Known Issue New Dialog System Speed / Cannot be interrupted and resumed

Discussion in 'Known Issues' started by michael.mccawley, May 26, 2020.

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    Mode: Survival
    Mode: Singleplayer

    SERVER NAME: none
    SEED-ID: several different ones. 342652 is the current one.

    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: Always
    Severity: Major / Crash

    Type: Missions

    Summary: Cannot interrupt the new Dialog system


    If you get attacked while you are playing the dialog ( eg. Off-World Grave ) at normal speed, which is guaranteed while you are inside the Titan ... you can't spend 6 minutes reading the story without the drones coming back and blowing up your small vessel ... you press Esc to end the Dialog. Go outside and shoot down a rocket drone with an assault rifle, cry over your starter SV wreckage, and THEN ...

    go back and you can't resume the text where you abandoned the playback.

    If you duck out early, you don't get the clues that you need to look for more things, so you don't know what comes next. It's not in the log. (IDA's text ... yes. Mission info from the Dialogue system, no.)

    Steps to Reproduce:

    Start new game.
    Fly to the moon. (you are in starter SV like Lil' Looter)
    Off-World Grave starts automatically on entering the Moon playing field (Yay!)
    Find Titan.
    Fly over each section. Shoot down drones.
    Enter front part.
    Note. Take your time. If you go STRAIGHT to the maintenance console ... the Dialog starts, but IDA is also still talking and IDA's text is popping up underneath the dialog.
    This is probably a separate defect. The Dialog should not be startable until IDA has finished talking.
    Read the dialog and normal speed.
    About four minutes into it, new drones will return and blow your SV up while you are still reading.

    Hit ESC when you hear the explosion. You cannot resume that text . it marks as complete, and expects you to find the first of the three Fail-Safe consoles. You have no clue about this.

    Here's the CRASH part:

    While I was writing these notes, I was testing the game and during the dialog, when it paused for a response, I <Alt-Tabbed> back to Chrome to write some notes, and <Alt><Tab> back to Empyrion.exe ... game loads, but lost mouse reporting entirely. Game totally dead with the Dialog overlay up on the screen and 100% unresponsive. Can't even Alt-Tab back to windows and use Task Manager to kill Empyrion.exe since the game has full overlay of the screen.

    I play Empyrion exclusive full-screen. I expect if I were in Windowed mode this wouldn't suck so bad.
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    by the way, the seed 342652 has an unlucky feature that the Com Array is very close to the Titan back half, and you have very high risk of getting blown away by the Rocket Defense as you are overflying the wreckage. Not cool for a newbie at Level 7 in a starter SV.

    Might be better to have some way of making sure the Titan wreckage and the Comm Array / etc POIs are far apart on the map.

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