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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Pantera, Oct 8, 2020.

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    Thanks, a valid suggestion, though in my case it is Mod related as @Vermillion kindly explains in his post above.

    Yes, that's a good suggestion - likely why I'm using it :)

    As an aside, I've asked in the past for a way to lock a given Device group. I.e. I use auto-group to keep things tidy, useful when adding new devices etc. However, I'd also like to be able to lock certain custom groups. For example, we have the generic "Turrets" group that all turret weapons will by default be grouped into. What I'd love to be able to do is to create a "Sentries" custom group, pop just sentry turrets into it - along with their own custom target list - and then lock that group, so hitting auto-group doesn't change locked custom groups.

    Pretty sure I posted a suggestion on this one years ago, and just got reminded of the fact by your suggestion @ScarStitchez, as while I do use custom grouping from time to time, I generally avoid it due to auto-group being so useful. I'm forever adding new devices etc. to creations - I rarely spawn something from a BP, and pretty much never use it as-is if I do - so this "lock" feature would be so useful.

    Just a solid QoL change to the UI I thought.

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    Ever since the December 6 update, me and a friend have been experiencing frequent stuttering, when travelling both planetside and in space. This happens both in multiplayer, and singleplayer.

    What we have been able to determine so far is that the game freezes, while loading in buildings/vessels. Loading, which is based on maximum render distance. This means that moving through any heavily populated area will freeze the game for anywhere between a few milliseconds to several seconds, depending on the size of buildings/vessels being rendered/unrendered.

    Due to the freezing of the game, all intertia and thrust is lost in whatever vessel we are travelling. Meaning we have to wait for the vessel to get back up to full speed again. If during that acceleration phase something else renders/unrenders, the freezing and side-effects occur again. Quite dangerous during space battles, and when attacking POIs.

    He is doing a solo playthrough of Reforged Eden, while we are also playing through the regular Eden in coop mode. Since it is two different scenarios, we find it unlikely that the issue lies with the scenarios we are playing, and is rather tied to the aforementioned December 6 update.

    Perhaps @Vermillion can tell if it is an issue persisting through both editions of the Eden scenario? As stated above though, it seems unlikely.

    On a different note:

    The easiest, and probably also best, solution would be to have Auto Group only apply to ungrouped devices, leaving everything else as is.
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