Feedback Required Your TOP3 MOST WANTED feature addition or change?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Hummel-o-War, Sep 26, 2019.

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    Rules, so I can at least follow your ideas :D

    1. Please only name THREE Features (small or big)
    2. No long explanations (If there is already a thread or comment you present your idea, please link to it)
    3. No discussions about your Most Wanted (thats what the linked threads are for. Or create a new one in the SUGGESTION forum and link it here.)

    Off we go! :)

    Disclaimer: This is not a representative survey. Never the less we are curious which features YOU consider the most important for your personal playstyle or what you think the game needs THE MOST! :)
  2. RazzleWin

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    May 22, 2017
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    I would like to be able to make my own food with basic ingredients we find or kill. Not pre-made recipes. Let me find what kind of food I can make. boiled, fried, baked. Don't tell me the stats of the ingredient let me discover it. I might find I can make something really good or really bad.

    I want a camp fire I can sit down next to and keep the critters away at night and cook on. Even if it's putting a chuck of meat on a stick or a pan to cook in, if I find one. Most of all I'm tired of standing all the time.

    I want a tent that I can get out of the rain, protect me from radiation or keep the heat or cold out. We are an advanced race we must have some kind of high tech cloth someplace.
  3. Jugger On Valium

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    Feb 24, 2017
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    1. Collision damage
    2. Minimap on planets set to a plan (top down) view rather than this ridiculous 3D rotation view which makes it utterly useless unless your ship is level to the horizontal plane. (And an 'Elite style' minimap in space? The current one isn't fit for purpose either)
    3. Make it impossible to place base cores under the terrain
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  4. Luzillus

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    Aug 17, 2018
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    1. To choose the Color of the Crosshair from Vessel´s(HV/SV/CV)
    2. Shields from a Base or CV Protect docked Vessels.
    3. Greater Weapon Arsenal. Various Pistols, Guns and Rifles
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  5. Samoja

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    Jun 6, 2019
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    1.Modding support, seriously no single feature would add more to the game then a properly supported set of modding tools. allowing modders to create their own weapons, tools and blocks would be a good starting point, with custom quests that could be added to the base game(and not just as completely separate scenario) at some point.

    2.More complex AI combat, RN AI can't miss, but the player can, i also suspect AI has no recoil issues, this puts the player at a serious disadvantage especially when going in solo, and especially with infinite AI respawning, i would like to see AI act more natural, not hit you with every single shot but need to calibrate and also AI loosing it's aim due to recoil like the player does.

    3. My third most wanted feature i already explored in this thread I would just like to add that i think the best way to implement this would be as a percentage chance, more you deplete the enemy resources less of a chance the enemy patrol will spawn near you, this could even be made toggleable in the config, possibly even an option of whether the cap would affect the POIs or not, with depleted cap slowing down the enemy respawn at spawners, enabling you to in a sense draw the enemy out of their structures and make your job easier when assaulting a structure itself, and allow more methodical, calculated approach to taking the POIs rather then a mad dash for the spawners/core it is RN.
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  6. StyleBBQ

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    Apr 21, 2016
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  7. SacredGlade

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    Oct 18, 2016
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    More "living" universe features

    1. Npc using HV/AV with improved AI
    2. Being able to purchase default vessels in game for in game credits. (Expand economy and trade)
    3. Water critters and vessels
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  8. cmguardia

    cmguardia Captain

    Mar 4, 2018
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    1-Reaction of the NPC when attacked! It can't be that if they receive a shot from afar they won't look for your location!
    2- CV attack as if it were a base. If we reach a planet and do not have a built base it must be detected as a base and attacked.
    3- That wildlife also interacts with the other NPCs. Or that they interact better with the character. If I collect the plant it feeds on, it attacks us (herbivores become aggressive when you touch their plants)
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  9. Ravis

    Ravis Captain

    May 17, 2017
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    1. Factionwarfare price multiplyer in game start settings.
    2. Thrusters hot key.
    3. T2 light armor (I like being able to move)
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  10. jadefalcon

    jadefalcon Captain

    Jan 30, 2018
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    1.) Proper Fluid Dynamics
    2.) Collision Damage ( ships breaking apart )
    3.) EDIT: Seasons
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  11. Kassonnade

    Kassonnade Rear Admiral

    May 13, 2017
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    1- SV T2 rcs (or at least fix the "roll" of SV/CV - current values mean nothing and ships roll like dead whales)
    2- radar for space
    3- first person camera for motorbike
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  12. NickWJM

    NickWJM Ensign

    Jul 7, 2018
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    1: Improved and more dynamic faction warfare. Eg factions actively trying to gain / retake territory. Reacting to player activity.

    2: AI Factions build / use blueprints inc SV/HV/CV as their territory grows (more resources)

    3: more epic variants of equipment in loot boxes. Eg epic turrets, armor blocks, more weapon variants etc
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  13. AnthraxB2

    AnthraxB2 Ensign

    Mar 21, 2017
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    1. A way to have an actual elevator block working.

    2. as someone else said, having collisions on CV,SV and HV.

    3. Dynamic blocks such as rails/pistons/rotors
  14. Supay

    Supay Captain

    Feb 23, 2019
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    1. Skill Tree separate from the Tech Tree, offering a way to customize and specialize your char into for example long range fighting,healer, hacker maybe?(sorry if long)
    2.Grappling hook and more suit upgrades like it?
    3. Underwater Vehicles and creatures!
  15. Precise Calibre

    Precise Calibre Lieutenant

    Sep 25, 2019
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    1) More Aquatic features such as underwater vessels, predators and prey, including fishing in-game.

    2) If not some SV turrets (gatling at least), give us a passenger seat that can be fired from so passengers in Dropships can engage ground targets (while also putting themselves at risk).

    3) NPC and citizen management, including housing NPCs employing them and protecting them from attacks.
  16. Fractalite

    Fractalite Rear Admiral

    Aug 10, 2016
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    • No light bleed through blocks
    • A battery of different enemy turrets distinctly different than the players:
    • Plasma Mortar - launches crackling balls of death that boom in an explosion on impact. "Lobs" the shells in an indirect arc. Causes large terrain deformation.
    • Chain Lightning turret - low damage but strikes multiple blocks/devices(possibly also targets.)
    • Torpedo Turret - launches a bluish glowing blob that homes in on the players ship. In addition to damage it shakes the players screen.
    • Disruptor Cannon Turret - punches a hole straight through your ship in a line. Ignores shields. Low damage.
    • A "Mauler" Turret - does not do any damage but physically shoves the players vessel in a direction(borrowed the name from Master of Orion 2.)
    • Death Ray - does not damage the ship but hurts the player. Should be a purple beam.... no idea why; death rays need to be purple.
    • ECM Turret - prevents detection. Does no damage.
    • Feedback Transference Turret - inflicts damage done to the POI back on the player vessel or BA. Does not affect players outside of HV/SV/CV/BA.
    • Point Defense Turret - shoots down player rockets and rail gun rounds. Still vulnerable to pulse laser, plasma, and gatling.
    • Earthquake Turret - "pounds" the ground harming any who approach on foot or in HV. So no digging those nefarious tunnels... erm.... me!
    • Static Interference Turret - generates a large field that slowly damages all blocks on the players vessel - strong verses small, but weak to CV owing to the low damage output. Ignores shields.
    • Teleportation Turret - upon striking the players vessel the player is randomly teleported somewhere in the playfield. Slow moving projectiles.
    • Quantum turret - each time it strikes the players vessel, the more damage it does. Fast moving projectiles. High ROF.
    • "I.C.E." Turret - slows the movement speed of the players vessels. Cannot target player on foot.
    • Repulser turret - emits a huge expanding wave that shoves the players vessel back out of range.
    • "Painter" Turret - locks onto the player "painting" them.
    • Phaser turret - long windup but fearsome damage. Requires a painted lock on.
    • Orbital strike turret - calls down a large number of explosions from a ship in orbit. Requires painted lock on.
    • Entanglement Turret - Snares the players ship preventing movement. Cannot target player on foot. Requires painted lock on.
    • Hacking Turret - emits the same large pulse that the base attack zirax do and takes over your vehicle. Instead of 30s takes 10 giving you a chance to escape. You are ejected once the hacking finishes. Also includes CV's. :eek: Requires painted lock on.
    • Easter Egg Turret - a turret that should only be added for fun. Lauches large number of friendly bouncing pink bunnies at the player that explode in a shower of giggles. Takes over vessel, strips the player naked, and then gives them every status ailment. Requires painted lock on.
    • Also what ever is posted here:
    • Do not necessarily need more NPC interaction at this point in development, but some more factions and a way to create player or creator factions would be nice. Also add the ability to remove the "ALN" or similar prefixes to the .ecf files.
    • Oh yeah, and I am terrible person for going for a #4, but; more drone models and attack styles would be nice.
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  17. GenghisBob

    GenghisBob Lieutenant

    Apr 2, 2018
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    1. All constructed items should be based off Blueprints – Each constructor type should come with a set of “blueprints” built in. You should be able to find (as loot) blue prints that can be fed into a constructor. Once you’ve done this you can now build the item. Some blueprints can only be fed into (and thus the item built) by certain types of constructors. This would add a whole new dimension to the loot system. Why can’t you build a set of medium or heavy armor? Because your constructor doesn’t have the blueprint! Go forth to loot and pillage to find it – or find a trader you can purchase it from! This will also have the side effect that you could have multiple blueprints, requiring different materials, to build the same item.
    2. Larger Variety of Planetary Details – We need more types of trees, bushes, rocks, weird alien things, weather, things that can hurt you. Anything to help populate worlds and make them more unique and lively! A Bunch of ideas:
      1. Simply more models of rocks, trees, bushes, flowers, etc
      2. Resource rocks should have several different models each for variety.
      3. Resource rocks, once drilled, should “explode” into more than just 2 ores that you can pick up. Make it random. Or make it based upon how many ores you get. Variety is the spice of life.
      4. Things that can hurt you… the little volcanic cones should hurt you if you get too close (or inside!). Hot! There should be spikey flora that damages you if you pick them or get too close.
      5. Terrain should affect you… there should be deep snow that slows you down when on foot. Sand should slow your movement down too.
      6. More types of weather and how it affects you… chance of getting struck by lightning, snow storms/dust storms, etc that drastically impede your movement and vision. Wind that affects your movement on foot and in vehicles.
      7. The little meteor shower should have a version that actually drops little meteors on the ground with ores. Getting hit by one should hurt badly. Should seriously damage a vehicle.
    3. Collision Damage - Seriously. I drive my HV like a maniac.
  18. JaPhiSo

    JaPhiSo Ensign

    Oct 10, 2016
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    1. Bring the first version of AI vessels back. Beeing able to destroy parts and even board the AI vessels and then take them was a great feature!

    2. Capital vessel weapons functioning in atmosphere.

    3. Bigger AI base attacks. A combination of drones, troops, tanks and capital vessels.
  19. Skelito

    Skelito Guest

    1. Auto collect surface rocks, like before. Oh and no land scaring from drill

    2. Blend terrain when filling holes with drill

    3. More uses for resources. (Material sinks)
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  20. zztong

    zztong Rear Admiral

    Apr 12, 2016
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    1. NPC Interaction/Dialog to Support Missions
    2. MacGuffins to Support Missions
    3. Docking Variations: CV-to-CV, CV-to-BA

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