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    Q: How to set up offline protection?
    A: You need to place the Offline Protection Device

    Q: When does the offline protection get activated?
    A: The OP kicks in shortly after you leave the server. (Depends on the servers "ProtectDelay" setting)
    A: Changing the playfield does not activate OP

    Q: If i am in a faction an all structures are faction owned, how does OP work?
    A: The same as for individual players BUT for the OP to activate ALL members of your faction need to leave the server

    Global Parameters
    - Delay before OP is active can be set by server owner ("ProtectDelay" defined in dedicated.yaml)
    - Turrets continue shooting but do not use ammo when OP is active
    - Distance offline protection shield can be seen from: 400m
    - Other players / structures cannot activate OP in AntiGrief Area
    - Additionals Settings for server owner: AntiGriefDistancePvE and AntiGriefDistancePvP
    - Multipayer server browser window now shows separate anti-grief distances for PvE and PvP modes
    - In Godmode invisible you are now able to place blocks within an OP protected area

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