Oct 20, 2014
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    1. Ephoie
      Any idea of when the new solar system sector file will be valid again?
      Is there any way to get it working currently? I have set up my sector file for the new system and then the game was reverted to the old sector format.
    2. agentoscar
      When/are you going to add steam trading cards, emoticons, profile backgrounds and all that stuff, (or can you only do that after full release?), because I own an Empyrion group on Steam, and I want to be able to trade stuff, with the other members.
    3. Pocoyo
      como puedo actualizar de la versión 9.1 a la alpha 9.3
    4. elmo
      I posted a question in the comments of the latest update could you please ask someone to answer my question when they have time.. It was about the unique starter configuration for coop games.. Thanking you in advance @elmo
      1. ravien_ff
        I believe it's two things:

        Default Random (the default survival mode) now has default game options that are optimized for coop play when you start a multiplayer coop server (POI regen off, no anti-grief zones, etc.).

        Default Multiplayer has many of the storyline POIs removed from starter planet now.
        Dec 24, 2018
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    5. Chris Bee
      Chris Bee
      Hello Eleon Game Studios. I just wanna drop a suggestion for the team. Rechargeable batteries so that we can harvest solar power and use it to power vessels. For CVs, maybe a nuclear powerplant as energy alternative? A new CV item and maybe a radioactive compound from a fareaway planet to power that nuclear powerplant. Thanks
    6. agentoscar
      Hi Eleon, here's an idea I had for A10:
      1.instead of a plain main menu, how about a 360' video show some SV's + CV's fighting, a CV mining an asteroid, a ship coming out of warp,
      someone building a space station , and a planet + moon.
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      Hey, developers!!! Give yellow to my server!!! Nothing!!! Just because I want!!!
      Эй, разработчики!!! Дайте желтый цвет моему серверу!!! Просто так!!! Просто потому, что я так хочу!!!!!
    8. Heavy Tiger
      Heavy Tiger
      Regards to you all, I am over my anger & frustration for what has happened with my last two games. Now I just have to work out how to get my ship down from 179 meters high. That is a worry for playing the game, if the server goes down just how meany ships will be left in the air?
    9. Heavy Tiger
      Heavy Tiger
      Also to report a fault is very hard for people not PC savvy. why can't you make it easy for people to report faults.
      I do like the way that you are heading but I would like to see the faults fixed so we don't get frustrated.
      the game is supposed to be an enjoyment & challenge. which at the moment it is not quite that. One worries when
      the next collapse will be or if one will have to start over again.
    10. Heavy Tiger
      Heavy Tiger
      Also: when the server goes down, if your flying, when you get back on u find your craft stuck in the air & you have a nice free fall.
      the bike not only rides above ground but at time under it as well
      mining minerals, well they just disappear
      It is a shame, I love the game but you have not fixed any of the problems.
    11. Heavy Tiger
      Heavy Tiger
      1. bike rides above ground at time.
      2. Defense at base tuned off
      3. lost everything
      4. took hours to build what I had
      5. I played 2300 hours
      6 latest update is ****
      7. One very pissed of player
      8. thanks for nothing
    12. STRANNIK
      Any living? Or nobody cares about that? The administration is here for what?
      Живые есть? Или это никого не волнует? Администрация здесь для чего?
    13. STRANNIK
      Please tell me who or where to contact about the verification of the dedicated server?
      Server site: http://server-strannik.ru
      Statistics: https://empyrion-servers.com/server/18877/stats/
      Previously, there were up to 65 players online. Recently, online has fallen sharply, one of the reasons is that the server has become unverified.
      (sorry for my English, I write through the translator)
    14. The Tactician[ Λ ]
      The Tactician[ Λ ]
      please let there be a trailer :_:
    15. Krusty Mungy
      Krusty Mungy
      bonjours , auriez vous une date de prévu pour la alpha 8.0 ? =)
      1. Fractalite
        They have not announced a date yet, but rest assured, it is coming. :)
        Apr 19, 2018
    16. Nahtalus
      Wasn't sure where to post, but just wanted to say Thank You for a great game. It's easy to get discouraged sometimes by people demanding certain things or more...You are appreciated. Keep up the hard work.
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    17. Maurice s
      Maurice s
      I would be glad if you make a mining machine that can make 4 times 4 holes
      1. Ephoie
        why don't you make it?
        Mar 17, 2018
    18. Platon PD
      Platon PD
      in a patchnote have say "plan auto function for the Multi & Mining Turret" what is with that idea, when have you plan to implement this in the Game.

      with the other protected there is an AI with selection function, why not with these two.

      PS: at the other turrets the option for the core, insert again.
    19. merquetio
      There is no category/format to report this type of bug. Your Steam Workshop blueprint search feature is down. You check any of the boxes next to CV, SV, HV, etc., it returns: "No items matching your search criteria were found." Not good.
      1. Pantera
        It is working for me.
        Possibly steam having some issues can you check again ? have you tried restarting the steam client ?
        Nov 9, 2017
    20. Cute_Demon
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