Feedback Required V.1.10 Locale Mission: Ningues - ANDROMEDA STRAIN

Discussion in 'FAQ & Feedback' started by Hummel-o-War, Jun 27, 2023.

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    here again to share with you all that I've finished also Ningues local missions set.

    Currently I've done: Skillon, Akua and Ningues.

    Comparing with the previous game version, these new local missions are a gem and definitely I liked playing through them.

    Compared with Skillon and Akua new missions, the Ningues set is the shortest one but it adds something new that I didn't expect either to the game lore, something useful if you are looking to uncover some lore.

    Not a single bug was found everything worked flawlessly.

    Now on my way to Masperon: I can't stop to play these new missions which are well designed (as good as the ones in Project Eden in my personal opinion) and definitely each set on each starting planet adds something useful to the lore.

    Buy Empyrion guys: a whole space exploration and building experience.
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    I'm finding the Andromeda Strain mission somewhat weird. I collected some of the required samples and more of them on other planets and when I had all the ones required and went to turn them in to finally complete the mission, another mission was active and I was unable to activate the Strain mission because it only kept saying it would be activated by the game. The guy in the ship only kept saying why I'm back so early. It didn't say when or how the mission would be activated.

    Some time later, for no apparent reason, the mission became active again, while I was about to do another one, and it went away again. So I don't know if I can ever complete that mission.

    With only a handful of inventory slots available, I can't keep carrying items like that around all the time and go out of my way in case the mission suddenly becomes active. For all I know, by the time I can get back to the guy, the mission may have become inactive again.
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