Known Issue Gardens / Farms not working in space when using regular or armored windows

Discussion in 'Known Issues' started by Sketchybob, Jan 25, 2021.

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    Build: 1.3.4 3212
    Mode: Multiplayer Survival Vanilla

    SERVER NAME: SDGamers Resurgence V2

    If applicable:
    MODIFIED PLAYFIELDS: There are custom playfields

    Reproducibility: Reproduced on Eleon US Official as well, easy to reproduce
    Severity: Medium, easy workaround


    Summary: If you build a garden in a space station and that space station is using regular or armored windows then your garden will not grow. O2 and airtight on the debug do not indicate any problems but plants simply wont progress to the growing stage. If you enclose your garden with solid blocks/doors OR replace your windows with Heavy Windows then the garden will start growing.


    Steps to Reproduce: Build a garden in orbit with all the normal bits, make sure it has some windows using regular or armored (just one will do it) and notice that the plants will not grow. Replace that window with a block or with a heavy window and notice that the plants start growing.
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    Has to do with the O2 changes. Will be fixed in V1.4
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