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Discussion in 'FAQ & Feedback' started by Taelyn, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. Taelyn

    Taelyn Guest

    Hi Server Owners!

    We added a new Anti Cheat Feature what will be released with the v1.4.6 Update
    The Server will detect cheaters and kicks the client after roughly 2 minutes

    We added 3 new parameters to the Dedicated.yaml to monitor a "Short Session"

    ShortSessionMinutes: 0 # (int) how many minutes of a client play session are regarded as "short session" (0 = disable short session feature completely)
    ShortSessionCountToLog: 0 # (int) after how many consecutive short sessions write a warning line in server log (0 = disable log feature)
    ShortSessionCountToBan: 0 # (int) after how many consecutive short sessions ban the player (0 = disable ban feature)
    You write this under ServerConfig area

    Keep in mind that these new settings will ONLY work with the v1.4.6 Update end of April!

    Eleon Game Studios
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  2. Taelyn

    Taelyn Guest

    Hi Server Owners,

    We found a problem with the Anti Cheat Feature :(

    For now its important that you disable it.
    You do this by setting
    ShortSessionMinutes: 0
    in the Dedicated.yaml

    We will release a Hot Fix (v1.4.7) NEXT Wednesday

    Eleon Game Studios
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  3. Nick Thorne

    Nick Thorne Guest

    Will it ever be possible to allow users to use their own custom Crosshairs using the BlockModelsAndSuitPropsModding tool without triggering a EAC violation?
    My current crosshair works great for me (and others that use it) but I can't use it online which puts me at a severe disadvantage due to my colour blindness.
    Because of that I can't play online even on your official servers.
  4. Taelyn

    Taelyn Guest

    Server Owners can already replace the Cross Hairs.
    Users will not get access to this on a Server
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  5. Nick Thorne

    Nick Thorne Guest

    Yes this is true but in nearly every case I am not the owner Taelyn, can I therefore ask if it it possible to upload my crosshair to your official server so I may be able to finally after 200+ hours to finally play the game online?
    Or as I suspect are you going to deny? leaving me along with 10% of the population of Empyrion users unable to play online?
    Like it or love you are discriminating against a small but not insignificant amount of disabled users.
  6. Taelyn

    Taelyn Guest

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  7. Nick Thorne

    Nick Thorne Guest

    And yet it wasn't questioned when I raised the issue. :)
    Feel free to discriminate and feel free to move this post to wherever you want :)
    Sooner or later Taelyn things will catch up with you.

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