corrupt the server player files. please could some one contact me for the logs..
    12. Steve 2
      Steve 2
      A friend of mine is having issues patching the game via steam. Is there a link directly to the patchs you guys post so he can initiate the download.
    13. bpdenverco
      Please point me to the correct place to go, i rent a server 2.0.2 since the last patch, i have plants growing everywhere above ground and i lost one of my bases, as if it was wiped..whats going on
    14. luthsiwi
      ure the best
    15. Master Dan [STURMKATTEN]
      Master Dan [STURMKATTEN]
      Thank you for making this game, I really love it. Please try to keep it geared to the mature, sandbox gamer. I will pay for DLC if needed, just please don't dumb the game down for casuals!
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    16. sly
    17. hbsgaming
      Hey thanks for putting my video on the front page! We will be making more soon! You're awesome!
    18. rogier
      great work Guy's ....and gall's...if there be some in the studio there....keep up the good work...
    19. Tyrax Lightning
      Tyrax Lightning
      Many thanks for all your epic hard work Game Devs! :D
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    20. RisingDemon
      How long do you think until you guys will add blueprint importing to survival and will it be like we need to make all the supplies and add them to a blueprint constructor and craft the blueprint
      1. Flermpick
        try hitting F6
        Feb 16, 2016
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