CoQ spam due to network packet content exception

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    Build: 4471
    Mode: Multiplayer Dedicated, Survival

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    Reproducibility: Sometimes
    Severity: Major

    Type: Combat/PvP

    Summary: CoQ spam due to network packet content exception

    Description: This issue has been rather annoying to reproduce, and there's no way we can reliably reproduce the issue, but we know it does happen in relatively short order after PvP has started. The issue occurs when 3 or more players are in SV PvP in the same space playfield. The blueprint doesn't seem to matter, but the issue occurs when a player in an occupied cockpit (doesn't matter which one) dies to enemy fire in such a way that causes a CoQ. The weapon has to be some kind of hitscan weapon usually (we used miniguns that triggered it reliably, but we are unsure if missiles do as well).

    This CoQ error makes the server think the dead player is still piloting the ship, even though the ship doesn't have a cockpit anymore. Using entity commands shows the player still as as the pilot of the dead ship, even though the player has since respawned. Any number of actions done by this player will then trigger a CoQ for all other players in the same playfield (including that player). Actions known to cause CoQs at this point include firing weapons, using gm command, entering cockpits, turning a ship on and off, and probably others. The CoQ frequency varies from player to player initially, but eventually it will affect all players. The only known fix is to fully reset the server, which stops the CoQ spam, or maybe logging all players off, it's hard to tell.

    The error seems to occur reliably when the player and cockpit are destroyed simultaneously we think, but we are unable to reproduce this because the game seems to assume cockpit death before player death 90% of the time. You can trigger this by damaging the cockpit with miniguns, then shooting a missile at it. In other cases it seems the cockpit death mattered more than players.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Have at least 2 ships controlled by 2 hostile factions
    2) Engage in PvP with 3 or more players rendered/present
    3) Attacking a player with hitscan weapons only, destroy the players cockpit (not the player) while they are in 1st person, ideally try and trigger both cockpit and player destruction simultaneously
    4) CoQ happens with specific error (see logs), at this point the dead player may trigger more CoQs as they continue to interact on the playfield
    5) Have temporary resolution by restarting the server. The affected player no longer triggers CoQs by their actions.

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links: Can provide a list of BPs we have reproduced the error with. There is one additional player log too large to upload on here.

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