Jun 15, 2015
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Meeting on EXP release. Fingers crossed :) May 19, 2021

    1. sulusdacor
      did a few civilian stuff and was wondering, do colors matter for poi/civilian buildings, meaning if custom ones or palette default1/2?

      i noticed all of them have the old colors. so i'm unsure if thats the time speaking or there is additional lag/issues.
      1. Hummel-o-War
        Custom palettes are saved with the structure and with the blueprint, so if a POI has those, the colors should show for everyone.
        Nov 29, 2018
      2. sulusdacor
        Dec 1, 2018
    2. SacredGlade
      Its been very quiet on the Forum, for you guys this week. Any news to share?
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      2. ravien_ff
        They seem to normally post updates on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. *keeps fingers crossed* :D
        Nov 27, 2018
    3. Hummel-o-War
      Fun fact: working on build version 2018 at the moment :D
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      2. ravien_ff
        Can't wait!
        Nov 21, 2018
    4. RuSsMaZz 2
      RuSsMaZz 2
      I play Empyrion pretty regularly and last night, sat down to play, and the game kicked out in a "Error must close - Here are two files to send to support. " I've sent those files, and haven't received any assistance. I've done all of the normal troubleshooting steps - reinstalled, cleared cache, even rolled back MS updates and NVIDIA drivers. Also tried the latest drivers to no avail. Any thoughts?? Ideas?
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    5. Hummel-o-War
      Alpha 9 progressing good. Zirax got new skills and we just added 77 new lines of loca text :D
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      2. Andipro
        Kanns kaum erwarten :-)
        Cant wait for it!!!
        Nov 16, 2018
      3. ravien_ff
        "Zirax got new skills"
        Ooohhhhh. I can't wait!
        Nov 20, 2018
    6. Arachnovia
      Hallo Hummel, Ich bräuchte mal ne Aussagezum Thema alte bekannte bughs, bzw. zum Baumenü.
      Ich möchte da jetzt nicht zu ausführlich zu werden.
      Weil ich mir nicht sicher bin ob es ein Bugh ist oder ob es gewollt ist.
      Könntest du mich bitte über ne PM oder Mail kontaktieren damit ich dir das Problem schildern kann.

      Wäre nett von dir.

    7. Groza
      Hello! Are you support servers which were "verified" before the verification program closes
      1. STRANNIK
        Тут всем на всех ПОХУЙ)) Особенно админам и разрабам)
        Oct 7, 2018
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    8. Tyrax Lightning
      Tyrax Lightning
      Congratulations on reaching a 5 Digit Number of Likes! :D
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    9. Crusty
      Man kann auf unserem Server jetzt unendlich Waffen auf ein CV HV KR setzen.
    10. Crusty

      Frage ist das richtig das es kein Waffenlimit mehr gibt?
    11. gerry423
      To the developer I have many new bug issues like me/my motorcycle/desert golems all floating in the air. Also what especially annoying is my motorcycle is also doing a lot of flips & crashes in the desert.Please correct these errors since I noticed they all occurred after the new latest update.Thanks.
      1. Pantera
        Sep 1, 2018
    12. Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle
      Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle
      3). On oxygen planets why can't we have gardens outside, after all, plants are growing outside? Make a special tool to till the soil and we have to get enriched soil from another part of the planet, or other planets?
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    13. Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle
      Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle
      2). Why cannot we place mechanical drills on SV, and face them down...Like a ring of drills that the ship can drill straight down! All the HV Drilling craft I get end up at the bottom of the world, or limit world map?
    14. Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle
      Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle
      1). I have one, it's very challenging, to say the least, maybe a medical or plant scanner, like in No man's sky to scan the DNA of a plant, then combining two plants together to get a new seedling to plant! Like maybe a Nut, apple tree, or a multi-fruit tree? I know this would be challenging and maybe cost programming resources your not ready to implement! I think the players would actually enjoy that!
    15. Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle
      Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle
      I'm glad to see your listening to your player base, it's very cool you actually implementing the suggestion player's bring up!
    16. kafetzke
    17. BigSnoopy
      Hört hört, dann bin ich ja mal gespannt. Wann ist denn ungefähr der Termin :)
    18. Hummel-o-War
      Alpha 8.3 progressing nicely. Lots of new stuff..and a whole bunch of fixes. :)
    19. Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle
      Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle
      1. how about a universal translator for the aliens we encounter? Maybe a little wrist watch we can wear?

      2) Tree Seed Dropping for farming our own trees, thank you for the Bud producing Bush...Very cool!

      3) pentaxid, since this is a crystal, maybe we can get a Special barometric chamber that can grow the crystal! Maybe this could be later in the game! Make it hard to get or very pricey on the Galactic Exchange!
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    20. Crusty
      Hat da irgndwer ne Lösung.
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