CV Roll speed accelaration sometimes much lower than stated in stat page

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    For more information see here Bug Report Template

    Build: 1.8.8 3864
    Mode: Creative
    Mode: Single Player

    SEED-ID: -

    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: always
    Severity: minor

    Type: fligh model

    Summary: CV roll speed accelaration sometimes is much lower than stated in stat page, with CVs taking forever to reach max roll speed.

    Description: For some ships the actual roll speed accelaration is much lower than shown on the stat page and also lower than that of other ships that have comparable or even lower values.
    Blueprint attached. Note while this issue can be shown in Vanilla using the blueprint, it is much more prominent in Reforged Eden as the Thrust is lower there.
    The screenshot is from the Bp in Vanilla. Note that the torque accelaration values imply it should reach max roll in about half a second. In gameplay it instead takes about 3-4seconds to actually reach full roll speed. That behavior is not the same with other blueprints.
    Probably also occurs in survival, so far only tested in creative.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Spawn Blueprint
    2) Pilot and start rolling. Witness the rather long time until it reaches full roll speed.
    3) If in doubt, load another CV bp and compare the values and actual ingame behavior. E.g. this one:

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:

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