[1.10.4 4243] Cockpit in SV Wrongly Ejects Outside SV

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    For more information see here Bug Report Template

    Build: [1.10.4 4243]
    Mode: Any
    Mode: Any

    SERVER NAME: N/A Single Player
    SEED-ID: Any

    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: Always
    Severity: Critical / Serious

    Type: Small Vessel

    Summary: SV Cockpit wrongly ejects outside SV.

    Description: I have a large, pressurised SV with an enclosed cockpit inside. The cockpit is enclosed, facing a window, so that if the ship is damaged and pressure is lost, the pilot is safe inside the sealed cockpit and not exposed to the cold of the vacuum or other environmental conditions. If I get in the seat and exit, under any circumstances, I am ejected outside the vehicle onto the roof, magically passing through the hull!

    It is possible to work around by using a smaller cockpit, but that is not helpful and does not look so good. This blueprint worked on previous versions before I took a break, and should work now.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Sit in cockpit.
    2) Exit cockpit.

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:

    I attach a copy of the blueprint file.

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    A related issue is that if the SV(and HV?) is more than ~10-15 degrees out of level in gravity the player will always be ejected out of the ship. This is a known issue that has yet to be fixed.

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