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    As this is not Seed related but a Global issue that happens everywhere..
    It Could be intentional by ELEON but I don't think so.

    My observations are that with the surface of some devices, namely a Container Controller, some very flat blocks clip through the surface. Most of them are of the new and previously implemented style but also older ones.

    As soon as the surface of the device forms a certain look those Blocks cover all deeper lines but also seem to loose their own edges in the process. So far I found several Blocks who behave like that.

    The Hour of the Wolf_2019-09-07_07-54-36.png The Hour of the Wolf_2019-09-07_07-54-46.png The Hour of the Wolf_2019-09-07_19-24-02.png The Hour of the Wolf_2019-09-07_19-23-56.png The Hour of the Wolf_2019-09-07_19-24-10.png The Hour of the Wolf_2019-09-07_19-24-34.png
    The Hour of the Wolf_2019-09-07_19-24-37.png The Hour of the Wolf_2019-09-07_19-24-56.png The Hour of the Wolf_2019-09-07_19-24-59.png The Hour of the Wolf_2019-09-07_19-25-08.png

    This happens also to

    Corner Half A3 Low
    Small Corner Round B
    Corner Round B Low
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    This is logged & will be looked at when possible thanks for showing the effected blocks.
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