Feedback Required V1.10 - Building: Blueprint Parts Collection Toolset

Discussion in 'FAQ & Feedback' started by Hummel-o-War, Jun 27, 2023.

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    We encourage you to try out the feature firsthand in the game and share your valuable feedback with us!

    Let us also know what you think of the addition of the "Snap Point" function to this toolset!

    Check out the Help/Info Videos on the new toolset and its features incl. "Snap Points"


    Snap Points

    - Added a new tool to manage blueprint part collections “Blueprint Parts Collection Tool”.
    - Added possibility to create snap points to combine blueprint parts together. With that POIs can be created very fast and easy, especially out of construction sets.
    - Added console command 'bpcoll' to show the blueprint parts collection window
    - A demonstration video for the snap points feature to help guide you through the process of creating snap points and utilizing them in your blueprints effectively.
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    So. Feedback: I like the idea. I really like the idea. Now if only it'd work for CV/SV because that's what I build most; I was hoping I could get away from my massive CV parts BP that I spawn in to slice and dice into a CV and then save-as, but it seems that's not possible right now :(

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