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by Hummel-o-War at 1:00 PM
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Welcome to week 3 of Alpha 12 Experimental.

For all those waiting to get hands on the dedicated server files: With phase 3 we made good progress in terms of performance and functions of the database and in fixing issues related to the server files. That being said, although the changes now have to be tested with your help in the current update, we are quite confident that next week's phase 4 will have the server files included eventually! :)

Please also note, there are a few more adjustments to be made for phase 4, which will result in a savegame break for your current, running savegames - which will also result in a full wipe of our Experimental Server.

Although this might be a bit inconvenient, but as you know: only new games, started with each phase will have all the changes on playfields, POIs and missions - as these game elements, unlike config changes, do not get updated in a running savegame.

[ New mission: Offworld Grave ]

As usual:
While the Phase 3 lasts, we will continue to update the following post with the latest Experimental version changelogs for hotfixes and intermediate patches: https://empyriononline.com/threads/alpha-12-experimental-updates-and-hotfixes.92687/

For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the pinned threads in our Experimental Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/


  • Added toggle button groups for private, faction, others to filter results
  • Traders Guild is now an intractable faction (you can change your standing up and down now)
  • Updated Reputation actions for Traders Guild
  • Adjusted reputation points of other factions (reduced/adapted gains and losses; please check ingame NPC faction screen)
  • Added / Full rework: Human...
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by Hummel-o-War at 12:37 PM
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Hi Galactic Survivalist!

Today we start into Alpha 12 Experimental Phase 2.

The first week has not only brought up a LOT of feedback on the new features ( Thanks a lot & keep it coming! :) ), and has also shown that the database is basically working as intended. BUT, due to some ongoing issues we noticed in the process, we will need more time for dedicated server testing fixes and optimization. As you know, the database is a key element of Alpha 12 in general and for the multiplayer servers (and their ‘playability’) in particular. That being said, please bear with us for having to delay the Experimental dedicated server for a little longer. At least until the database is FULLY working in the intended way, so the server owners can run their servers properly. And: No worries, the experimental phase will offer enough time for your planned server worlds to thrive. ;)

For those that are new to this topic, please read the full reasoning over here: https://empyriononline.com/threads/alpha-12-experimental-info.92617

Thanks a lot in advance for your understanding.

In terms of gameplay and features, phase 2 has a lot of fixes and rebalancings, changes and adjustments. Please find the full changelog attached below.

[ Kriel Firebase - Work in Progress; Want to know which POI for the Kriel faction are in the works by @jrandall? >> Tune in right here!

As always:
While the Phase 2 lasts, we will continue to update the following post with the latest Experimental version changelogs for hotfixes and such: https://empyriononline.com/threads/alpha-12-experimental-updates-and-hotfixes.92687/

For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the pinned threads in our Experimental Feedback forum:...
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by Hummel-o-War at 12:58 PM
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Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Today we are kicking off the first testing phase of the Alpha 12 Experimental! :)

Alpha 12 Experimental Phase I.jpg

Main feature additions:
  1. The Galaxy
  2. Active detection system
  3. Registry journeybook
  4. Interactive dialogues
  5. Dynamic key-token generation
  6. Space Base Defense
  7. Player-build teleporter system
  8. Full config files exposition
Besides those major topics, we added several new NPC Factions, a slew of technical and feature additions, new crafting materials like Titanium, updated POIs, Model and a lot more.

Have a look at the full changelog below.

Alpha 12 Experimental Phase I - space.png

Remember: For the first days of the Experimental version, multiplayer games can only be played on our Alpha 12 Experimental server, because we first need to thoroughly test the new database, before we can release the EXP server version. The Singleplayer/Coop client version of the Experimental version are of course available with todays release! Please read the full reasoning over here: https://empyriononline.com/threads/alpha-12-experimental-info.92617/

As with every major releases, the Experimental version phase will see several stages and last at least a few weeks, until we will release to the 'public' branch eventually. ;)

Please also note:
Alpha 12 Experimental UPDATE AND HOTFIX changelogs can be found here: https://empyriononline.com/threads/alpha-12-experimental-updates-and-hotfixes.92687/
Fixed Experimental version bugs can be found there: https://empyriononline.com/forums/fixed.90/

For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the pinned threads in our Experimental Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/

There, we will also gladly answer your questions and set up help topics as we go.

Now, please have fun playing Alpha 12 Experimental Phase 1! :)
- Empyrion Dev Team...
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by Hummel-o-War at 8:38 PM
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Most of you might wonder, when the Alpha 12 Experimental will hit your PC. Good news!

If everything works out as planned, the Experimental phase will start anytime next week!
As always..no liabilities assumed.

There is one thing to know about the upcoming Experimental.

For Alpha 12 we made a real BIG change in how the game handles data and info by adding a persistent database. This offers a myriad of new possibilities - in fact, it made some of the Alpha 12 features possible in the first place - but this needs to be tested in-depth, especially for Multiplayer.

That’s why this time, in the first week of the Experimental release, we will only have our own EXP Server as a testing field.

This way, we will be able to grab all the logs directly and track the performance of the database in a live environment with the highest possible load. Again, and to be precise: this is for this initial phase (only!!)

We hope everyone planning to set up an own EXP Server will understand this move, as testing the database is crucial for the progress of the game as a whole.

Rest assured the EXP will have a server version released, as soon as the tests are passed and we are confident about the stability of the database.

The Singleplayer version will of course be available from day one, just the dedicated server version will be delayed.

If things go accordingly, this initial phase might only last a few days. A minor period, given the Alpha 12 is a milestone release with an Experimental phase of several weeks, where we will be happy to see a lot of Experimental-version servers out there.

A note for the server owners, as this might not be known a lot: feel free to get in touch with us about any global topics via [email protected] (Feedback, Ideas etc.. no specific topic ;) )

Hope to see you soon playing the Experimental version! :)
- Empyrion Dev Team

PS: For all of you interested in an evening talk about Alpha 12 and maybe some gameplay right from the final Experimental pre-release candidate, tune in to our Dev Q&A, hosted by Spanj: https://empyriononline.com/threads/alpha-12-preview-and-dev-q-a-live.92616/

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by Hummel-o-War at 8:46 PM
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Welcome back, Galactic Survivalists!

For today's blog, we would like to give you more insight on a device feature, a lot of you have asked for.

Until now, you could make use of the device in question in NPC stations and some dungeons.
Now, it will be available to you players: Teleporters!

(New CV teleporter model)

The Teleporters will come in two versions:
  • Teleporter for bases. Their range will be 30 LY
  • Teleporter for capital vessels. They will allow you to teleport within a sector, what means between Planet<>Orbit, Planet<>Moon, Orbit<>Moons etc. No need to EVA over to a space station anymore!
There are a few constraints of course.
  • You can NOT teleport to another PLAYER or PLAYER FACTIONS teleporters! You can only use your own teleporters, those of your faction and from NPC factions you are at least in a friendly state.
  • It is not possible to teleport FROM or teleport TO a CV that is currently MOVING
  • It is not possible to use a CV or BA teleporter (as outgoing-transport) when
    a) shields are active
    b) the structure is under fire (cooldown of 20seconds after last “hit”)
Incoming teleports currently can end on devices that are off or behind a shield - of course only if you ‘allowed’ to use the teleporter as a target.

If there is any condition that denies you to use a teleport target, its destination simply will not show in the teleporter target overview.


We hope you will like this little feature improvement.
As usual, feel free to post an questions to the comments. :)

Read you soon,
Empyrion Dev Team
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by Hummel-o-War at 8:12 PM
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Hello Galactic Survivalists!

It’s wednesday again! First and foremost: We hope you are all well - and if not, we hope you will get well very soon! And because we got a lot of concerned emails and messages: Everyone in the team is Ok or is already getting better. Thanks a lot for all the wishes. :)

We have been kind of silent the last 2 weeks, simply because a lot of code work had to happen, to flesh out the features.

Today we have a mix of different things that made good progress and got added until recently.
  1. The Empyrion ingame card game?
    Our Modelling team has been busy with some new stuff. We added two new devices (we will not disclose just yet. Sorry ;) ) and a few others, like the Zirax CV turrets that are currently in a finishing phase.

    A new entry to the blocks and devices are two gambling tables.


    What started as an internal use case, just for testing the NPC Dialogue system with a Black Jack script, found some interest in the tester group and the team itself. So we thought: Where Star Trek TNG has had Poker, Star Wars has Sabacc, BSG has Triad Cars .. how would the favored Card-game based amusement of Polaris, Talon, Zirax and other species in Andromeda be named and how would it work?

    Any ideas? Let us know your suggestions for a name and a system! We might use it! :)
  2. New playfield types!
    While the galaxy has grown the amount of stars to fill with something to explore, we are constantly looking for new playfield types to integrate. While we are happy to review any suggestion you send us via email, we have opened the CUSTOM PLAYFIELDS forum for that purpose: https://empyriononline.com/forums/custom-playfields-systems.76/

    That being said, reworks of old playfield types and new iterations, are in the works already. A new Ice Moon and a Forest Moon will be part of the mix, soon.


    Hint: Alpha 12 will also see the addition of a menacing “Legacy Faction” playfield type, which will reveal a lot of what this faction is up to. Playfield will be revealed in the next weeks. ;)
  3. New models and resources!
    In Alpha 12 we will not only have Ice available on Asteroids in space eventually, but we will also add a new resource to the game the first time ever: Titanium

    And while we added a forest moon with endless quantities of Plant Fiber,...
by Hummel-o-War at 7:05 PM
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Hi Galactic Survivalist!

We recently completed the technical integration of the gas giants. Similar to the new suns, you cannot land or fly to the gas giant itself, but they will offer more than enough moons for your exploration demands.

Time for a few impressions of this milestone progress. :)

Empyrion Dev Team

PS: Find all the dev blogs over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/news-announcements.6/


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by Hummel-o-War at 8:08 PM
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

What happens when you attack a POI in space?

The question may sound trivial. You fight, you win or you get defeated. But beyond that point, there is not a lot of interactivity. Small and large space bases alike do not seem to be that important for the NPC factions, otherwise they would defend them better and very likely have a garrison of combat ships or reinforcements, right?

We recently spoke to our Zirax Empire and Polaris consultants, and as especially our always slightly nervous, weapon wielding friends brought up very convincing arguments, we cannot let this be the case any longer.

Reinforcements incoming!

With Alpha 12, when you are on a hostile or unfriendly standing with the owner of the POI in front of your guns, the station commander will call for help when you are coming too close. Depending on the level of the playfield, the NPC faction's vessels will warp in after a while - or sometimes the call will remain unanswered. There are a few variations possible at that point.

You, as a player, will get a note as soon as enemy warp signatures are detected. But remember: the incoming vessels might only be a part of the full fleet coming for you. ;)

As always, the range of reactions, the ships used and other parameters can be defined by creative minds in the FactionWarfare.ecf.


Each of the current and upcoming factions will of course send their very own vessels. The Polaris, Zirax and also the Legacy have gotten a total overhaul of their combat vessels lineup only recently. If you do not yet follow our posts on hat topic, have a look in our ‘Lore, Story and Factions’ sub forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/lore-story-and-factions.94/

You will not only find previews of the new ship types of the different factions, but also background info to the story of the game!

NPC Factions: Call For Papers!

That being said, we also want to add a few new NPC Factions to the upcoming galaxy. As promised, we will eventually open the submission phase for NPC Faction applications!

Submissions & Info: https://empyriononline.com/threads/npc-factions-call-for-papers.92373/

Spread the word!
We are looking forward to your creative ideas!

While you start to think about your NPC factions stories and lore, have a look at the all new Zirax CV turrets (WiP HighRes) you might soon run into. These will...
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by Hummel-o-War at 7:17 PM
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

While the Content and the Global updates from the previous dev blogs are pretty much set - given nothing unexpected will keep us away from adding them to the game - the following topics are a bit more a ‘What we plan to add to the game, when time permits’ thing.

( WiP NPC Dialogue with 3 answer options)

The following Prototypes have been added only recently to the Alpha 12 feature list, but have a good chance to be in the initial Alpha 12 release. If not, then in Alpha 12.1 and onwards. ;-)

  • NPC Dialogue with Multi-Answer options
    Ever wondered why the bartender in one of the Pax Purgatory bars only wants to sell his beverages but has nothing to say? Want to play a round of Black Jack with those NPCs that seem to dish out cards anyhows? These are only two straight forward possibilities for the upcoming Multi-Answer NPC Dialogue system, Alpha 12 will add. The new way to set up dialogues will be configurable in its own (public) config file and you, as a creative or POI designer, will be able to ‘assign’ a dialogue to certain NPCs. We are looking forward to all the ideas our community will come up with!
  • Dynamic Key Tokens
    This is more of a technical advancement, as the game can now modify an item dynamically in the game to provide a specific function.The first implementation will for example allow the game to create an individual “Keycard”-item, giving it an integrated lock code for use with a specific device in a POI, like a door or any devivce that is using lock codes. This specific Keycard (Token) can then either be placed in a container or be added as a loot item, given via PDA or by an NPC. Of course YOU can decide what the 4-digit lock code looks like, for example using the super safe 1234 combination is always a good way!
  • Per-Container Loot Table ID
    This is where the new loot setup system comes into play. Currently the loot IDs are set in a config file, so all Zirax Soldiers drop a fixed range of items. With Alpha 12 we plan to add new settings, which will add the possibility to set certain Loot Table IDs for each container or NPC (spawners) individually and directly in your POI - overwriting the “default” Loot Table ID. This will give all creators more granular control over the loot drops for anything that has an ‘inventory’....
by Hummel-o-War at 8:49 PM
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Today, while the developers are heavily at work with the galaxy generation, NPC dialogues and such, we will talk about some of the more global content and convenience updates.

Global Updates
  • Lots of POI updates, that should have made it to A11 already, like dust and snow versions, fixes on signals and triggers etc pp.
  • Multitool: now works with UNDO in Creative mode
  • Projectors can have a background layer
  • Removed Alien01 and Spiders from starter areas (Crashsite and starter area)
Feature Updates
  • Inventory Sorting (alphabetically, item type, food points, mass and volume)
  • Increased Stacksize (up to 4000 per stack; Stacksizes are derived from item mass)
  • Player Turrets can now be used on any NPC Faction POI (without having to cheat in ammo and ammo boxes!)
(Sorting Options)

There are of course more interesting changes coming with Alpha 12, for example the new SPACE POI DEFENSE mode: Meet the renewed Polaris and Zirax Patrol Vessels, called in as reinforcements when you attack their orbital POI. We plan to do an own dev blog on this topic anytime soon.

(Zirax Destroyer)

On the ground Base Attacks, the Talon got a new building, the Talon Ziggurat, which will serve as a headquarter or ‘end boss' which, when beaten, will stop any planetary Base Attack from that NPC faction. The end of the Base Attacks is also now tied to a so-called ‘headquarter setting’ which any playfield designer can individually set to any POI. For example you do not need to use the Dronebase as a BA Attack-Stop for Zirax anymore, if you do not want to.

(Talon Ziggurat)

More content updates include:
  • Reworks are planned for other devices as well (Armor Stations, Warp Tanks etc; feel free to make other suggestions in the comments!)
  • We plan to rework the Alien Turrets and give them a consistent design appeal, f.ex for the Zirax
  • All-new Energy Turret for the (planned) Legacy Faction ships and POI
  • Adding Heavy Blast Doors (two sizes for now)

We’ll of course release more screenshots on the model and blueprints as soon as they near their completion....