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  1. Makeko
    Just passing by looking for scrips
  2. Sundog
  3. The_Hammander
    The_Hammander ASTIC
    Hi! Love the scripts, they're huge quality of life improvements! I wanted to know if it's possible to make the Deconstruct script have a cost, similar to the Crop Harvest one? I haven't been able to find anything in searches and I'm not familiar with lua/coding in general to try and do it myself
    1. ASTIC
      At the moment the deconstruct are not able to calc with costs, but i think about it to make these possible
      Feb 21, 2024
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  4. Zebron
    Good Job Developers. Keep up the good work.
  5. The Big Brzezinski
    The Big Brzezinski
    would settle for a battle axe as well.
  6. The Big Brzezinski
    The Big Brzezinski
    wants a faster, sturdier sword.
  7. network-gamer
    I'm always online, you can sleep when you're dead
  8. Ryan Mess
    Ryan Mess
    Why cant I open A posted Picture I get Community Forums - Error You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
  9. The Big Brzezinski
    The Big Brzezinski
    now wants two swords.
  10. Taelyn
    The Dark Faction invaded the Forum :-)
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  11. idontcareman
    I just want to see a tutorial image for f's sake
  12. michaelhartman89
    michaelhartman89 Christianholmes
    I'm sorry to hear about your passing Christian! It was good talking with you here. Rest in peace
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  13. CaptainLoster
  14. MidareToushirou
    MidareToushirou Frankyln
  15. lolodu099
    Testing is the future, and the future starts with you.
  16. The Big Brzezinski
    The Big Brzezinski
    still wants a sword.
  17. deadkor
    Keep Calm x)
  18. SacredGlade
    More creator tools - creates more content!
  19. tmajibon
    tmajibon ASTIC
    The server I'm on recently implemented the teleporter mod to help their admins create teleporter points without messing with creating POIs and the main admin is hesitant to allow anyone but admins to create points (we improvised by restricting it to admin structures).

    I was wondering if you could add a feature to specify a "free" option that's moderator only, so we can have some free and paid for player made ones?
  20. Germanicus
    I have returned:-)