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    Reforged Galaxy is an overhaul of Empyrion's configurations. From the top all the way to the bottom is a modern and updated set of values, for both CPU, Mass, Volume and everything else from rpm of weapons to the item drops of zirax troops.
    The original aim was to give the game a set of realistic values, while still remaining within the realms of playability. Many aspects had to be sacrificed because it's simply not feasible to make it fully realistic and still be fun to play, but it's realistic where possible and as consistent as possible. Addressing issues all over the game and bringing many disparate aspects into a cohesive whole.

    As of A12, the level of customizability and alterations possible to the game has skyrocketed, resulting in this new version of Reforged Galaxy that does the impossible while not breaking your blueprints where possible.
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    Main Features:
    • Improved Mass and Volume for both items and blocks.
    • Better survival balanced food production and consumption.
    • Improved Weapon Performance for both AI and Player (SV, HV, CV, BA and Handheld).
    • Completely overhauled CPU system.
    • Secondary Firing Modes and alternate ammo feeds for several weapons.
    • Functional turrets and mining equipment for SVs. Improved weapons for HVs.
    • Restructured TechTree to prevent confusion.
    • Improved AI detection and behaviour for both troops and wildlife.
    • Improved loot tables for both Wildlife, Troops and POI loot.
    A list of Reforged Galaxy-compatible workshop builds can be found here
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    In previous versions for A11, there were 3 versions of Reforged Galaxy. For A12 there is only one, which sits square in between the two and is better adjusted with the game options with the new mechanics introduced in A12.

    If you wish to uninstall Reforged Galaxy, I recommend keeping a backup of the files it replaces. It shouldn't break any savegames but I would recommend deleting any T2 Warp Drives or Large HV thrusters since there's a chance they'll take out a chunk of your ship when the mod is removed.

    Reforged Galaxy for A12 is now available through the Steam Workshop due to demand. You can subscribe to it like any ordinary scenario and it won't require any tinkering with files and won't affect any other savegames, it also won't be overwritten with every hotfix.

    To install, simply go to your Steam/SteamApps/Common/Empyrion - Galactic Survival/Content/Scenarios and drop the contents of the zip into there and it'll appear as a scenario in your game without requiring the steam workshop and without affecting any other vanilla savegames.

    If you want to apply Reforged to everything, you can take the Configuration file (not including Dialogues) and put them into your Steam/SteamApps/Common/Empyrion - Galactic Survival/Content/Configuration folder and overwrite the ones in there (or the Mods folder... in theory at least).

    Project Eden Support:
    Reforged Galaxy supports @ravien_ff 's Project Eden Scenario (a12) so you can run PE with RG by putting the Config files for RG into the config folder of Project Eden instead of your main config folder and it will work with PE's custom spawn groups, but with RG's additions and mechanics.

    Reforged Localization:
    As of A12.2 Reforged Localization is basically required as part of the game since it's not part of the configs, when using Reforged Galaxy or Reforged Eden.
    Rest assured, this won't break the game anywhere else if you're using it without Reforged Galaxy.
    The Reforged Localization file goes into your Empyrion/Content/Extras folder instead of the Configuration folder.
    This is updated with every version of Reforged Galaxy, so check back if you're using the manual-install version instead of the workshop scenario which has RL built into it.
    Note: Reforged Localization is now included in the manual scenario download.

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    • New weapons, armor and boosters. Including the Flamethrower, EMP rounds, Upgraded Armors and Epic Boosters.
    • Alternate Ammunition and Firing modes for existing weapons.
    • New blocks: Pentaxid Seed Crystals (grow pentaxid) and T2 Warp Drive (go further for less)
    • New enemies and drone models. Including the Flamethrower zirax and aerodrone.
    • Better sound effect selection for enemies and player weapons. Ripper dogs don't sound like spiders.
    • Overhauled status effects: Brought backwell fed. Stopped players from starving to death from a dermal burn.
    • Two new status effects: Dehydration and Dismemberment.
    • Smarter, faster AI: They will actually see your ships and try and shoot you down and react to you sniping them in the field.
    • Better Loot: Get what you pay for. Minigun drones will drop 15mm ammo; animals drop meat relative to their size.
    • Overhauled CPU: Completely redone from the ground up. See spoiler about it below.
    • Rebalanced Power System: Higher solar panel count, energy is tied into CPU (properly for once).
    • Rebalanced SVs: Can mount drills, combat steel armor and some turrets. Shield generator is available earlier at lower cost, but is much weaker.
    • Rebalanced HVs: Can mount fixed weapons, better thrust:weight ratio, better energy-efficiency and stronger shields vs SV.
    • All laser weapons consume only 1 laser charge cell to recharge their ammunition.
    • Rebalanced CVs: Don't move like an SV anymore, are more expensive to build, more durable.
    • Overhauled Trader Economy: Everything has a price and that price is calculated. No more random 500k price for optronics. Their price is their exact sum of their parts, both when buying and selling (relative).
      See a complete explanation of pricing and distribution here.
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    Want to support Reforged Galaxy and Reforged Eden? Feel free to flick me some cash, my dudes...

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    This is the in-depth section that covers most of the changes in detail.

    Handheld Weapons and Tools:
    Survival Tool: Has the detector built in. The handheld detector will be removed from the suit constructor in future in favor of anti-rad ointment depending on feedback.
    Handheld Detector: Has a held model instead of nothing. Detection range was reduced from 1250m to 1000m.
    Mechanical Drill (handheld) replaces the Survival Tool as the earlygame mining implement.
    Minigun: Has two firing modes (change with RMB) - Limiter ON (Gun fires slower with less recoil) and Limiter OFF (Gun fires at maximum speed with higher recoil).
    Plasma Cannon (handheld): Has two firing modes (change with RMB) - Anti-Personel (normal mode) and Particle Beam Mode (Fires a non-explosive plasma beam)
    Epic Minigun: Has two firing modes (change with RMB) - Limiter ON (Gun fires slower with less recoil) and Limiter OFF (Gun fires at maximum speed with higher recoil).
    Epic Plasma Cannon: Has two firing modes (change with RMB) - Anti-Personel (normal mode) and Anti-Ship (Fires an SV plasma round).
    Projectile Pistols (T1, T2 and Epic): Can all be fired underwater.
    Flamethrower: Consumes biofuel. Incinerates everything in front of you, the closer it is the higher the damage. Good against melee creatures and wildlife. Causes fear in wildlife so they run away; Inflicts dermal burns and sets enemies on fire in PvP.
    All handheld laser weapons: All laser weapons consume only 1 laser cell to recharge their full ammunition count. No more carrying around 500 laser "rounds", which makes no sense. Crafting and enemy drops take this into account.
    Chainsaw deals extra damage against entities and inflicts Dismemberment on players in PvP (Yes, you can cut off a player's leg).
    Explosive charges deal massive damage to entities so you can use them to blow up nightmares, spiders and zirax.
    Armor and Boosters:
    Armor durability has been increased across the board so you don't need to repair your armor constantly.
    Armor Boosters give increased armor values.

    New T2 Epic Armors for Light, Medium and Heavy Armors (replaces normal Epic Heavy Armor).
    Epic Light Armor is available through the tech tree and can be crafted in the large constructor+.
    Medium and Heavy Epic Armors are available through Loot Containers and Closets (medium only). They have the same number of booster slots as their non-epic counterparts with 25-30% higher base stats.

    New Transportation Boost: Increases carry capacity by 100SU, but reduces movement speed by 10%. Can be bought from traders and obtained from various loot containers.
    New T2 "Epic" Boosters: Obtainable from Very Rare and Ultra Rare loot containers, they're roughly 50% stronger than their normal counterparts.
    Vehicle Weapons and Tools:
    Gatling Gun (HV/SV): Can be overclocked by holding both LMB and RMB to fire it at double speed for half the accuracy, or fired individually.
    Plasma Cannon (SV): Can now be mounted on HV.
    Pulse Laser (SV): Can now be mounted on HV.
    Rocket Launcher (SV): Can now be mounted on HV.
    Homing Rocket Launcher (SV): Can now be mounted on HV.
    Mechanical Drill (HV): Can now be mounted on SV. So can the harvest controller.
    Laser Drill (HV): Can now be mounted on SV.
    Minigun Turret (HV): Can now be mounted on SV and is functional. It will automatically track and fire at enemy targets.
    Plasma Turret (HV): Can now be mounted on SV and is functional.
    Minigun Turrets (HV, SV, CV and BA): All have alternate firing modes that double their RoF in exchange for lowered accuracy. For use against groups of enemies or at close range.
    Cannon Turrets (CV/BA): Have a secondary firing mode for Incendiary Rounds that deal explosive anti-personel damage and set players on fire and inflict dermal burns. Does not require additional ammunition.
    Pulse Laser Turrets (CV/BA): Have an alternate low-power firing mode that fires high-speed, low damage, area covering damage for anti-personel use.
    Flak Turrets (CV/BA): Have a secondary firing mode for Airburst Rounds that send a medium-ranged spray of shrapnel into the sky, for disabling fast-moving targets that the flak rockets are too slow to hit.
    Artillery Turrets (CV/BA): Have a secondary firing mode for EMP Warheads. These deal massive damage to only shields but are slow and require a second ammunition feed of EMP-Warheads to fire. They are fired with RMB while controlling the turret.
    Rocket Turrets (HV, CV and BA) now fire slower-moving homing missiles that will take fancy flying to dodge. But they're still slower than your average SV.
    Tool Turret (CV): Can now be used on Bases so you can dismantle and repair your unwanted ships without a CV.
    Tool Turret (CV/BA/HV): Now fires an AoE beam for salvage, repair and retrieve so you salvage/repair multiple blocks at once instead of singularly. This is affected by distance from the target and angle.

    Important! Turret limits have been increased to a uniform 24 of any type of turret. The limit is 24 for performance reasons.
    Fixed weapons are limited to 12.
    Enemy Weapons:
    AI turrets are roughly equal to those of the same type used by the player. They may fire faster or slower, but the damage is spread evenly.
    Zirax Rocket Turret: A special mention for these. They fire slow-moving, long-ranged and VERY accurate homing missiles. They will follow you to the ends of the earth.
    They may deal less damage to shields than they used to but they will turn your ship to scrap if enough of them hit you.
    The missiles have a long tracking distance but are easily slower than an SV, or even a CV in atmo. You can lead them on a merry chase like this is The Dark Knight Rises and you're Batman and slam them right back into the base that launched them or a drone or just outrun them.
    HV/SV Combat against Rocket Turrets is best handled with hit-and-run tactics since you'll never outstrafe a homing missile at close range.

    Enemy EMP Turrets: Virtually indistinguishable in vanilla, in RG they fire a blue plasma bolt at a slower speed with higher anti-shield damage. It deals no damage to blocks though. These are only used on a few POIs, mostly drone bases.

    Enemy Sentry Guns: These bad boys are as durable as the player's sentry guns so you'll need to unload about 50% more ammo into them to kill them. On the bright side, they now fire visible red lasers so you'll always know where they're shooting you from. Whether you've walked blind into a room or are being shot at in a ship from a sentry gun on top of a POI. Sound effects to match.

    AI weapons now have reduced accuracy at long range. So no more complaining about "aimbot AI", especially when what you're complaining about is a shotgun at 10 meters which is not a precision weapon.
    AI weapons deal 125% damage with headshots, which is a reduction for shotgun zirax (200%).
    Enemy AI and Stat Improvements:
    This is a very important aspect for Reforged Galaxy and pretty much everyone involved.
    Zirax troops will no longer stand there and let you shoot them with a sniper rifle, or strafe their position with a gatling gun from an SV. They will see, hear and actively search for the player when they come under fire or hear (yes, they can hear) gunfire from somewhere nearby and come running towards the location.
    Troops will open fire on ships and call their less-observant buddies to assist them.
    If you flee from the troops, they WILL chase you down if you run. These guys no longer leisurely stroll to you; They will RUN at the same speed that you (the player) can run.
    Important: Enemy troop HP has been reduced by 20-30% to compensate for the added difficulty and make them less bullet spongy.
    Zirax also include Flamethrower Zirax, that will set you on fire if they get close enough to torch you.

    Heavy Assault Mechs: Welcome to Pandora. These bad boys are super-heavy mech suits and they'll walk all over you if they get in range. Big dual gatling cannons and as durable as a large drone, they'll bust a cap in your HV if you get close enough for them to see you. Fortunately, they're half blind; so you'll need to be pretty close before they'll attack you (hardcoded).

    Ripper Dogs when set to attack are FAST. Like... greyhound fast. They will overrun your position in seconds, so don't just ignore them because if they circle around behind you you'll look like a police dog training dummy.
    Note: Their sound effects have been replaced so they no longer sound like spiders.

    Raptors aren't quite as fast, but they're still very fast when they're charging.
    Spiders are faster when they've got a clear line of sight on the player and watch out, they can jump. This is for you @spanj you said you wanted them faster, able to climb and able to jump. Well, now you've got it, and the Flamethrower you wanted to use to deal with them. Enjoy!

    Alien Assassins will move very slowly while there's nothing for them to target to avoid drawing attention. If they spot you in the open though, you'll need quick reflexes because they're lightning fast and can jump several meters. So get something between you and him.

    Larger entities like Triceratops, Pangolin and Lizard Mule have much higher HP to match their sizes, but give meat and materials to match their size. Watch out though, they can hit like a semi-truck and unless you want to relive the T-Rex chasing the jeep scene from Jurassic Park, don't poke a pangolin with a survival tool.

    The low level drones have had their models replaced with the larger aerodrones because they belong on a planet, not an airless moon. This makes them easier to spot, easier to hear and easier to hit for new players.
    Unfortunately, their speed and behaviour is pretty much hardcoded so they don't behave the way I want them to.
    Drones are much more durable, they're armored after all. You'll probably need an SV or HV to deal with them, but they're not too hard to take out with a sniper rifle, rocket launcher or any T2 handheld weapon. But best to avoid them until you've got something better than a pistol.

    NOTE: The damage modifiers of drone weapons in vanilla are absolute BS. They deal x15, x30 and x60 damage to shields, metal and armor blocks rendering them all useless. This has been rectified in Reforged Galaxy so they have a flat, lower damage modifier vs blocks so your combat steel is actually useful against drones.
    Status Effects:
    The status effects have been overhauled to prevent starvation from papercuts and fix numerous bugs in the status effect system.
    Treating Radiation Burn no longer causes Open Wound.
    Few status effects consume stamina, instead they reduce player movement speed. Those that do consume stamina do so at a reduced rate that roughly matches your recovery rate, so you'll be able to sprint but your stamina won't recover unless you're standing still. Or it will regenerate slowly while walking instead of hitting 0 and staying there and putting your hunger into overdrive.

    Re-added the Adrenaline Rush status effect that was disabled due to a loop (which i'm pretty sure I fixed, but needs more testing). Adrenaline Rush is triggered while suffering a debilitating injury (broken leg, open fracture, closed fracture, mutilation) while on low health during which you're temporarily unaffected by your injury and have max stamina for a few seconds, followed by an adrenaline crash where your stamina hits 0 for 15 seconds.

    Re-added the Well-Fed bonus effect that was also disabled due to a bug (which I definitely fixed). While your food is near max, you slowly regenerate health.

    Added Dehydration status effect (NEW!): This is triggered by having body temperature too high for too long, it reduces your stamina and movement speed and will eventually evolve into Organ Failure. It's treated by purified water, water container, hot beverage (bad idea) or any of the juice items.
    Dehydration is also caused by some advanced illnesses and the evolution of an untreated hangover.

    Added Dismemberment status effect (NEW!): Caused by untreated necrosis and mutilation. It reduces the player's movement speed by 50% and slowly consumes health. It is also caused by hitting another player with a chainsaw or being shot by an Artillery Turret and miraculously surviving. It is only cured by death, so take care of your limbs people.

    Frostbite is no longer cured by just getting warm. You need medication.
    Body temperature exceeding 80 degrees will cause the player to burst into flame (It's rather hard to reach 80 degrees and not be dead or dying by this point).
    Showers now put out fire.
    Bandages restore 100 health (increased from 80) and have a shorter delay.

    IMPORTANT: Enemy weapons will now deal generic status effects depending on weapon type.
    Large caliber bullets will deal open wounds and laser weapons will deal dermal burns at a very low chance; Plasma will also inflict dermal burns, increase radiation and/or radiation burns; Rockets inflict broken bones, open and closed fractures and/or mutilation. Infliction rate varies based on hit rate and damage applied.
    This also applies to the player's weapons, which also inflict status effects against other players and hopefully in future, against troops and wildlife.
    Wildlife and Creatures have had their status effect chances reduced to safer levels. So you don't get slapped with 3-4 status effects from one hit.

    Mid-tier medicine recipes give multiple items (e.g. antiparasite pills recipe gives 2 pills instead of 1) and are available earlier.
    CPU Overhaul:
    Reforged Galaxy is meant to be played with CPU and Mass and Volume enabled.
    The CPU overhaul reworks the entire CPU system as it should've been, without breaking any of the existing blueprints. You will probably need to add more extenders to your T3 and T4 ships though.
    The CPU system was brought in to keep ship sizes small because that's what the devs wanted. They went about it in the worst possible way and restricting ships in all the wrong places when they already had a self-regulating system that people would've been happy with if they'd just done the work.

    Firstly, with RG's CPU system building blocks and Deco no longer consume CPU. None at all. This is required in order to not hinder creativity, but still keep ships small as the developers wanted through restriction by mass and the ability to move that mass. The bigger your ship, the heavier it gets and the more thrusters you need to move it, and more generators to power those thrusters and more fuel tanks to supply those generators. CPU is applied to the thrusters and generators, not to building blocks. But that's just one aspect of CPU in Reforged Galaxy.

    CPU Extenders:
    You still have your current set of extenders with the same limitations and roughly the same recipes so as to not break your blueprints. However, instead of increasing your CPU Tier, they increase your maximum CPU by a fixed amount, which is slightly higher in each tier instead of 10x the previous limit (Boooooo...).
    The more extenders you have, the higher your CPU. This also means that if you lose an extender, you only lose that amount of CPU and don't lose 80% of your maximum and are completely dead in the water.
    The base amount of CPU given per extender is equal to the the base CPU amount for your ship type. So for an SV with a CPU limit of 7500, with each extender adding slightly higher increments based on extender type. There's no just "adding a tier" and you're done. Each extender you add increases your CPU limit (max: 7).
    Changes to the extender recipes mean that T2 HV and SV extenders are available as soon as you reach the moon without requiring flux coils.
    Gold ore gives more ore, making it easier to craft extenders earlier.

    CPU Balancing:
    You may be thinking "That's not enough CPU for my ship!" but it's not like I left the old CPU values in. Those things were horrendous and not suitable for a complex CPU system. Everything was changed.
    CPU balance is divided between vital systems and specializations.
    Vital systems include only Generators, Hover Engines and Thrusters as these are the key component of any ship. On average these parts will take up 50-70% of a ship's CPU allocation. Leaving 30-50% for specializations like weapons, drills, harvester modules, constructors, warp drives and shields.
    By extension, Hardened and Combat Steel is technically also a specialization since it requires more CPU be put into thrusters and the generators to run them, taking away from the alotment for weapons or tools.
    On the other hand, you can reduce your thruster count for specialized movement (aircraft-type) and put more CPU in weapons, shields or a warp drive.

    Shields for HV and SV consume far less CPU than they do in vanilla, but are less of an invincible wall and more of a damage cushion. Their power consumption is also reduced to fit within the power range of a single generator.
    Weapons' CPU scales with effectiveness (which has been rebalanced with most weapons) with a clear progression in effect. Encouraging players to continuously improve and upgrade their current and old ships instead of just spawning in a new one.
    However, you won't be able to use a dozen different weapons because they do use a lot of CPU. I don't care if it's not realistic, this is a game balancing mechanic and is being used in such a way.

    CPU Allocation for thrusters is based on the rebalanced power consumption mechanics using generators as the focal point of any ship and is balanced against the A11 Flight Model, which the devs neglected to consider in their own CPU system. In this case, the larger your thrusters get, the more CPU-efficient they get allowing you to use the larger thrusters for relatively low CPU cost. However, power consumption scales linearly an extra generator or two.
    See the power rebalance section for more info on how this works.

    For storage of O2, Fuel and Cargo only the absolute minimum amount of CPU is consumed for running the logistics network connections and nothing more.

    Bonus CPU:
    Crew can be rescued from Cryo Chambers or their services bought from traders. Placing them on your ship or base will reduce the CPU consumption of other devices by 1000 points.

    Disclaimer: While T1 and T2 blueprints will be pretty much unaffected by RG. Tier 3 and especially T4 may be severely compromised. Those that were more conservative in their use of weapons will be fine by adding a T2 extender and/or an extra T3 or two.
    Thruster Rebalancement:
    Connected to the CPU system, the thrusters in Reforged Galaxy get more efficient in CPU the larger they get, but the power they consume scales linearly. Thrust output is linear with size, but block hp and afterburner speed increases.
    CPU costs and power consumption are calculated to the minimum and maximum values of the A11 flight model. This is very important because the developers completely ignored the connection with their CPU system. That is, you need 4 thrusters on average per side to achieve maximum torque on a ship. With ship mass and thruster positioning working for and against those values.
    With their stupid mass-enforced top speed I had to make a lot of cutbacks on mass and buffs on thrust in order to maintain a normal flight speed and ship torque but it all works.

    RCS costs are greatly reduced (with higher torque) to fit in line against thrusters, which can not only provide higher torque but also provide movement. CV T2 RCS is greatly reduced in torque into an actual Tier 2 position, that's more efficient than it's equivalent number of T1s.

    Thrust-to-Weight: For the most part, Ships made of regular steel aren't too much different in handling than they normally are. Ships using heavier armors will be significantly harder to move and be ill-suited as a cargo ship (as expected). They're best used with Turrets (SV), since aiming with fixed weapons is extremely difficult due to slow handling of heavy ships.
    HVs have an advantage in that they have slightly stronger thrusters with lower power consumption and cheaper Hover Engines that can support the massive weight of heavy armors, coupled with stronger shields they make the ideal tanks they were originally meant to be.
    CVs though, they're slow. A decent CV can reach 100m/s in space at T2 with plenty for weapons, but it won't be moving like an SV fighter like they do in vanilla.

    Afterburners/Boosters: These have been reworked on SVs. They'll greatly increase your power draw while running, but the boost they give scales massively by thruster size. Allowing even the heaviest SV to exceed the 120m/s space speed limit by 40m/s (160m/s), or reach 90m/s in atmo. Perfect for hit-and-run tactics against a base, but be careful you don't overheat your engines too badly or you'll be flying a box of spare parts.
    Additionally, CV's M, L and XL thrusters provide a +10, +20 and +30% booster respectively so that overweight and superheavy vessels can get out of the atmosphere or up to warp speeds if you're too slow.
    Power Rebalancement:
    Power is scaled in with thrusters and CPU on devices. The larger generators are more CPU efficient over the smaller ones, and the amount they output matches the draw limitations imposed by the CPU tier limits. This prevents a ship from supplying thrusters or weapons outside it's CPU extender limit but also ensures that the power limits are smoothly rounded by device draw instead of arbitrary numbers.
    Each generator supplies an exact number of thrusters depending on size with enough spare for minor and support devices. For your average starter or earlygame HV/SV a single small generator is enough for mobility, but as you add more mass to your ships, more cargo and/or more weapons, you'll need better or more thrusters you'll need to upgrade to the next generator up. As the ship gets larger still, you'll need another generator and that puts strain on your CPU, requiring an additional extender, which means more space and more materials. Fueling self-motivated progression.

    Solar Changes: The number of solar panels allowed on a base has been increased from 15 to 24. The amount of power a solar capacitor stores has also been greatly increased, but the power output has been reduced to allow a slower draw of power at night. This is to combat the idle draw of turrets and other devices.

    Note: HV turrets are comparitively power-hungry, since HVs don't need a lot of power to run hover engines they have spare power. This acts as a counterbalance for SVs using turrets so they don't heavily displace fixed weapons.
    Mass and Volume:
    For ease of use, the volume of building blocks has been reduced to half that of A12's default values.
    Mass remains more or less the same since I uhh... wrote A12's mass and volume configs. Of course, they wouldn't let me change the things that actually needed changing in the way they needed.
    Armor Block Mass for example is now partially correct. I had to scale back the mass a bit in order to work with the flight model restrictions.
    Items and Recipes:
    Items have added descriptions and lore added to them instead of the usual "This is a component of another component. See that other item for more information" which is just terrible design. So now all items have full descriptions that include uses and function written on them.

    Crafting recipes are now properly spread among the different constructors with recipe yield and material input correctly configured to match the player's progression and the kind of constructor being used. HV and SV are only slightly more expensive, but CVs are considerably more expensive to build. The construction times for the components and blocks are sped up so it takes no longer than usual in the factory, in some cases the factory is faster than vanilla when building CVs. So no ridiculously long waiting times.

    Cargo Container and Drones have Metal Pieces that can be melted down in a Furnace for Titanium Rods. Ensuring that no player is stuck without access to titanium and therefore no way to make a basic extender (probably on a server when the ore's all mined out, or if shot down on a planet with no titanium).
    Gold Coins can be melted down in a furnace into Gold Ingots at a loss.
    Eggs can be made in a food processor from plant protein and milk, allowing players to craft dessert items and pies.
    Added BBQ Spare Ribs: 1 meat + 1 natural sweetener. Good for earlygame if you want more food value from your meat than steak, but don't have any spice.
    Cereal and Fried Vegetables can be made in the survival constructor.
    Advanced medical items' recipes yield 2 outputs instead of 1 (not including medkits).
    Biofuel takes less time to craft and logs give more fiber.
    Reduced nitrocellulous and carbon substrate ratio for easier stackability and use.
    Re-increased Pentaxid Crystal stack size.
    Added recipes for EMP Warhead, Flamethrower, Epic Light Armor and Pentaxid Seed Crystal.
    Small O2 bottles can be made in the constructor.
    Shotgun is no longer craftable in the Survival constructor. Ammo is still available. Use a pistol.

    The Rule of Four:
    No, this has nothing to do with the sith. Block recipes have components that are almost always divisible by 4. This was a concept that Hummel came up with that we never got around to doing for A12 to make salvaging more profitable instead of flat retrieval.
    Survival Tool salvages 25% components, Multitool salvages 50% components and Multitool T2 and tool turrets salvage 75% (60% in vanilla). With the Rule of four, that means you're always guaranteed to get at least 1 of each component in a block.
    It's less messy and more rewarding.
    Mining and Progression in the earlygame:
    Mining is different. Your hand tools deal extra damage against ore rocks, which have increased ore yield. You'll have serious trouble trying to mine the ground with a survival tool. You can still do it, but it's very slow and should only be done in an emergency.
    You can unlock the handheld Mechanical Drill within the first few minutes that uses biofuel to mine much faster than the survival tool. Although it's nowhere near what you can do in vanilla, which completely devalued the entire mining mechanic for vehicles.
    From the surface rocks though, you should be able to make a mining HV very early and let it handle the mining. Which is much faster using an HV for the job it's intended for. You could also use an SV now that they can use drills, but the changes in mass will make that very difficult for a T1 SV and better left for later on.
    Crushed Stone yield from mining the ground is also higher, though it's still far more efficient to mine large surface rocks for crushed stone than go digging a hole.

    Note: Ore ratio and yield were moved further apart for better averages so you don't mine out a section of an ore deposit and keep getting nothing. You get a lower amount of ore more often instead of a medium amount of ore rarely and nothing the rest of the time.
    I'm sure everyone hates when they mine some ore and get nothing. Yeah, that won't happen as often anymore.

    Trees now give a lot more logs. Somewhat closer to their physical size in logs and those logs turn into fiber at a higher rate. Products made from wood (fiber, biofuel, carbon substrate, nitrocellulous, etc...) while faster to craft than normal, have a lower yield so it works out roughly even, but you save on storage space.
    Trees are also more durable and are best cut down with a chainsaw, which makes a better weapon than it used to. The HV harvester module also deals extra damage against enemies.

    Buds have basically been removed from the game. Big Alien Flowers, both crop and terrain plant version will give Herbal Leaves instead. Allowing players in the earlygame access to medical supplies. Hot Beverage is also made with Buds now.
    Traders and Economy:
    Gone are the days of NPCs have BS prices that are 50x higher than the materials that make it up. The trader rework reworks everything traders sell based on how many items went into it with a +25% price modifier per step.
    Every base item (Iron ingot, copper ingot, promethium pellet, carbon substrate, etc...) has a set value and those are added together into whichever item is next in line (taking into account division by multiple outputs). With each stage, the price is increased by 25% meaning that complex items with multiple layers of crafting are worth vastly more than the sum of their parts.
    Example: Silicon Ingot is worth 200 and copper is 250, an item made from 1 copper and 1 silicon would be 450 +25% = 562 and an item made from 2 of them would be 562+562+25%=1405.
    An optronic bridge has a price that is the sum of it's parts, for example.
    Purchase prices from NPCs start at an items base price and will be a random value up to a half higher than the base value.
    Sales prices to the NPC will be between half the base price and half the maximum price. This ensures there's no overlap that would allow an item to be bought for cheap and sold back for infinite money, while still keeping value on the NPCs wares.
    The amount of an item an NPC buys or sells has been increased over vanilla values.
    In addition, there are commodity items available from some NPCs that can be purchased for a high amount and transported and sold to a different seller in a different location for a profit; there are also several select items that can also be bought and sold with a profit to different vendors, rewarding the merchant lifestyle (e.g. buying liquor at TOP brewery and selling it to the talon, or buying rare herbs from the talon and selling them to Ok'Y medical).

    Station Services' cost 25% more than the base price. Sitting squarely in the middle of the price range used by the traders. Discounts will reduce the amount.
    Audio and Visual Effects:
    Changed weapon sound effects so they don't suck.
    Added the correct muzzle flare effects and emissions to their corresponding weapons.
    Replaced spider-sounding ripper dog sounds with something that's not a spider.
    New Blocks:
    Added a T2 warp drive (CV) that can travel further for less. It's upgraded from the T1 warp drive with the multitool and has it's own special model.
    Added a large 2x2 jet thruster for HVs so that heavy tanks can get around at speed without relying on dozens of tiny thrusters.
    Pentaxid Seed Crystal: A type of pentaxid crop that produces pentaxid. Watch out though, it emits lethal radiation that'll kill other non-pentaxid crops around it and it drains power from the structure it's growing on. Replaces the pentaxid ore recipe in the advanced constructor.
    Added a Heavy Rocket Launcher for CVs that fires a large salvo of small rocket in rapid succession. Low damage and penetration, but goddamn is it awesome to watch.

    _ _ _ _ __ __ ________________________________________ __ __ _ _ _ _

    Known Bugs:

    • Giant spiders.
    • Green Insects.
    • Herobrine.
    • Some Patrol Vessels on planets may self-destruct on discovery due to their thrusters not being able to hold up their mass due to bad ship design.
    • Large Windows in Rare Loot Containers. I honestly have no idea where they come from. They don't exist in any in-use loot table.
    • Some weapons will reload twice if you try to reload both firing modes at the same time.
    • Loot containers coming up empty. This is a vanilla bug and i'm pretty sure I fixed it, for the most part.
    If you encounter a CoQ, make a post here with your log attached and i'll try and divine what the problem is. Alas, I can't do what the devs do and just run it through some secret program that decodes the problem.
    _ _ _ _ __ __ ________________________________________ __ __ _ _ _ _

    Reforged Localization V1.4-68+
    Reforged Localization is a replacement for your Localization file.
    This doesn't affect the game or it's features, it simply changes the names and displays for items, devices, blocks and menus and is designed to work with Reforged Galaxy.
    At this point it's basically mandatory.
    The changes it makes are small, clean out some of the engrish so you don't get "you are have a fever attack!" or "Landinggears" and gets rid of the unlocalized block names and give you functional block names.
    They're not huge changes, but there's something to be said about being able to identify an individual spider or dinosaur by NAME instead of "Spider 02" or "AlienBug 03".

    Updated 10/2/2021 - Required for Reforged (and built-in)!

    RL Installation:
    Similar to installing the Reforged Galaxy Configs, Simply go to your Steam/SteamApps/Common/Empyrion - Galactic Survival/Content/Extras and drop the Localization.csv file from the download below into there.
    Overwrite the old file and you're good to go.

    This will be added to the RG Workshop Scenario for all future updates.
    Unfortunately, it only fully supports English and partially supports German, French, Italian and Spanish because I need to translate every entry myself and isn't fully complete for those non-english entries.

    _ _ _ _ __ __ ________________________________________ __ __ _ _ _ _

    Planned Features:

    These aren't in because they aren't possible yet or *generic excuse*

    Drone speed and detection options:
    Unfortunately, Drone speed and performance is hardcoded aside from HP and damage. This should hopefully be possible in future when more drones are added.

    ADRIFT Scenario:
    Coming 1.3 maybe. Adrift will be a very specialized Scenario taking place entirely in space, where the player must survive in a massive system-wide debris field full of wreckage, scavenging everything they can to survive in the vacuum of space.
    No factory, harder recipes, patrolling drones and vessels to hide from and a story to follow.

    Reforged Eden:
    Reforged Eden is now out. Check it out on the Workshop or the Reforged Eden Scenario thread on the forums here, with the full documentation on RG.

    If you want to support Reforged Galaxy and Reforged Eden, feel free to flick me some cash.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2022
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  2. ravien_ff

    ravien_ff Rear Admiral

    Oct 22, 2017
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    This is really awesome! Can't wait to see it!
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  3. Vermillion

    Vermillion Rear Admiral

    Jul 15, 2018
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    Updated OP with alpha release of Reforged Galaxy.
    Available in Easy, Standard or Hard Edition.

    There's a readme in the download file on how to install it.
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  4. Kaz

    Kaz Lieutenant

    Dec 14, 2019
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    Probably a dumb question but can i use this with project eden?
  5. Vermillion

    Vermillion Rear Admiral

    Jul 15, 2018
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    You can, but you may run out of iron since Project Eden uses SSOR ore deposits that aren't affected by ore yield configs afaik.
    Though from my half-finished playthrough, the ore deposits had more ore than the regular survival game, so it should be fine.
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  6. Kaz

    Kaz Lieutenant

    Dec 14, 2019
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    Ah gotcha, guess theres one way to find out.
  7. Kaz

    Kaz Lieutenant

    Dec 14, 2019
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    Started a game with project eden today and it seems to be going mostly fine, however it seems this config might kill patrol vessels. The only thing i have changed is to use this config and now shortly after it spawns i get the message that it died and will despawn shortly but ive no idea if it related or just a new game bug.
  8. Vermillion

    Vermillion Rear Admiral

    Jul 15, 2018
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    Ah, that may be a problem.
    They don't have enough thrust to stay in the air with the 4-6 S-thrusters they usually use. The ones in space should be fine though.
    There's nothing I can do about that since that's a problem with the game/scenario POI prefabs.
  9. Kaz

    Kaz Lieutenant

    Dec 14, 2019
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    I thought it might be related to thrust but wasnt sure, seems wierd that they would die from it though.
  10. Vermillion

    Vermillion Rear Admiral

    Jul 15, 2018
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    They'd be unable to fly, so hit the ground and are classed as "disabled", which starts the countdown for them to despawn.
  11. Kaz

    Kaz Lieutenant

    Dec 14, 2019
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    Ah, didnt know that could happen. I always disable the back thrusters which forces it to switch to a non moving structure but it still floats so i guess it doesnt count as disabled that way.
  12. Myrmidon

    Myrmidon Rear Admiral

    Mar 26, 2016
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    Very nice idea. I will check it out soon, since I am away from my gaming rig right now. Thank you for sharing it.
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  13. Kaz

    Kaz Lieutenant

    Dec 14, 2019
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    Started a few new games with project eden and this tonight and damn the combo is hella fun, maybe abit more punishing than id like in the beginning with the lack of logistics with the survival constructor but its been fun.
    They are definately unable to fly lol. After playing for awhile testing the waters i decided to start a new game on the ocean planet of project eden to see what was up with them. They start flying with enough momentum to get around 500m from where they spawn but they are dropping like a rock the whole time and then hit the ocean floor twitch for abit and then start exploding because... uh they can lol and eventually they die and despawn.
  14. Vermillion

    Vermillion Rear Admiral

    Jul 15, 2018
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    Are you using the Easy, Standard or Hard mode version? They might be able to fly with the easy mode, but it would be down to the size of the ship and number of thrusters that determines that.
    With vanilla empyrion those big ships only need a single S-thruster or two to stay in the air as each one has a 800-1200 ton carry limit, depending on gravity.
    Standard mode RG is around 160-200 tons per S-thruster depending on planet gravity. A single L-thruster is usually enough to lift most CVs.
  15. Kaz

    Kaz Lieutenant

    Dec 14, 2019
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    I went standard but i think it is lift related; they try but do not turn before crashing. They mostly just crash unless they get stuck on a tree.
  16. Shadex Demarr

    Shadex Demarr Lieutenant

    Dec 14, 2019
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    Aside from being disrespectful at times of the devs that made the game you are moding it sounds interesting. Perhaps some of these changes will make it in to the final game.
  17. Scoob

    Scoob Rear Admiral

    Sep 22, 2016
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    This looks genuinely interesting, I may do a fresh start with this...perhaps with Project Eden too - you guys should definitely collaborate!

    I don't think there's any disrespect here for Eleon's take on Balance, rather just an acknowledgement that they've not really invested the time in overall balance at this stage. Sure, they've done balance passes for Weapons, Block health and other things in isolation, but this is a much larger undertaking. With the game changing so much, and some particularly impactful changes lately, I suspect ultimate balance isn't on the devs priority list currently. However, with this mod giving a taste of perhaps how things could be balanced, well, it's certainly food for thought.

    There has been talk of things being tweaked to be more, well, not realistic as such, but rather so things are a bit more relative and make sense in the context of the game. Reforged Galaxy seems to be a take on what I think the devs might intend for the game - based on what I've read on these forums over the years - but they're not put the time into balance at this stage, which is understandable in an Alpha.

    If people like this balance - I suspect I will, Hard Edition FTW lol - then this is great feedback for Eleon when they consider reviewing this again - or just copy @Vermillion's settings and job done lol ;)

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  18. Vermillion

    Vermillion Rear Admiral

    Jul 15, 2018
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    Surprisingly, a lot more people are choosing the Hard Mode version over the Standard Mode.
    A dude on discord was telling me how much he loved how soul-crushingly hard it was trying to fight off a pack of raptors at night (He didn't fight them off, he died).

    Would people prefer that the Furnace be available earlier and is required for processing advanced metals (Sathium, Erestrum and Zascosium)?
    Or that electronic component progression be tiered? (E.g. Electronics > Upgraded Electronics > Advanced Electronics)
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  19. ravien_ff

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    What I've learned from comments on my scenario is that there's a lot of people who love more difficult content, as long as it's optional. Mods like custom scenarios or custom configs are a great way to add more difficulty into the game in an "opt in" manner to test things out, and then maybe they can be included in the base game eventually. It's a safe way to test new ideas.

    After all, the game is still in development, so maybe this custom config can give the devs some good idea on how to balance the main game eventually.
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  20. Hummel-o-War

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    Jun 15, 2015
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    We are closely monitoring what custom scenarios achieve - be it Eden or Reforge Galaxy or others. BUT if a scenario is not available in the workshop, disregarding what changes are actually mde, it is at least hard to tell if it is liked or not. ;)
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