Feedback Required Version 1.5: Reworked story missions

Discussion in 'FAQ & Feedback' started by Hummel-o-War, Jun 8, 2021.

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    The story missions 1-6 have been changed and adapted from a little up to a nearly full revamp.

    Note that playing the story now requires to play through the missions in a given order. The chapters will activate themselves when you reached a certain point. The information given are now a bit less intrusive, but still clear enough so you can continue even after you paused a chapter.

    The missions also have been spread over the starter system and are NOT located in one orbit anymore!

    To prove if the underlying ideas work out as intended, Iwould like to have you playing through the chapters 1-6 and send in your feedback on the following topics:

    - overall setup (position, availability)
    - immersion (story quality)
    - difficulty (enemies, puzzles, tasks)
    - guiding (do you always know where to go or what to do next)
    - bugs & things not working (how often did you need to use the manual completion feature)
    - errors with dialogues (please specifiy/screenshot with console opened + info where it happened)

    ... or similar hurdles that break the mission flow or the mission itself or just anything you want me to know.

    As this is one thread for all missions (for now), please clearly refer to the issue and the chapter you had the issue with or you are giving feedback about!

    1. Tales of the Past (big rework)
    2. Crashed Birds (big rework; formerly: Human Remains)
    3. Totally Overpowered (smaller changes on start)
    4. A Glacial Grave (smaller changes in story progress/setup; formerly: Offworld Grave)
    5. Ancient Revelations (big rework in terms of guiding through the vessel
    6. Uncertain Outcomes

    The other missions have not yet been adapted ((7)Meet the GLaD, (8)Sigma Fulcrum, (9)Unexpected Allies, (10)Wins and losses), but would be great if you can check them out as well, wo I can add the feedback to their rework schedule. ;)

    Reporting an issue, broken check or similar, please attach a screenshot of your HUD and a screenshot of the PDA (F1) with the mission progress being visible. At least that helps to track down where the issue might be located at.

    Tip: In case you want to play a particular mission, you need to have it "rewarded". To reward a mission without having to play the mission before, use the console. Type in 'pda rwdchap 3' for example. This will make the Totally Overpowered mission available. Check the details in the info card of the mission on where to go or where to start (This is usually told in the ending of the previous mission in addition)

    Thanks a lot in advance for your dedicated feedback! :)
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    When I went down and found the infected Talon I did not pull the lever. Did not notice the step until ready to go back up after explosion. Had to manually check everything after that step. What was the point of the lever? I could still go down and complete everything.

    This was my fault for not seeing the Pull Lever message. I also avoided pulling the lever when I saw it due to experience of things blowing up when pulling levers in Empyrion POIs. Might be better if the lever had to be pulled to continue down since the auto checks won't complete unless lever is pulled.
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    Burial Chamber: Says Artifacts only found one, went through POI twice. Find Technical Artifacts did not check.

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