Sound Modding Possibilities?

Discussion in 'FAQ & Feedback' started by Nick Thorne, Aug 9, 2021.

  1. Nick Thorne

    Nick Thorne Guest

    Hi guys, this is a duplicate post which I made in the Mod Api section, still not sure which is the best place for this post?

    I've recently started to explore the Sound within Empyrion and wonder if it is possible to replace some of the existing sounds within the game?
    Having examined some of the 1000+ sound files it quickly become apparent that a lot of them aren't optimized in terms of size, bitrate and overall volume.

    My plan assuming it is possible is to first start cleaning them up, no small task :) but I think it will be worth it.
    Once I've cleaned them I would like to offer them to the modding community.
    Ultimately though I would like to create brand new sounds to replace some of the more obnoxious sounds that currently exist.

    At this stage I am able to create an asset pack in unity using the BlockModelsAndSuitPropsModding tool but can't seem to work out how to reference them.
    All of my tests have so far involved using the Scenario for Custom Config Mods (ravien_ff)

    I have looked at Reforged Eden/Project Eden (ravien_ff and vermillion) which to my knowledge is the only example available of where Sounds have been added but since I am not a programmer sifting through the many configs almost blew my mind.
    I probably could learn a bit of coding but then I wouldn't be concentrating at what I am good at which is the sound side of things.
    Just one simple isolated example would suffice.

    Any help on this subject would be appreciated.
  2. Taelyn

    Taelyn Guest

    You cant replace our sounds neither mod them

    Only thing you can do is add decals as a sound object
  3. Nick Thorne

    Nick Thorne Guest

    That is a great shame indeed.
    Take the AlarmFast.wav for an example it is 3 times the file size and memory it needs to be. No wonder when I launch Empyrion I get a memory warning.

    Most of the sound assets have differing bitrates, a lot of the sound files have huge blank audio space packing adding to more unnecessary memory issues.
    And that is to not mention some of them have clipping issues which produce audio able clicks due to zero crossing issues.

    I can only hope you will reconsider your policy.
  4. Kassonnade

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    May 13, 2017
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    So now it's ok to unpack the game's files ?
  5. Taelyn

    Taelyn Guest

    No thats not oke. But thats something i handle in private
  6. Minelaus

    Minelaus Captain

    Sep 12, 2016
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    in the eyes of a game developper is modding ever a no go , they want content creators "using of the given tools" instead of modders "if there is no tool to create it , make it" it is a today missunderstanding "or missusing of the term" that modders only using the from the dev's delivered tools .

    Remember Freelancer , Microsoft/Ubisoft never gave a tool to modifie it and even encrypted the gamefiles , and cause of all the modder who find great potancial in the game expanded the game-lifetime over more than 10 years , what would skyrim without skse and implementations of enb's .

    Why does a game with nearly no longtime content like Space Engineers have still more than the double of players like Empy , cause the player make the content , i think without Eden Reforged the peak player ammount of EGS would be arround 400-500 player , and even ER is moddet cause it have content that is not alowed from Eleon "Torpedo Tubes , Bomb Bays etc.".
  7. Fenra369

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    Apr 5, 2016
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    I would like to see SFX file modding in config, since you expose this in the config anyway, why not allow a tie in to the /SharedData/ folder?
  8. TheTrueLM

    TheTrueLM Ensign

    Nov 21, 2023
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    I can see this is old but I was wondering if its possible to edit the sound files yet or if the devs are still being stubborn for no reason? We're already able to modify a lot of the game making it better it most cases than the capabilities of the devs but for some reason they made a couple things not possible.

    Mainly wondering why the devs think the modding community isnt worth the effort. If it isnt obvious that the reason why games last so long is because of mods, then maybe you guys shouldnt be making games.
  9. Taelyn

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    Oct 4, 2021
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    No sounds cant be modified
  10. Peter Conway

    Peter Conway Commander

    Jan 28, 2022
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    I know this is an old thread and I offer apologies for booting it up again, in the wake of Taelyn's reply...
    Are there any plans for Eleon to smooth out some of the disjointed loop sounds? the Engine/Drives loop sounds springs to mind.

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