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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Hummel-o-War, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Andipro

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    Aug 9, 2018
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    I would like to see some elemantary improvments with all constructors. It should be possible to drag slots in the build cue arround and swap one slot with another, empty or not - in the middle at the end or at the beginning of the build cue. As much as i want to swap arround! This would be awesome to organize building cues in a very effective manner!
  2. Sephrajin

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    Dec 22, 2017
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    Since we get more Colors with 8.5, id like to be able to place textures in 4 angles, not just 2.
    Specialy with symetry on, it turns blocks quite often in a way that the same texture is oriented in a different way than on the other side of the symetry plane.

    Now, with regular cubes, there is no issue, just grab the Multi tool and turn that cube as often as required until the textures can be 'fxied'.
    But with 'sloped' blocks, this is not possible, as any rotation of the sloped block would 'destroy' the outside alignment of this said sloped block.

    Thus, i vote for 4 way aligment of textures, just like those texture layers.
    Thank you. :)
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  3. Sephrajin

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    Dec 22, 2017
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    That is why i have at least 6 to 8 advanced constructor on large bases and cv's.
    And to be open, that is just the bare minimum one requires :p

    I've met players who consider 20 AC's the bare minimum... when they go 'large'.. we're talking 100's ;)
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  4. LeVentNoir

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    Jan 26, 2017
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    Actually, to expand that:

    1. 4 Way Texture Orientation on all block faces.
    2. No Block Face Bleedover. (When you colour the angled slope and it goes over to the flat face.)
    3. Mirrored ABSOLUTE texture orientation. (Regardless if the block is up the other way on the mirror line, the texure is oriented the same.)
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  5. Kaeser

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    Aug 17, 2015
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    A small request,

    Forcefields should be allowed to clip trough other blocks so we could make different shapes for doors, like this one here.....

    Ho and please fix the emissive textures glow.....


    I would also like to have the blinking effect in other devices like Holographic Screens and LCD Screens

    And I would like static in LCD Screens as an option in the colors....
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  6. banksman45

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    I so agree with this. Remove the block limit or at least increse the limit to 500 blocks on each side of the core.
  7. banksman45

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    Give us the ability to hover using our jetpacks like most games do then we don't have to use the drone for building. The drone is only useful for building something quick or simple

    Like others have said , the ability to smooth edges on blocks in this game would be awesome .
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  8. JinM

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    Jul 12, 2016
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    Multiple Mirros Building tools, I often need xy and zy mirrors at the same time. Undo queue for survival building.
  9. RedBaron97

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    Aug 24, 2018
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    Yeah, that would be nice. I hate the drone ! I only use it if I have no other joice !
    Same here. I don't understand why we can't do this. And speaking of mirror: please make the multitool work with mirrors. And make sure everything is mirrored correctly!
  10. RedBaron97

    RedBaron97 Commander

    Aug 24, 2018
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    No, don't delete stuff because they are obsolete ! People spend time building those and now you want to delete them ? And a lot of blueprints still work, even if they were created in a earlier version of the game !
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  11. arcticsnowyt

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    May 5, 2018
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    Exactly. One very simple solution to this problem and it can be solved with a single word, "archive". Many sections of game mods out there have different archives for different versions of the game. Don't get rid of them, just file them where people can find them instead of searching, what is it now, 60,000+ different files?
  12. Vermillion

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    Jul 15, 2018
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    ctrl + shift + right click in creative to delete an area of blocks.
    Shift + Right click to delete is slow and deletes blocks once per click. The multitool is faster, but isn't mirrored.
  13. RedBaron97

    RedBaron97 Commander

    Aug 24, 2018
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    Yeah, I never think about this. In SE you can simply delete blocks with a right click .They should add this too and assign the menu to another button. This way you could remove blocks the same way you place them !
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  14. Pyston

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    Dec 20, 2016
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    I am fine with archiving for the sake of keeping the blueprints around as long as their is a disclaimer that they were made in prior versions of the game and might not work with the current patch.

    Eleon does not advertise a lot (if any) due to their budgetary constraints. When someone sees something cool on the workshop, it can create an impulse for them to purchase the game. In fact people have told me in PM's that they purchased the game because of one of my builds. I am sure the same goes with any good build. However, the same does not happen when people see stuff that looks meh because of older builds of the game.

    If you contrast and compare old works vs the newest stuff, there is a HUGE difference in the look, feel and quality of the blueprints. The new stuff looks a lot better due to all the hard work the devs have put into the game.

    The old blueprints do not express the current state of the game or what can be achieved like new blueprints do.

    If I were the devs I would rather showcase my game with the best, most current blueprints vs older blueprints that are completely uninspiring.
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  15. WolfEyes

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    Mar 20, 2018
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    However, old BPs that do still work in the game can be revamped/redesigned/whatever you want to call it. I'm not saying they all could be. That would be a bit of a stretch. But I think there would be enough of them to make it worth someone's while if they really wanted a particular ship.

    And just for grins and giggles, there are those who have been converting objects from Sims 2 and 3 for Sims 4... ;)
  16. Ian Einman

    Ian Einman Captain

    Dec 12, 2017
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    Device Management
    • When it says "Press 'F' to access Cargo Box 1", it ignores any name I set for the cargo box. It should show the name I gave it.
    • When opening containers, the title should show the name of the container (e.g. "Cargo - Ingots") instead of just Cargo Box 1.
    • When targeting a device with the multitool, please show the customized name instead of just "Cargo Box 1".
    • In the control panel's device list, please change the icons for "expand all" and collapse all". The arrows look like they should allow you to move a device up and down within a group, but that is not what they do.
    • Please add the ability to move devices up and down within a group. They are not sorted and there's currently no way to re-order them except deleting and recreating the group.
    • Please add the ability to sort devices by name within a group.
    • Change 'auto-group' so that it does not mess up groups that were not created by auto-group. It should only change ungrouped devices.
    Signals & Circuits
    • Please add the concept of "global signals". A global signal is not based on a device, but is triggered based on a state such as whether it is day or night, whether you are in space, or whether a ship is docked. The next few bullets offer a solution using circuits, but there might be a better implementation.
    • Add a circuit type called 'Status'. The first dropdown contains the status to detect, as follows:
      • Breathable - set to 1 if in a breathable atmosphere.
      • Space - set to 1 if in space.
      • Docked - set to 1 if the vessel is docked (SV/HV/CV only).
      • Daytime - set to 1 if it is daytime in the current location. Include offset (in minutes) that will be added to sunrise / subtracted from sunset, so you can set lights to stay on a bit after sunrise.
      • Radiation - set to 1 if the radiation exceeds a specified threshold (set in middle box).
      • Weather - set to 1 if the weather is the specified type (set in middle box). Can be used to open/close roof depending on weather (e.g. close a cover in hail).
    • Please add Tx Signal to cockpits, set to 1 if a pilot is in the cockpit.
    • Please add Tx Signal to cargo boxes, ammo boxes, and fridges, set to 1 if the container has any items in it.
    • Please add an "indicator" light. This is similar to a switch, but without the physical switch. It should just toggle between red and green, depending on the signal is is tracking. (Better yet, let it track multiple signals, so it can also show blue or yellow depending on the signal.)
    Radar, Antenna & Detector
    • There is a radar deco block that currently does nothing. It is also very heavy discouraging using it even for deco. It would be nice if it extended the detection range.
    • Please add Tx Signal to radar, set to 1 if there are hostiles nearby (red dots). This can be used to engage weapons, turn off external lights, and other changes for combat readiness.
    • Please enable deco antennas for SV and HV.
    • It isn't clear whether the existing antenna blocks will ever have a function other than decoration. If there is no plan for them, why not enable them as alternate models for the HV and SV detectors? At the very least, Antenna 05 should be an alternate model for the SV detector.
    • Add a device that looks like a klaxon (horn). When active, it makes an alarm sound. You should be able to select from several sounds.
    • Add a device that looks like a siren. Ideally you should be able to select a device that can make a sound, flash a light, or both at the same time.
    Doors & Shutters
    • Need manual doors for bases.
    • For shutter doors attached to a base, please add a manual version that does not automatically open when you get near it.
    • For SV/HV shutters, need more sizes, including at least 1x2, 2x3, 4x4.
    • Shutter windows should be able to be closed, so you can't see through them anymore. Should it even be called a shutter if you can't shut it?
    • There should be a version of shutter windows that is transparent and airtight (has glass, and shutters against the glass, like blinds). I might rename the existing "Vertical (transparent)" to "Vertical" (open) and introduce a new "Vertical (transparent)" that looks more like "Vertical (non-transparent)" except you can see into it from the other side.
    • Add some steeper stairs that work more like a ladder, with a slope of 2:1 (sort of like a "long wedge" but the stairs going the other way). Steep stairs like this are common on naval vessels. They can also be used to help get into vehicles where the cockpit is high off the ground.
    • Add a retractable ladder or stairs. This could just be a variant of the ramp with dimensions of 1x1x2, 1x1x3, 1x2x4.
    • Rename "Stairs Corner" to something like "Stairs Curvedl". Also, fix them, because you can't actually walk up them.
    • Add stairs in the shape of "Corner" and "Cut Corner", so you can build a staircase at 45 degrees.
    Walkways, Railings, & Truss Blocks
    • Painting the walkway doesn't change the color very much, you should be able to paint them.
    • Flip the default orientation of the walkway so that it is at the top of the block, and you can put railings on top of it.
    • Make walkway the shape of a 45 degree right triangle (so you can put the diagonal railing on it).
    • Make walkway the shape of a rounded corner (so you can put the rounded railing on it and stand inside the curve).
    • Make walkway the shape of a inverted rounded corner (so you can put the rounded railing on it and stand outside the curve).
    • Add 'Railing Sides' versions of the railings (rails on 2 parallel sides).
    • Add 'U shape' versions of the railings (enclosed on 3 sides).
    • Painting truss blocks doesn't change the color very much, you should be able to paint them.
    • Add truss block versions of 'sloped wall', 'cut corner' and 'corner large A'.
    • Please add a cargo box that looks like a barrel or chemical drum.
    • Please add a cargo box that is 1 x 1 x 0.5 (sort of like Cargo Box 2 cut in half)
    • Please add a large ammo box for SV/HV. No reason not to have it.
    • Increase capacity of Box Large 1 and Box Large 2 to 16 (currently they don't hold more than Box medium).
    • Move Box Medium, Box Large 1, Box Large 2 from tech equipment to cargo box.
    • Allow Box Large 1 and Box Large 2 for SV/HV cargo boxes.
    • Fridge 1 and Fridge 3 should have lower mass, capacity, and power requirements than Fridge 2.
    • Allow Fridge 3, or something that looks like it, for the SV/HV.
    • Would like to see power storage enabled for SV/HV. Power storage should have more capacity. Perhaps move to Cargo Boxes.
    • Capacitor (Deco) could be changed to actually do something. It could just be an alternate form of a fuel tank, storing energy much like the equivalent 2x1 fuel tank. It could also be enabled for SV/HV.
    • Would like Large O2 Tank for SV/HV.
    • Please add variants of Heavy Windows B, C, and D that are have round ends.
    • Add Heavy Windows to SV/HV, with a height of 2.
    • For normal windows, add slopes with sizes of 2x1x2, 2x2x2, and a 2x2 side (like the 2x2 window, cut at 45 degrees).
    LCD Panels
    • Need option to center the lines of text automatically.
    • Color palette should come from the device the LCD is attached to, not the stock palette.
    • 0.5x1 LCD should have an off-center variant (that is at the top of the block, or bottom if upside down)
    • Need font selection, even if the choices are very limited (being able to make it bold, wide, or narrow).
    • Need bigger LCD panels, particularly for SV's. 0.5 x 2, 0.5 x 4, 1 x 4, 1 x 6, 1 x 8 would be nice.
    • Option to enable side scrolling would be nice, so you can put a really long single line of text and it scrolls leftward, and repeats.
  17. RedBaron97

    RedBaron97 Commander

    Aug 24, 2018
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    Yeah, that would be usefull
    God, yes ! Or add a sperate button to autogroup only ungrouped devices. I think I some situations it would be usefull to autogroup all divices. Also, add a way to rename thinks like light by clicking at them. Is it possible to select multiple devices at once ? If not, please add this too!

    I think a sound block would be realy cool (kinda like in SE). You place it and then you can swich between differnt sounds (like differnt alarms, maybe some ambient sounds, music, maybe some warnings....)
    And make it posible to add them to the cockpit-toolbar, so you can toggle them wile flying (like you see a enemy ship, you aktivate the alarm). Maybe make it possible to add multiple sound to a sort of tracklist for (so you could play a warning like "Enemy detected, all hands man your battlestations!" and then a general alarm).
    Maybe just add a option to deactivate automode.
    Same goes for ramps
    Ladders and steep ramps would be realy usefull too! Itis kinda annyoing when you have to waste space with stairs. And I don't alway want to use elevators. And yeah, retractaple ladders! It can be a pain in the a** to enter some HV/SV
    And again. More railing/walkway variations would be nice! I also agree with the orientation. Maybe add some walkways that already have railings. This way you could add stuff directly under or over it (like lights). Currently you can't realy add lights on the bottom, beacause then you can't add railings.
    More cargo box variations would be cool too! Maybe add a large container that is like 3x3, one that is 4x4 and maybe even a 5x5.
    Yep, more heavy windows. I think the new heavy windows lack a bit variation. A slope one would be nice too (I know, there is already one, but you can't use them verticaly)
    And again: yes! I like the idea of scrolling text! And more variations would be usefull too!
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  18. Runeshadow

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    Dec 25, 2015
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    Improving the performance of SI would be my biggest.

    random quirkiness

    1) I cannot place a turret base on top of a mountain. The box will not turn green without moving away from the peak of the mountain.

    2) Arches, Domes, Pyramids, Beam-and Post, Buttress, etc

    3) Base-over-water when there are plenty of supports extending through the water into the terrain below.
    (SI works fine for the first level of terrain, but turns red for any part of a structure that is anchored in the second level or below. Using godmode to go below the terrain allows you to see exactly where the problems begin)

    You can see where the game makes it's decisions and draws a line. So there is obviously a condition in the programming to allow SI to make assumptions. I would suggest relaxing this protocol to allow a longer span between supports. SI will still prevent crazy floating bases and separated parts with no visible support.

    If the system remains quirky, I would then suggest an SI warning buzzer and countdown-to-destruction timer.
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  19. paxxo1985

    paxxo1985 Commander

    Nov 10, 2017
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    Cockpits 2 blocks width

    Will start thousands of new designs.
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  20. Damocles

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    May 3, 2018
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    Change the rotation-behavior of the drone. (too much inertia)
    Its an easy fix and noone likes the current behavior.

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