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    So... you came to the forum to check on the progress... and this thread is the one you locked on. Not the 5 years of updates that dramatically change the meta of the game? Not the tons of new features? Not the expansive Workshop content? Okay.

    And if "91% positive reviews " are NOT a thing one should focus on in determining the worth of loading and giving the game another look-see, then please explain how the supposed "the negative reviews will finally destroy the echo-chamber"?

    One more thing... "playing games in the "sci-fi space exploration" setting for over 20 years now"... is that an argument based on authority? Trying to demonstrate your bona fides to make criticism? Dude, enjoyment is subjective. It is totally cool to not dig a game because it isn't your huckleberry. Trying to qualify yourself over your preferences to give them weight is "sad".

    Play the game. Don't play the game. Whatever. Your cornflakes are your own, piss on them as you will. Leave the 91% alone.
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