Known Issue Multiple issues with Motorbike

Discussion in 'Known Issues' started by SpaceFlyer, Apr 12, 2020.

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    Mode: Survival
    Mode: Singleplayer

    SEED-ID: would say any, just start a random game

    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: often - always
    Severity: trivial - minor

    Type: Gamestart

    Summary: Multiple issues with Motorbike

    Description: imporstant is the end of the linked video but at ca. 0:26 and 1:31 there are some sound cracklings (i would call it) that dont happen if I use the cheapest prefab HV, at ca. 0:51 the bike is turning/stoping due to strange physics behavior, right after that when continueing driving i have to slow down to make the rurn eventhough i am not that fast. (very bad agility)
    But the main issue I want to report is in the end of the video when the bike cant make it over tiny little corner at the hill and even rolls down the hill while at full power pushing forward and dont even make it up the hill again while on full acceleration.
    as the motorbike is kind of important in the beginning of the game it should work much better. the lack of momentum up a hill is just really bad. last time i played in alpha ca. 7/8 it was already like that and nobobody ever looked after the behaviour ? you even slide down hills sideways ....

    Steps to Reproduce: start a game and try to explore the planet to find all the rescources you need.


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