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    Welcome to our Alpha 6.0 Experimental FAQ for BUILDERS.

    As the possibilities to customize the game and individual devices increases, you'll find some topics here that might only be of interest for builders!

    - Knowledge
    - Shortcuts
    - Global Questions

    Table of contents
    - Device: NPC SPAWNER (NSP)
    - Device: TELEPORTERS (TLP)
    - Entity: TRADERS (TR)


    1. Using "godmode invisible" in a survival game (SP and MP) allowes to change ANY POI or structure! This includes: changing the core, removing/replacing any block, change targets of teleporters and instances...and everything else that would be possible only in CREATIVE mode.

    Note: If you go to godmode invisible, Drones and other AI may become "invisible" too as this godmode simulates the absence of a player (what leads to not necessary elements are not displayed). This can also leas to AI CVs "jumping/teleporting" for the same reason.

    2. If you want to test the spawn behavior in Creative mode, activate "AI" in debugmenu (console > enter 'debugmenu' > hit ESC and open the debugmenu ) OR activate AI directly from the console!

    3. You want to have your POI indestructible (PlayerAdminCore or AlienAdminCore) but some devices shall remain destructible?
    => Go to godmode invisible, grab a gun or a Multitool and shoot at the device to chip of at least 1 Hitpoint. This "damaged state" saved with a POI with an indestructible-Core setting will lead to those devices being destructible while everything else remains bulletproof!

    4. If you move items into the inventory of devices and save the blueprint with an Alien, AlienAdmin or PlayerAdmin Core, these items will be available for your players as a one-time loot. (Does not work with the standard-green player core!)

    5. If you want to have a set of items being offered for any player visiting your POI (given the POI is indestructible), use a PERSONAL CONTAINER!

    6. If you want to remove a device of a certain kind entirely from your build, open the console and use the replaceblocks command with "empty" as a target block. Example: 'replaceblocks 11 hullarmoredfulllarge empty' > Will remove all Hardened Steel blocks from your base (ID 11).


    Godmode =gm
    Godmode Fly = gm fly
    Godmode off = gm off (use this before switching between gm fly or gm iv)
    Godmode invisible =gm iv
    Spawnanyblueprint = sbp


    Q: How can i teleport on the map?
    Q: Activate godmode or godmode invisible and open the MAP > click at a position with SHIFT+RMB and you will be teleported there.

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    Q: How does the PC work?
    A: The PC offers a given set of items to each player that will access it.

    Q: Can i add more than one PC to a POI?
    A: Yes, but all PCs will hold the same content AND each PC will give its content to the player. So with 5x PC the player can get 5x the content that is stored there (Configuration is made in the playfield.yaml)

    Q: How do i configure the PC for an POI?
    A: Open the playfield.yaml and find the line where you spawn your POI. Add the command line "Properties" with "-Key: PersonalContainer" and add the stuff you want to add in the "Value: " line.

    Example: Have a look at how the wreckages are set up in the Akua playfield.yaml in the folder /temperate

    Q: Can i add a PC to any POI?
    A: Yes, but this POI needs to have at least ONE PC.

    Q: Can i use POIs with an PC in an Instance?
    A: Please avoid! The PC content needs to be saved per player and so does the whole instance content. As a result this will bloat up the file and lead to issues - especially for MP games. We will refine this mechanic in the future.
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    Q: How do i configure the entity spawner?
    1. Find the
    ALIEN BLOCKS group in the creative menu
    2. Add the group to your toolbar and right-click to open the available Alien blocks
    2. Place one of the
    red NPC SPAWNERS (Thers is a pad, a thin block and a full block variant)
    > mind the small arrows on the edge of the pad and on the blocks. They'll give you the primary spawning direction (The direction the first NPC will face when spawned!))
    3. Aim at the spanwer and press P to access it > You'll now see some options on the right side of the detail overview
    4. SETTINGS:
    - AMOUNT = count of NPCs that are active simultaneously.
    That means: If a NPC despawns because it got stuck or was killed, a new one will respawn)
    - TYPE = pulldown for a range of NPCs to use.

    - You can have a mix of up to 4 different types of NPCs per spawner
    - If you set the AMOUNT to 4 and use 4 types, there should be one NPC of each type.
    - You can use the PREVIEW and the range-bars to adjust the area where the spawner is triggered.

    Q: Are spawners that were placed before this change now broken?
    A: No, the settings of these are preserved.

    Q: Can i color and texture the spawners?
    A: Yes!
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    Q: How do i use teleporters
    A: Teleporters can be placed on BAs only. You can use them to connect two stations on any playfield..or on the same playfield..or in the same base! There are no limitations of range or targets.

    Q: How do i set up a teleporter
    1. Place a teleporter from the creative menu
    2. Activate godmode or godmode invisible
    3. Face the button plate and hit F
    4. Use the following syntax to add a target
    Example 1: Target is a teleporter in the playfield Akua Orbit in the base Alpha
    Example 2: Target is a teleporter with the name "public" in Akua Orbit in base Alpha:
    Example 3: Target is a teleporter with the name "exit". Both teleporters are in the same base Alpha
    Note: you need to use the "Spawn Name" for the Base destination, not the POI filename or BP Groupname!

    PLEASE NOTE: Teleporting to another PLAYFIELD in a RANDOM scenario (since 8.0) will break, as you cannot forsee the name of the target-playfield. A solution for this is to be found.
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    1. Go to creative mode
    2. Find the "Alien" blocks group and add to your toolbar
    3. click RMB while the Alien blocks group is selected to bring up the possible alien blocks
    4. Select TRADER and place it down.
    5. Aim at the Trader and hit P to bring up the configuration menu

    Now you can use the dropdowns on the right to
    - Select a "store" loadout
    - Select a "model" (visual; see screenshot below)
    - Select if bank account or cash is required for payment (combination is possible)
    - Set the restock time (time when items restock, when empty)

    - To configure the "store" loadouts, go to ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Configuration and open the TraderNPCConfig.ecf with an editor (like Notepad++)
    - The models (2-6) are currently not shown in Creative mode. Use "changemode" in console to switch to Survival and back.

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    TEXTURES AND PAINTING: Areas, Rotation, Mirror & Texture-Replacement

    A. How does switching the mirror plane work?
    1. Open Build Helper menu (n)
    2. Select checkbox "SYMMETRY PLANE" and select the axis (XY, XZ, YZ)
    3. Click on a block with LMB = sets mirror plane to CENTER
    4. Click on the same block again = sets mirror plane to EDGE
    > Swap CENTER-EDGE by mouse-clicking the mirror axis
    > Deactivate mirror plane by selecting the NONE radiobutton

    B. How does 90° textur rotation work?
    1. Apply textur to the block
    2. After having applied the textur, "apply" it again
    > Rotates texture 1x 90°

    C. How does M- and L paint/textur area work?
    1. Equip either tool (color or paint - works the same)
    2. RMB to open the selection menu
    3. Click the checkbox on the bottom: S = 1 Bloc, M = , L=
    4. Select an apply textur/color
    > Note: Works with "apply to full blocks"

    Functionality note: The area-color/paint does work like a spray can! This means it has a certain "spray cone" size, depending on the area selection (M or L). When you pull the trigger, "raycasts" are sprayed inside this cone, coloring or texturing any surface they can hit. Like with a spray can, the painted area is larger if you are farthe away - even if you use the same area size - and it fully depends on your position realtive to the painted structre when spraying!

    D. How does the REPLACEMENT textur/color feature work?
    1. Equip either tool
    2. Open selection (right mouse button)
    3. Check box "REPLACEME MODE"
    4. Select a color or texture as replacement
    5. Shoot at the color or texture on your building that should be replaced.

    > All textures/paints that are identical to the one you were shooting at, will be replaced with the textur/color you selected!
    > The REPLACEMENT mode does not work in Survival, but only in CREATIVE

    Note: Does currently not work with paintable devices

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    BLUEPRINT PARTS: Copy and placement tool


    A. How does the Cubic Block selection work?
    1. Open the Build Helper menu (N)

    2. Click onto your building with left mouse button > A blue honeycomb box will appear, either
    a. showing an axis cross with a small single arrow and double-arrow on each axis. This means you will MOVE your selection
    b. By clicking on the BLACK CENTER DOT of your selection you can switch to SCALE. This will change the axis to show small single-block and double-block elements to increase or decrase the size of your selection

    Both modes are also available with the MO and SC buttons in the Build Helper menu!

    > Usability
    - Click the small single block = add +1 block area in this direction
    - Click and hold double-block and drag in this direction = adds block areas as long as you hold&drag the mouse
    - Click the small single-arrow = move the entire selection +1 to this side
    - Click and hold on the double-arrow and drag the mouse = moves the entire selection as long as you hold&drag the mouse

    >> You can always close the Build Helper menu (N), reposition your view for a better view and hit N to proceed with the area selection process!
    >> To remove the selection, hit the "REMOVE SELECTION" (Re) button in the build helper menu

    3. Use one of the buttons:
    COPY (Co) = makes a copie of the highlighted area
    PASTE (Pa) = insert the last copied element (or Blueprint Part) at the point of the current highlighted area
    CUT (Cu) = makes a copy of the highlighted area and afterwards deletes its the selections content
    DELETE (De) = deletes the selections content

    4. If you want to save a selection for later use, use the "Blueprint Parts" feature.
    - SAVE TO LIST (Sa) = Make an area selection on a structure and click the button. Give your selection a name and click OK. This will save the highlighted element to the BP Parts list for later use.
    - REPLACE (Re) = Select one of your bp parts on the list click OK to overwrite the part
    - COPY TO SELECTION (Co) = Highlighte area will jump to the position where you copied that BP Part from
    - SHOW BP PARTS = Highlights ALL the BP Parts of your list on the building/structures they were copied from - at the same time.

    B. How to copy/cut and paste a higlighted area?
    1. Make an area selection (See D.)
    2. Use the buttons COPY or CUT
    3. Click on the black CENTER DOT to switch between MOVE and SCALE > If set to MOVE, use the single- and double-arrows on the axis to move the selection; See D.)
    4. Click the button PASTE once to fix the insertion point and display the PREVIEW.
    5. click the PASTE button a 2nd time to finally place the part
    > NOTE: This will OVERWRITE anything that lies within the highlighted area!
    > NOTE: As long as you do not hit COPY for another selection, you can paste the copied area over and over again.
    > NOTE: if you use REMOVE SELECTION after the 1st click of PASTE, this will clear the cache and the copied part in the cache is removed

    C. How to insert a Blueprint Part?
    1. Open Build Helper Menu (N)
    2. Select a part from the list
    4. Hit COPY (and set to "MOVE" by either clicking the button on the right or by clicking the black CENTER POINT)
    5. Move the highlighted area to a point where you want to insert the part
    6. Hit PASTE once to fix the insertion point and show the PREVIEW
    7. Hit PASTE a second time to insert the part
    > NOTE: This will OVERWRITE anything that lies within the highlighted area!
    > NOTE: As long as you do not use the same workflow for another BP Part, you can paste the selected part over and over.

    D. How to increase and decrease a highlighted area in size (XYZ)
    1. Click on the black CENTER POINT of the selection to switch between MOVE AND SCALE
    2.Click on the double-blocks on the axis you want to decrease the highlighted aread
    3.. Hold and drag the mouse in the opposite direction

    H. How can i rotat a selection before pasting?
    1. Copy a selection
    2. Move it to the insertion point
    3. Click PASTE once > the ROTATE (Ro) button will light up
    4. Use the rotation arrows to move the part
    5. Click PASTE again to insert the part



    Q: Can i copy parts from a SV or HV and insert to BA or CV (or vice-versa)?
    A: No. The game filters your BP Parts depending on where you mouse cursor points at

    Q: Can i use BP parts from one BA for another BA?
    A: Currently you can use BP parts only at the structure you copied them from

    Q: Will BP Parts be deleted when i leave my savegame?
    A: No. The BP Parts are persistent in this savegame until you delete them manually

    Q: Can i use a BP Part from savegame A in savegame B?
    A: No.
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