Motion sensors at max range do not cover full block extents

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    Build: 1.8.8 3864
    Mode: Survival / Creative
    Mode: Single Player / Multiplayer

    Reproducibility: Always
    Severity: Minor

    Type: Motion sensors

    Summary: As motion sensor regions are extended they start to not cover their full boundary, and at max range can leave a gap large enough to be problematic

    It appears that the motion sensor range does not cover the full extent of the block region, and has a small gap at the outer edge. As the sensor range is expanded, this gap scales with it. If you are trying to use adjacent sensors at max range, the gap between them is large enough that the player can walk between them without triggering either sensor.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    I have attached an epb that demonstrates this. It has two sets of adjacent sensor regions, one scaled to a width of 2 blocks and one scaled to a full width of 16 blocks. The walls are set to light up when you are in range of a sensor, and two white tiles above are connected to 2xOR circuits. The intent is that you should be able to walk from the blue field into the yellow field and the white tiles should stay lit.

    1. Load the attached epb in a creative game in orbit and fuel it up
    2. Walk between the 2-block-wide yellow and blue regions and note the behavior of the lights. You should be able to walk freely between them without the white tiles going out.
    3. Repeat on the 16-block-wide regions. There is a deadzone between the regions that is large enough for the player to not trigger either sensor.
    4. Examine the 16-block-wide sensor region preview to see that it does not cover the full block extents

    Here is a video of me running through this test:

    This image shows the gap at the far extent of a sensor range (the blue strip):

    The following two images show the difference between the edge gaps of a 1-block-wide sensor and a 16-block-wide sensor, on the near extent of the sensor region:


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    I don't think it is related to the recent updates.
    I have noticed long ago that at the border of motion sensor's range, there were deadzones. They are not presents in all directions.
    It was most notable for windows that are "outside" of the room/wall and not inside.
    All my gravity generators are activated by sensors, and then, I noticed that sometime when close to a window, gravity suddendly turned off.

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