Feedback Required V.1.10 - Combat Soundtrack

Discussion in 'FAQ & Feedback' started by Hummel-o-War, Jun 27, 2023.

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    When a fight starts a specific soundtrack is played (until you escape or the fight ends)

    What do you think of the addition?
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    I love it even because I'm used to it: if you look at any modern game you may find that the iMUSE ;) system, great innovation in the Nineties, is nowadays a videogame standard de facto.

    The idea that Empyrion has it too is another piece of the right puzzle.

    So to recap: the idea was great and it has to be enhanced a little by adding, maybe, more than one battle music.

    About the song itself... well to be honest it's not something that will ring in your ears as Final Fantasy battle music or Sins of a Solar Empire epic music or Haegemonia super epic music or something ultra artistic like Horizon Zero Dawn music but it's fine, it's an addition that will definitely enrich the whole game. that you made me think about it: maybe it's just me, but do you know that when I finish a game some of the music remaining vividly in my mind are the battle ones? :)

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