Legacy Infected NPCs away from POIs - reset faction targetting please

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    Hi devs - keep up the great work please, I really appreciate it.

    There is a small problem with faction status of Legacy Infecteds roaming the general biomes (e.g. swamp, etc.) and the targetting system of base turrets. This is particularly true for the more expensive ammo turrets (e.g. missile, flak, artillery).

    If we set the choices for turret(s) to target NPC factions only + NPCs/drones, then they target unaligned legacy infected creatures such as assassins, mimicrys, golems, etc. when those are generally no threat as they wander around. I believe this may be due to Legacy being a named faction in the factions reputation list.

    This affects base maintenance costs by using up ammo intended for defence against base attacks when a legacy creature wanders into range. If we turn off shooting at NPC factions then the turret(s) stay(s) silent during base attacks ... at which point why have them at all?


    Add and change targeting groups to reflect -

    - Players
    - NPC Factions
    - Prey
    - Predators

    - Creatures/Infantry (NEW designation)
    - Drones/HV/Mechs (UPDATED designation)
    - SV
    - CV
    - BA


    Additionally, there seems to have been a change in the lists that define prey and predator (example = leafcutter insects) and this is using unwanted amounts of turret ammo too, particularly from the guided missile base turret ...
    Why, when that has neither predators nor prey selected as valid targets, does it shoot at leafcutters, spiders, telluropods, etc.?
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