A try for automatic siding blocks

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Do you think this feature should be implemented ?

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  1. megs

    megs Lieutenant

    Mar 14, 2019
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    An interesting feature should be implemented, and will save lots of time in building.

    Considerate all bloc side of specific shape having the same identity value ( a word for exemple),
    Considerate too, the fact of pointing a bloc side of existing bloc when placing a new bloc,
    We have potentialy the matter to an automatic rotate of new bloc to fit pointed bloc side if new bloc have same shape identity.
    it is not accurate to keep this datas into the bloc datas. you could use an array of existing blocs and calculate side position with existing vectors of each bloc to fit them.

    It will be a time saver feature, sometimes, with complex blocs it will be complicated to have an in mind 3d representation.

    thanks for us.
  2. tigrean

    tigrean Ensign

    Jan 24, 2022
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    I think that would be a good idea but would require quite a bit of coding and not sure if the engine could handle it and most likely any mid grade PCs would probable have loading issues if that feature was implemented. Would be no problem for the higher end PCs but it could limit who all could play the game and I'm sure Eleon wouldn't want that. But other than those issues I think it would be a great quality of life feature I sometimes spend way too much time on one block just to get the right one for the angle I'm trying to create.
  3. The Big Brzezinski

    Nov 4, 2019
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    We've all been there. First you make the flying raft. Then you make the flying box. Then you put a pointy nose and wings on the box. Then you soften the edges of the box, so it blends into the pointy nose and wings more cleanly. Eventually, you realize your boxes have become spaceships. You're a greebler now. You're only going to get better and better with experience.

    The only way to truly know which block belongs in which place and orientation on your ship is practice and experimentation. Structure design is a game skill, after all, just like shooting, piloting, navigation, and resource management. The shape selection pages are already collated according to angles and size for easier mental sorting. Players gain familiarity with them as they build. They learn which shapes they like to build best, find their own styles, and branch out as they gain mastery. If they could instead just have the game decide how everything fits together, this process would be hampered.

    As for me, I already turned off word prediction and autocorrect on my phone, and I'm no more interested in having them in Empyrion. When I chose a block and orientation, that's the correct block and orientation to use until I chose something different. I don't need Son of Clippy butting in to "help" me by picking something else. I cannot imagine anything more infuriating than trying to create a complex shape and having to fight my tools because they want to build a different, more standard one.
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