Feedback Required v1.10 EXP: Blueprint Parts Collection Tool

Discussion in 'Experimental Features Discussion' started by Taelyn, Jun 8, 2023.

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    • Added a new tool to manage blueprint part collections “Blueprint Parts Collection Tool”. To try this tool out in creative mode use 'di wdw' in the console to test it. See this video for tips on how to use it
    • Added possibility to create snap points to combine blueprint parts together. With that POIs can be created very fast and easy, especially out of construction sets.
    Teaser video: A detailed documentation + video how to setup Snap Points up will be coming shortly​
    • Improved preview speed of blueprint parts
    • Added buttons to reload the blueprint part preview
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    Early and maybe hasty remark/request. Shouldn't blueprint parts be visible all the time in the toolbar so the player can select via mouse wheel or 1,2,3 etc keys? Similar to blocks while building.

    Other than that, this is a very welcome feature.
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    Copying the relevant part of my post over form the update announcement thread because its more relevant here:

    The ability to snap blueprints together is a really good idea. You might want to think about finding a way to automate this [system] so you can have procedurally generated POIs.

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