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    Hello Galactic Survivalists!

    First off, we want to thank you for your patience over the last days and weeks while we have been working on further improvements and bug fixes!


    We acknowledge that the DLC fell short of what we intended. Our aim was to offer something substantial and innovative, but in our pursuit to push boundaries, we ended up releasing an experience that was not well-polished and had technical issues. Now, we can only show you with facts that we want to make things right. Our entire team is working diligently on these step-by-step improvements.

    One of the key issues was the COOP mode, which was addressed in the recently released update.

    It is now not only operational again but the scenario "Rise of the Dark Faction" has also been expanded in terms of cooperative play for small groups. This means you can now play the scenario and its story campaign with several friends at the same time in a new game. Please pay attention to the new text displays and information from the game and keep in mind that it is a COOP scenario, not a full multiplayer scenario.


    So, what comes next? Let’s have a quick look!

    Dark Field Improvements
    We're refining how the game communicates the Dark Field's impact, ensuring you have all the information you need to navigate its challenges.

    New Notification Feature*
    Stay alert with a feature that warns you when approaching a planet that's hard to escape due to gravitational or dark field conditions.

    Handling Enhancements
    Expect better handling of Dark Field Generators, Neutralizers, and Gravity Generators*, allowing for tailored gameplay strategies

    Gameplay Experience
    Look forward to a series of updates aimed at enriching the overall gameplay - from better shield indicators to enhanced NPC animations.

    Spreading Mechanic & Dark Field
    We're expanding the spread mechanic so that it can be used with other NPC factions, and we're generalizing the Dark Field settings to provide new layers of strategic depth and creative approaches.

    This is, of course, just a brief summary of the things we are doing to show you that we continue to work with the utmost effort to provide you with the gaming experience you deserve and that we haven't for a minute thought of letting you, our community, down.


    As you might have noticed, we have been working on fixing these issues and will continue to do so to ensure that you receive the experience we originally envisioned. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience you may have encountered.

    We hope that our upcoming fixes will provide a better experience for those who give us a second chance, as that is ultimately our goal.

    Thank you for your tremendous support, and we look forward to continuing to build and improve Empyrion Galactic Survival and the Dark Faction expansion together with you!

    Your Eleon Game Studios Team.

    *) Will be available for both the DLC and the main game (without DLC) in relation to the mechanics, functionalities, devices, items and tools available in the respective version!
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    Thanks like always , im hoping in the future that the Faction territory expansion system will be also avaliable to ourselfes . that would be an excelent end game goal , and with that maybe our own ships or drones flying around on space/planet/moon owned by us , maybe even planetary wars . who knows one can dream .

    thanks again , and loving the game as always
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    Thank you for this little roadmap part. I am looking forward to May where you start focusing to highly improve the main game with bugfixing, way more creatures and npcs.

    The DLC has some neat ideas (which could improve the main game, e.g. the new aliens, the expanding of faction territories and the volumetric nebula) but for me it is worth playing only for a couple of hours, because it gets highly repetitive and boring fast.

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    1.) Can you make Dark Faction space enemies? And planet patrol vessels Be nice if there would be Dark Faction specific ships in space. Idea could be Dark Cruisers or Dark Battleships, Dark frigates, Dark Drones and Dark Patrol Vessels.

    There needs to be more resistance from the Dark Faction. They shouldn't just let you fly in and destroy the Dark Pillar without resistance. They should fight you and put up more resistance. They need to act like a hive mind. Attacking a Dark Pillar should call in reinforcements.

    2.) Dark Field should slowly assimilate your CV if you stay in there too long without a Neutralizer installed. It should start growing growth's on a unprotected CV like the CV in the Scenario. And start assimilate it's systems. If it gets to the Core then your ship becomes assimilated and you have to fight to take back your CV. This should make Neutralizers more important and protect your ship from being assimilated.

    3.) Can you make the galaxy bigger in the DF Scenario? I feel it is bit too small. This should slow down the assimilation speed. But also allowing more solar systems to explore.


    4.) Ship traders for both Vanilla and DF game play. That sells random ships from Blueprints. I think it would be pretty fun to purchase a ship if you got credits. It will add a bit of flavor in the game.

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