SV cockpits do not properly shadow lights

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    Build: 1.10.4 4243
    Mode: Creative/Survival
    Mode: Single Player/Multi Player

    Reproducibility: Always
    Severity: Minor

    Type: Lighting

    Summary: SV cockpit interiors can be lit by lights that should not be shining on them

    Testing an SV with a spotlight design I noticed some bleedthrough where the light reflected on the cockpit interior struts when it should not have. At the same time you can also see sunlight illuminating the struts even when the ship is entirely in shadow. This only occurs while sitting in the cockpit. When observing the cockpit externally the lighting is correct.

    The sunlight issue occurs all the time, while the mounted light issue is affected by the SV's orientation.

    Tested with lighting/shadowing/SSR on both "high" and "off" settings.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Load a creative game and go into space in view of the star
    2. Spawn a ship with a large hangar (ex: Pelican) and turn the ship off
    3. Spawn the attached SV in the ship's hangar. The SV has a single front-mounted green light in a narrow spotlight configuration, mounted just below the cockpit.
    4. Sit in the cockpit and rotate the SV around inside the hangar
    5. Observe that the sun is illuminating the interior of the cockpit struts even though it should be in the shadow of the hangar
    6. Observe that in some orientations you can see a green glow on the cockpit struts from the spotlight.
    7. Press ALT and look around the cockpit to observe that the green light may change, and that the sunlight is constant.
    8. Exit the cockpit and observe that there are no lighting artifacts when viewing the cockpit from the external view

    Image of test SV in hangar, with the green spotlight illuminating the left side of the cockpit canopy and the sunlight illuminating the right side of the canopy:

    Video of me testing this in creative:

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