Needs attention Want to run your own builders challenge...? :)

Discussion in 'Projects and Challenges' started by Hummel-o-War, Nov 18, 2019.

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    This forum is now open to everyone to post a builders challenge!
    - The thread opener is allowed to delete or modify his thread.
    - Threads can only be sent in "moderated". You will need to wait for a moderator to approve it.

    Each submission of a challenge thread and its content will be reviewed by the moderators. If the challenge does not fit the game or is not suitable for this forum due to any reasons, please note that we might choose to not set the challenge to public state.

    In this case - or if you have questions - please contact one of our moderators or me for further assistance.

    Also: community rules fully apply to any challenge. What means acting against the community rules can lead to a closure of the challenge, removal of comments or even a ban.

    Please have a read:

    Have fun! :)
    - Christoph / Hummel-o-War
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    Suggestion for challenge: Living in 4g/at Void. I currently have a base at Void. I can find no bp for a miner that functions here, had to build one myself. Also how do you design a ship to attack NPC or player bases in 4g without falling to the ground. Lastly special attention is needed for a base in 4g, since players will not be able to jump or jetpack, so special emphasis on easy enterance and exit. Lotsa cool projects for this... Zero-G is easy...try 4G :) I even had to make a ramp at my base to step out of HV since I break my legs on exit. There is also medical facilities everywhere, since every bump in the floor can mean death :) Makes you appreciate some the hardship people living with disabilities goes through.
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