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    Hello Galactic Survivalists!

    This year we want to focus on content and the community, we want to create something big that makes Empyrion shine, a Game Changer.

    1.10 Expand the limits
    Summer release.
    During the last releases, we were focused on solving pain points and fixing early-stage problems. It’s time to bring a better experience for the later stages of the game.

    We want to provide our survivalists with new content to play with:

    • Working on the mission chapters to conclude the pre-final iteration of the main story arc

    • 300+ new POI: The missing dynamic and static factions prepared will be finally integrated with their own homeworlds, fleets and POI.

    • New creatures: To bring more diversity to the game we will add new NPCs.

    • The game world changes and additional content will be added to our galaxy.
    We aim to add fresh starter experiences

    • New Game starts: To make the start of the game on three of the four starter moons more varied, the normal Escape Pod drop is planned to be replaced by more exciting starting conditions for Masperon, Ningues and Skillon.

    • All game starter moons in the Ellyon system, as well as the game start in the Ashon system, are planned to get additional, optional mini-story missions limited to the game start sector.
    General updates and leftovers
    • In a continued effort, planets with old deco will be updated and adjusted.

    • The stars of our galaxy will be updated in order to improve galaxy immersion.
    New AI vs AI features:

    • A new block that generates drones to defend your base and vessels

    • Adjustments and improvements of the AI VS AI
    The building is important in our community and through it, you bring new experiences to all players. We want to add the most requested blocks to the game.

    • New Block shapes implementation

    • Water/Lava Blocks
    Faction Permission for multiplayer
    A system that allows creators to edit permissions depending on the faction

    Pain points, polishment and fixing
    As developers, we are always valuing your feedback and we will fix and improve what we can with your insights.

    Bug fixing & Polish
    We will work through the reports we have been sent & work with what can be reproduced in debugging.

    Motorbike rework
    • Motorbike update -> The current bike leads to many bad experiences and we will solve it by having a new vehicle that also better fits the game, the Hoverbike.
    We know that it's important to have a smooth game, as well as to be able to play the game with friends that have lower-end devices.

    • Allow the customisation of visuals and others so you can improve performance by lowering the graphics.

    • Memory usage analysis to improve servers performance
    Sound system
    • Finish the integration of the sound system fixing the most important issues.
    • Improvement of the dynamic sound system: Combat sound system.
    Development tools
    • Refinements
    - For more creative ways to set up playfields, we will add a way to Deny the player opening the BP Factory (F2)

    - In addition, we will add the requirement to have all devices actually unlocked from the tech tree before allowing to produce a blueprint in the BP Factory (currently only the player level is required)

    - PDA: several actions will be enhanced to also check for their relation to a particular faction​

    Visual Update

    • Tesselation, dynamic shadows, lightning: An improved immersive experience with more visual values to tweak for our players.

    • New devices: Visual redesign of our oldest device models.

    Working title "THE DARK FACTION"

    The winter release of 2023 is our most ambitious development yet at Eleon Studios - a true game changer.

    News soon

    Community Manager
    Eleon Game Studios

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  2. TK85

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    Jan 26, 2016
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    Excellent news.
    This one in particular, I already do this on my own, but having it implemented will be really nice.
  3. Dragon

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    Dec 22, 2015
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    And here I was, returning after 3 years of absence, recently mentioned how I was hoping that there were some developments in terms of recruiting NPCs and pilots during that time, or something along those lines. And then, ON THE SAME DAY, the devs announce this!

    Just strange coincidence or perfect timing?
  4. Fanky

    Fanky Ensign

    May 2, 2023
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    News sound good :thumpUp:
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  5. Fractalite

    Fractalite Rear Admiral

    Aug 10, 2016
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    Wot wot wot???

  6. LyfeForse

    LyfeForse Lieutenant

    Nov 10, 2021
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    Oh Drone carriers!

    And melee weapons?!
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  7. Germanicus

    Germanicus Rear Admiral

    Jan 22, 2018
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    Look at the last picture...:NewWink:
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  8. ravien_ff

    ravien_ff Rear Admiral

    Oct 22, 2017
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    That's a lot of really great changes and additions!
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  9. Ente

    Ente Commander

    May 20, 2021
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    I like that roadmap. This is a good roadmap. This gonna be a good year. :)
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  10. Slam Jones

    Slam Jones Rear Admiral

    Oct 16, 2015
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    That is awesome news! Hopefully moving in a direction of more active NPCs :)

    Would love to eventually be able to use SVs as these drones! Perhaps only visually at first.
  11. Myrmidon

    Myrmidon Rear Admiral

    Mar 26, 2016
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    Exciting times are coming. :thumpUp:
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  12. MrsDeath

    MrsDeath Ensign

    May 3, 2023
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    It looks good, what about legacy technology, Zyrax? having you galaxy territory? your own planet which you can grow in industry? trade routes? economy? learning other technology? core game mechanics? Skill tree never changed, no evolution in skill tree.. what about farming and food new types? blocks? add more future without fixing the actual one and you wonder why bugs and exploits? i would remind you why i quit the game after almost 2000 hours. enjoy the game after i encountered an exploit that i could manage to duplicate items, and blueprint bases and the most wonderful thing admin creative inventory item that i could grab anything 999 and put in my stash and that's was the end for me. no enjoyment whatsoever.
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  13. SacredGlade

    SacredGlade Captain

    Oct 18, 2016
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    Well that is a bold statement! Love the ambition/sentiment :)

    Some gems in the first half road map too - new tools/options for scenario and server content creators is always great news. Optimizations, graphical improvements etc all welcome too.

    Overall a great post and sound commitment to the game development:thumpUp:
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  14. SilvRav

    SilvRav Moderator

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    Jan 13, 2017
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  15. SGP Corp

    SGP Corp Captain

    Feb 12, 2019
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    Exciting news! Looking forward to seeing what new story elements and designs we'll see.
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  16. ChiefSgtBradley

    ChiefSgtBradley Ensign

    Dec 13, 2021
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    I am catiously optimistic and i am very happy to see another roadmap:thumpUp:
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  17. [BB]Drifter

    [BB]Drifter Commander

    Jul 30, 2017
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    Looking forward to see what transpires. To be honest, I am not a fan of the last several changes. Specifically, the tutorial "arrangement/method" , just does not fit nor work in a way I think is useful. Things as simple as controlling the landing pod have been altered and nerfed to a point it simply is not interesting.

    Multitudes of additional factions might seem interesting but for me at least it further complicates single player games much like when the weight system and CPU came into play. At least the option is there to turn it off / not use it on servers.

    I'm not complaining here but this is what some of my dislikes are with this game. That said, I will still play it and adapt where I can. I know tons of work have been put into this game so I will support it when and where I can. It just seems to me the game is heading away from the original intent. Not asking for any changes but just adding my thoughts on this.
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  18. Jokey

    Jokey Lieutenant

    Mar 21, 2017
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    Could you please stop 'replacing' things! Add new stuff as an alternative but leave the old things in the game. Feel free to add as many 'exciting starting conditions' as you want, but also let me use the drop pod. Same for the motorbike. I know that I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but I actually use that thing a lot and I like it. Add the hover bike as an alternative, not as a replacement.
  19. Obcy

    Obcy Commander

    Apr 4, 2019
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    I will write few words as an expert :)
    It looks like planning a year ahead when there are things that should be fixed yesterday. I will point only the most important for me:
    1. PDA and mission progress - this is buggy and that is why we have an option to skip an objective. Simple section with missions completed and those in progress would be enough. It is not clear right now. Good plot is what keeps some players wanting to explore the galaxy. Without it it is just a simple space builder.
    2. Lighting - put a light inside Your SV, set it to max and Your SV will glow like a Sun. Place some serious lighting at a landing pad but it still is dark when You are 400m away (or sth). Is it possible to fix those? I miss volumetric shadows.
    3. Combat immersion in 1st person view - It does not exist. Shooting is not fun at all especially inside POI's.
    4. Creative mode block assistant (I called it that way) - when selecting a block (right click or any other activity) all blocks that fit show up in next section (some sort of suggestion). Now I am looking for a correct block and wonder if it fits or not. Some experienced builders do not have this problem nut there are only few of them (check workshop and see for Yourself)

    I am begging the devs to check out RE scenario. There are lot of small changes that makes game more fun. Putting those to vanilla version should not be a problem. Different crosshair for every weapon type (crosshairs are visible :)), no cpu count for building block (Ravien_ff and Vermillion had explained why such limitations are pointless). Additional upgrades section, epic stuff and trading system with economy rework (in vanilla producing sniper rifles was all the economy).

    That is all for now.
  20. Scoob

    Scoob Rear Admiral

    Sep 22, 2016
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    I approve of this Roadmap, you may proceed :)

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