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    May I say that nothing will beat the square base tutorial of circa v. 1.3.

    Here are some issues I encountered doing the tutorial.

    By starting in space, you've lost one of the game's step out moments. In the square base tutorial, starting on the planet kept the information load manageable for new players, and getting the Polaris Scout into orbit the first time was really something.

    At one point on the ship, it said there was no oxygen, and I should wear a helmet. That might be game mechanics that you cannot fix, and I knew it was no big deal, but new players might be confused.

    When I placed the Portable Constructor, the tutorial stopped. I think it was waiting for me to interact with the constructor.

    I died at the old artillery site while trying to place the artillery. It said I salvaged it and gave me a second one.

    CoQ when I destroyed the drone base core.

    Could not figure out how to get to the drone base core? I pulled the switch, but I think the blast door still said not allowed?

    It said I reached the hangar when I was still a floor or two above it, before I reached the hangar.

    The part where you load the SV with fuel, O2, and pentaxid got interrupted by another script that said the base AI still wanted me dead. This may be because I had not destroyed the core yet. I just shot the automatic door to get into the hangar.

    The Fleet Command[er] had nothing to say when I spoke to her, only a big empty dialog box.

    Maybe put a gravity generator on the flagship, and maybe say, "Congratulations, you have completed the tutorial," at the end.
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    I absolutely second that! For me the new turtorial stopped many times. Usually a reload 'fixed' that.
    Finally around where you get to the base, which you have to rebuild, the turtorial stopped and i couldn't get it running.

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