YOUR top 10 survival starter tips for NEW players!

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    10 Tips for NEW single players, A10.

    0. Watch some Lets plays.
    1. Check out key bindings, maybe change some.
    2. Select Easy difficulty on Tempered planet.
    3. Follow Robinson Protocol until understand the basics, check out info in PDA.
    4. Learn food and meds.
    5. Learn ores and equipment progression.
    6. Learn game mechanics; XP, tech tree, constructors, factions, missions, BluePrints, Workshop, logistic system (F4), and more.
    7. Learn POIs and how to take the core and what resources they can give, positions to Alien Containers.
    8. Find out how you like to play, then find strategies accordingly, how you progress and build (or use others).
    9. Be prepared to use some time to learn the ropes, to handle dying and loosing vessels/bases, workings of creatures and NCPs.
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    1. Definitely start on a temperate planet, you don't want to manage oxygen right off the starting line on your first run.
    2. Figure out the constructor interface, the level up interface, and the difference between your suit survival constructor and a portable constructor.
    3. Figure out food. Forage plants, read all the tooltips on 'em, make some energy bars.
    4. Figure out ores and wood. Harvest rocks and trees with your survival tool.
    5. Make a weapon or two. Best thing your portable constructor can make is a basic shotgun and a chainsaw. Copper and wood make ammunition... also, your survival tool is a better weapon than a pistol.
    6. Start murdering wildlife, so long as you're in neutral territory. Good XP and your portable constructor can turn them into steak.
    7. Make a hover vessel, power it with biofuel made from harvested wood, give it lots of thrusters and lots of container space. Container controller+extensions. Use it as a mobile base so that you don't need to defend anything from coordinated attacks too early.
    8. Avoid antagonizing Talon (green) or Polaris (blue), try not to get within a few hundred meters of Zirax (red) bases. They have big guns that shoot very far.
    9. Explore and loot/salvage neutral POIs (white map markers)
    10. Once you're comfortable with combat and you have the resources, build a base. Be ready to defend it pretty much immediately. Don't underestimate the usefulness of sentry guns for guarding angles that are hard to cover with big turrets... but have at least one minigun or cannon turret. Keep that ammo box topped up, and know what ammo you need for what turret.
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    a good tip that I always made use of, is to find a mineral deposit near a lake, then drill down at an angle into it, and use the underground hole now dug out, to build a cheaper base, especially with all the crushed stone you now have that can be made into concrete. Underground bases are far more resilient against drone attacks, BUT, will not protect you against dropships. plan to have solar panels outside somehow, and erect defense turrets nearby asap. Alternatively, using one of the crashed ships to set up a temporary base can also serve as an effective base and you will never have to install a core, which will mean drones and dropships will generally leave you alone while you gather materials.

    If you want to level up quickly, a quick starter hv with a harvester module mounted on the front will allow you to easily drive around and kill spiders and other monsters without any concern for ammo or personal injury. I was hunting golems on another game with one such hv and it was rediculously cheap to build. Got me to level 8 before I ever needed to invest in a base, and that was only to have a place to store all the crap I couldnt fit in my hv. Im partial to the Tier4 blueprint of the red HV with the twin minigun turrets as it is fast, efficient, decently armored, and also has a harvester module.

    on a similar note, Blueprints are your friend. Its far easier to get used to building things in creative, create a blueprint, then use that blueprint in survival to give your creation life, primarily because you have unlimited resources in creative, and you can dismantle a structure as many or as few times as you please before calling it finished, wheras in survival, using the multitool costs ammo that quickly becomes precious, as well as time spent playing with the design of a craft or structure can mean lots of lost food.

    When you start, you will be given a basic starter survival multitool that has a few basic functions. Make a decent weapon ASAP and use the multitools attack function on nearby trees, to gather wood. The attack function also allows you to chop down trees for wood, which can be turned into plant fibers, and thus, into biofuel.
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    For A10

    1) Follow the Robison tutorial (on-screen pop-up).
    -> don't worry if you do something out of order, you can go into the PDA and manually chk-box if you've already done something.
    2) Have -2- Survival Tools on your belt (can make for free in 'suit constructor'. One set to Defense, other set to Resource, for drilling surface rocks.
    3) Keep an eye out for gentle sloping into water Swamp biome areas; likely to find seaweed right near shore in waist deep water. Seaweed provides plant protein for food. You don't have a 'real' suit yet, so no O2 so not able to scuba dive to gather lots of seaweed, yet.
    4) Don't unlock Tech-Tree items willy nilly. Check first if you can even make it, there are quite a few things that either can only be made in Base/CV only Large Constructors, or require advanced materials you don't have yet.
    -> don't unlock same thing for multiple places unless needed.
    -> don't unlock the Suit Locker (needed to put on any real suit) for a BA until mid-late-game; use the Locker for HV/SVs.
    5) Rush getting the Light Armor Suit. It adds Jump Jets that are very helpful for scouting, fighting, etc. Also adds O2 capacity so you can dive in lakes to gather lots of seaweed and a couple other resources (look for anything Blue).
    6) While the Motorbike is useful, even a really tiny HoverVessel (HV) is quite a bit more useful.
    7) -Don't- turn all of your Pentaxid <Edit: Promethium into Fuel Cells! You'll need Pentaxid <Edit: Promethium to make MultiTool and Drill Charges.
    8) Even though it can be a pain, keep placing down the Survival Constructor to make more Bio-fuel.
    -> likewise don't forget to place & power the Oxygen Generator every night to make more O2 canisters.
    9) When considering where to start your first 'built-it-meself' Base, these are some main bits;
    --> Far away from Zirax. Distance factors into how often your base gets attacked, so, until you have an idea what it takes to defend...
    --> Near water. Ideally near a body that has 'Deep Water' since there are resources that only spawn in deep water.
    --> Near deposits of all three main resources, Iron Copper Silicon.
    --> For Defense, building in a flat area is better. It's best if Base turrets can engage at max range to take out Drones/TroopTranports. And if you build next to a hill enemys will come over the hill at some point and be right on top of you.
    -->---> not saying building -in-to- a mountain isn't viable, but that's not really a first couple games/days thing.
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    From me a culinary tip for the first days on the surface: “Trou du cul de poulpe”......deep fried and served with radioactive asparagus it is like haute cuisine......

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    Crashed Titan is a great early source of armor plates for your first HV/SV, i would recommend a multitool in salvage mode, you get less armor plates but you can get them long before you can build a deconstructor, with this armor plates you can upgrade your vehicle and hive it far more durability then it would otherwise have this early in the game.
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    Press F5. Often.

    Seriously, noting at all changed my early game experience like discovering I had a free scout, miner and all around safe option to do pretty much anything. How is this not made explicitly clear on starting a new game is beyond me :D
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