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Discussion in 'Official Eleon Server' started by RexXxuS, Feb 22, 2017.

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    Apr 26, 2016
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    With the announced changes to ship class calculations in 6.6, I'm concerned with the effects that might have when the service is updated. I have a class 7 ship that is approximately a couple devices or lights away from being class 8. Will the new class calculation be applied in game, and what will happen if it tips my ship over the limit?
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    Jan 31, 2016
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    Sorry for the delay guys.

    Depends if I get the ID / unique name of it.

    Did it happen near the green wall? To prevent this I would recommend to stay away from it. Otherwise I don't know..
    I can't restore the ships anymore only kind of give some compensation if the loss was big.

    I think so - however the last time we had a full wipe they were not working 100% so I might implement them only in few orbits.
    I plan to overall update the scenario asap and with the next full wipe they would be active again.

    It is already applied but we won't go over Class 7 for now. It is the servers hardware limit to handle already these big ships. If you re-saved the ship in creative it is not always that above the current Class. But sometimes you have to rebuild the ship, yes.

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    Apr 26, 2016
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    I was more concerned about losing everything that is in the ship, not whether I could keep the ship itself. Luckily, the triangle count went down so now I can actually increase the number of devices.
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    My CV is stuck on my sv at the green wall or visa versa, please can you help me asap?

    • EU Server
    • Planet: Valea
    • CV Stuck half way through the Green Border
    • SV invisiable at the edge of green border.
    • Sunday 20/8/17, straight after server restart.
    • CV ID: 1475533, Capital Vessal (CV)
    • Sorry can't se my SV ID because it is invisible.
    • CV Location 4085.1,57.7,-429.4
    • SV Location 4092, -452
    On Sunday, at the last 30 seconds to logout before restart, I docked at my base in my SV & logged out.
    Loged in straight after to find I was alone at my base & my SV gone. I could see it on the map at 4092, -452, as it was quite far away, I went to collect it with my CV, as I was flying through the boarder my CV stopped half way through, saying: There is non docked ship in my ship, Flying is not possible.
    Some how I have flown into my invisible SV at 4092, -452, I can stand on the ground at 4092, -452, but I can not see my SV anywhere.
    I have tried to move my CV everyday since to no avail. Please can an admin help me asap please?
    I'm sorry I don't know the id of my SV, only the location & I understand if thats not enough.
    But its really my CV that I'm really worried & feeling salty about, as miss the old girl big time & I really hope I don't loose her.
    Also because she is in the air at her location the is a chance of somebody flying into her from the otherside of the green border, which would only compound the problem & really don't want to be the cause of that type of knock on effect.

    Thank you for any help recieved inadvance & for a brilliant game.
    Old Gezzer

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