Feedback Required Which additions would make the game world more vivid and lively

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hummel-o-War, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. The Tactician[ Λ ]

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    Sep 8, 2017
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  2. Wakfu

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    Apr 19, 2017
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    more dynamic content in space.
    more content on the ground. stuff happening.
    missions. protect x, deliver y, help b....
  3. cmguardia

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    Mar 4, 2018
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    It would be great and a surprise for an animal or plant that hides in the style of fake chests of dark souls. Let's say we see a plant that we can collect and when we approach it is actually a mimetic monster plant.
    Now a small order. Can the golem sound be replaced to the previous sound? They sound very sharp and are very similar to another of the existing aliens. Please.
  4. Bigfeet

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    Apr 24, 2016
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    Many solid suggestions have been posted, and i truely hope the Dev team are taking them to heart and discussing / exploring possabilities.
    To me the question of what a game like this needs, when speaking of vivid and lively, is the GROWTH dynamic. This ensures change , be it in expanding or diminishing form. Without growth everything is static, wich is the opposit of vivid and lively.

    This should be the main focus now as a bone structure of the game's dynamic. As long this is not implemented we are stuck with a linear progression that ends in "nothing to do". This growth dynamic is the core, the meaning of Life. Survival is a big aspect of this growth. Implementation on all dimensions of gameplay crave this growth, and so a player has a goal that basicly never ends.

    Innovation and exploration has been the main focus so far, wich is grantedly also an important aspect of growth cycles. Yet it is still experienced as in an ending linear fashion. That is why, and i just mentioned the keyword, there is a need of growth CYCLES. Wich in their larger progress format are actually spirals, metaphoricly spoken from a graphic point of view.

    In a general way many players feel & speak the lack of "endgame". But in certain reality they don't want the game to end actually. Many jump from the singleplayer experience towards the multiplayer experience exactly for prolonging the experience, seeking ... growth. Similurly SP players continue their experience using innovation through builds, planets, etc. Allready plenty of didacticly suggestions have been made that point towards this growth goal.

    Right now the game offers to many static dynamics in all its innovative implementations. But this can be changed imo. Be it from a environmental pov (mechanics of biomes, wildlife NPC's, elemental weather interactions, planet wide dynamic) to social pov (faction NPC, wildlife NPC, players dynamics). Environmental cycles can include seasonal changes that influence biomes, weather, wildlife NPC's, etc. If they all have a purpose of influence dynamic, wouldn't that enormously increase the vividness and livelyness i ask you ? When NPC factions remain static in their behaviour without a need for expansion(aka interaction) in any sort of way, conflict or else, it remains that way. So for their expansion i did suggest a turf-conquering behaviour in wich a player as another faction will engages in the same way (think Planetside 2 game). Wouldn't that ensure expansion/deminishing growth dynamic cycles, i ask you ?

    Point of the matter here is to just to take the compartimentalised robotic feel out of the experience and bring purpose to everything and everyone in. I realise that it is a huge task to "program", and i wouldn't have a clue about that. I'm no developer lol. But other games seem to be able to work it and so i must believe it is possible to do. This would greatly benefit the singleplayer experience as the multiplayer experience. Not to mention the games' popularity down the road. Survival to the max !

    I have nothing more to say now, i guess.
    Greets :)

  5. jadefalcon

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    Jan 30, 2018
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    not sure if its mentioned anywhere else above, but a working, dockable airlock system would certainly be very lifelike
  6. StyxAnnihilator

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    Jun 5, 2017
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    A lot more variations in vegetation, animals and NCPs. POIs too.
    Liquid mechanics, so get rivers and waterfalls. Rain creates ponds and maybe even flooding. Tide.
    More weather mechanics, like storms and tornadoes, that can do damage and/or disturb movement.
    Snow mechanics like avalanches and building up layers might be too much work, but maybe in the future.
    Avalanches in general, of sand and dirt and similar.
    Mud, swamp, sinkholes and similar effects.

    Most probably suggested by others already.
  7. Kassonnade

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    May 13, 2017
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    Make mobs attack other mobs (wildlife : predators/ preys).

    One example that comes to mind is if a players is pursued by a dino and crosses the path of the dino's preferred "prey" (ex. alien bug) the Dino might just change objective, leave the player alone and pursue alien bug instead.

    While at it, would be more "realistic" (I hate that word) that once a predator has eaten a prey, it doesn't seek food immediately after and has a "cooldown" delay before he goes back to predatory behavior.

    They could attack NPCs also. Or maybe it's already the case ?
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  8. JinM

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    Jul 12, 2016
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    NPCs that use hover vessels on streets to get from faction area 1 to 2.
    Underground Caves with Fauna as well
    NPCs visitting my base - for trade, shelter via using my bedrooms and hangars, or to improve faction relationships
    Teraforming NPC activity like excavation or from fauna (digging worms), meteors, weather.
    Fauna attacking each other, eating trees or attacking NPCs, Fauna attacking bases.
    Growing Trees.
    Lonesome big predators that are unique and roam the land.
    Hidden underground and underwater bases, that can only be found by hints from other NPCs or via searching stations.
    Text containing items, like picking up a pda, that I can find in stations. Pdas that I can leave on the ground (emitting a signal if close up) for other players to pick up.

    Tradeships and escorts
    Ships that inspect my ship close up (scan it and circle around me) before I am allowed to enter a certain faction's base.
    Radio chat encounters with passing by ships of NPCs.
    Space Debris circling in orbit around a planet, passing by my station.
    NPCs visitting my station (as in A)
    Roaming lonesome NPC ships that jump from one planet to the other, just to live.
    Stations far away from orbit that are unique and there for a reason, which can only be found via hints from other NPCs (private shelter of a nomad or an abandonned research facility and so on).
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  9. Philipp

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    Aug 30, 2016
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    A (for Playfields):
    - That when you set a base with your faction, you also create a territory.
    - NPC Factions attacking each other
    - Events like asteroid impacts that damage your base if you don't have a shield and not like the asteroid rain you have currently, but really destroy terrain, bases and things like that, especially on young planets

    B (for Space)
    - More POI's.
    - Maybe something like in the X series, like you have a POI where something gets created and sold, that you can buy and bring to another POI where they need that to make another item out of it and so on.
    - Oh and maybe a "police" license for e.g. Polaris that they pay you a little bit when you kill drones near there bases (+space territory?!)
    - Solar storm! Something like that, if it happens, it creates like a big wave and if it hits your ship, it deactivates your devices and does also damage to yourself the longer it hits you. You could save yourself with a shield, but not for long cause the impact will be bigger than you shild can regenerate. To activate your devices again, you need a specific repair tool or a repair program that you can start from your panel, which costs ressources or something like that.
  10. SacredGlade

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    Oct 18, 2016
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    Oh yes! Think, journey to the centre of the earth! Underground lakes, volcanic flumes to the surface, dinosaurs, crystal caves....
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  11. Darksynapse

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    Apr 20, 2017
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    For Ground expanded factions:

    Expanded Tower defense game play like a Tier system depending on the planet. Tier 5 planet has entire army come for your base vs Tier 1 sending a few soldiers)
    Seeing factions fight each other for territory
    Trade with one another (roads, trains, trading ships)
    Attempt to retake territory the player took from them
    Attempt to expand the areas of the planet they control by building new bases

    For Space I would like to see:
    Certain ore types only available in space with threats involved in acquiring them
    Alien species with advanced technology you need to do quests/trade to acquire
    Trade ships you can raid with consequences if you do
    NPC factions fighting one another in space with bonuses or negatives to the surrounding planet based upon outcome (like helping a friendly NPC faction fight off a hostile force. If you ignore it, the hostiles on the planet become bolstered if hostile faction wins battle for orbital control)
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  12. Wakfu

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    Apr 19, 2017
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    dynamic ai content giving you stuff to do. missions!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Monroe

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    Nov 20, 2017
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    I would love to catch the occasional shooting star in the night sky.
  14. ravien_ff

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    And aurora! :D
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  15. Monroe

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    Nov 20, 2017
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    I wonder if the shooting stars and auroras could be Global Effects that you can set. Like the meteor rain, flocks of crows, lighting, fireflies, etc. are now?
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  16. Avalast

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    Dec 17, 2017
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    In general what I would like to improved in these regards are the same for both playfield types (Though the scope will be large enough to warrant multiple bulletpoints.

    The overall theme of what I would like to see improvement of is... Physics.

    Specifically for planetary playfields I would like to see the following...
    • Fluid dynamics
      Fluids should rush in to fill holes, thus potentially affecting vast areas due to a lake rushing in to fill a huge underground cavern, thus lowing the lakes water level (Same should apply to lava and other fluids).
      By extension, massive use of water processors should be able to drain water covered areas, provided there isn't a source of new water.

    • Gravity affecting all objects
      If an object isn't resting on or is attached to another object, that in turn is attached to the planet by means of a physical connection (Not through the air), should fall to the ground rather than just float in air. This is mainly focused on the cases where specks of soil or even plants or ore remains suspended midair after tunnelling has been done in an area.
    Specifically for spacebased playfields I would like to see the following...
    • Gravity affecting all objects
      Leave a ship or object in space unattended and eventually it'll end up being caught in a planetoid's or asteroids gravity field and will eventually deorbit (Potentially being destroyed in the process)

    • Orbital motion
      With the addition of gravity mentioned above all objects (Even moons and asteroids) would have to be in motion to prevent them from being accelerated towards the closest planet.
      Same goes for bases built in space (Unless built in a Lagrange point).

    • Atmospheric drag in low planetary orbit
      As an extension of the above 2 points for space, the presence of the atmosphere shouldn't be binary in relation to how it affects the motion characteristics of an object. With that I mean as long as there is some kind of visual distortion that indicates a vehicle is leaving the atmosphere, said craft should be affected by atmospheric drag.
      This should factor in with orbital motion, thus requiring bases or vehicles that are close enough to a planetoid to experience some degree of atmospheric drag, to require the orbit to be boosted regularly to avoid that gravity and drag causes these to deorbit.

    • EDIT : New playfield structure overall
      • Planetary
        Same as now

      • System
        Basically the space playfield, but merged so that it includes the entire solar system.

        Warp drive should still work within it, but should a speed booster but shouldn't provide instantaneous travel (Think warp drive in EVE).
        The idea with the non-instantaneous warp is to provide some travel time, thus making survival between planetary playfields less trivial, and to provide a risk of interception by NPC or even PCs in flight.

      • Galactic
        Like the system playfield, however it mainly contains system playfields rather than planetary playfield (Though rogue planets could exist here).

        Again the warp drive should be usable here, and should function as warp drives do in the system playfield.
        The main difference between warping in a System playfield and in a galactic playfield, should be that distances between system playfields are significantly greater, thus requiring a more powerful warp drive (Or in case the distinction between SV and CV eventually gets blurred to obscurity - A lot more warp drives).
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  17. JinM

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    Jul 12, 2016
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    Oh man I wish for that too. But it's not really possible I guess. I would allready be happy if we got an

    Water Block to use in base and station building.

    But whatever I guess that's not gonna come soon. ;)
  18. boo

    boo Ensign

    May 8, 2019
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    more content in space, like cargo transport with escort for polaris , zyrax squad that patrol , a new factions with Pirates ....

    more type of planet, some that have a fast turn, where day/light is faster or slower, some always with the same face, hot and cold on each face... disaster destroyed world with high rad and horror creature roaming everywhere .... jungle moon where there are only beast and tree ...the hunter paradise ...

    asteroid ice field, to mine ice /h2O

    wheels for HV .....

    AND MORE POWER FOR THE DAMN SOLAR PANEL IN SPACE, wtf i will do with ONLY 148w ? when i have it up to 1kw in the planet ?
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  19. Lazer295

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    Sep 25, 2019
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    Just started playing again since long break. I love the new faction missions and reputation. That made the world so much more interesting. More of the faction missions and reputation would all make the game more lively. I was actually really excited to see a faction mission send me to space, encouraging me to build my first SV. Would be great if there was a faction tech tree as well. A faction tech tree could include: special weapon skins, alternative weapons, alternative armor, or even new block types.

    More NPC interaction would be great too. More to do at POIs besides attack, walk around, or deal with a few vendors you only occasionally need.
  20. Precise Calibre

    Sep 25, 2019
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    Update all of the outdated Alien, Predator and Prey models. Completely remodel the Scorpion and fix its hitbox. Make it a swarm enemy rather than a bruiser so we can fight waves of them.

    Add new enemy models. I'd like to see some new Nightmares based on humans, Zirax etc. The current ones strike me as mutated Talon based on their anatomy. If they work by zombie rules, make them able to fight Talon, Zirax and Polaris and turn them.

    Tailor ambient sounds to be more "alien" and suitable for the planets and biomes we hear them in.

    More large-scale enemies and prey. I'd like some sand/snow worms specifically. Flying organic enemies would be fun, too. Giant, alien wasp nests could be fun to explore and destroy, especially if they're like living drone bases (make them like Brachonid Wasps). Add "larval hosts" as spawns near the bases where other lifeforms have been infested with larva which crawl out to attack.

    More plant-types, including semi-sentient and/or carnivorous plants. Not only would they function as scenery, but also as environmental hazards.

    Tornadoes/Dust Devils

    Localized Weather based on things like a Hurricane, possibly visible from space. (Large AOE, damaging weather).

    Chain-link fences.

    Allow flares at least to be seen from a long distance, I want blinky antenna towers damnit.

    NPCs that actually DO something besides stand around in eery silence.
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