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    1. Read through the READ FIRST Paragraph if you are unsure which information are required:

    2. Check the Bug Forum if your issues is ALREADY added!!!

    2.a Also check the known issues list below:

    2.b Check here if you have any problems getting the game to launch or crashes

    2.C Check here for how to record video with OBS studio

    3. IF yes, please contribute your findings to an existing thread by USING THE REPORTING TEMPLATE from below.

    4. IF your issue is not yet listed, please create a
    NEW THREAD in this forum by USING THE REPORTING TEMPLATE from below.

    IMPORTANT: Please only report ONE BUG per THREAD. Do NOT add SEVERAL bugs per thread as this will make your report hard to track! Thanks!

    5. When creating a NEW THREAD you need to select the Prefix "NEW" from the dropdown next to the headline

    6. GIVE A DESCRIPTIVE AND ON-THE-SPOT headline (thread title) so your issue is regognized by QA and by OTHER PLAYERS that might run into the same issue.

    Please note that our moderators will move and merge threads that do not follow these rules



    Post your bugs here using the following template:

    Mode: (Creative, Survival, Freedom mode)
    Mode: (Singleplayer, Dedicated Server, Peer2Peer Coop)

    SERVER NAME: (If the issue happened on a public server, please add the name here)
    SEED-ID: (Please always add the SEED-ID for SingleplayerSurvival games; Open the console. The Seed is noted somewhere to the "playfield loaded" dialogue)

    If applicable:
    MODIFIED PLAYFIELDS: Yes/No/DontKnow (<- YES if new planets or non-default playfields are used. Use DontKnow if you are not aware if anything has been changed)

    Reproducibility: (Always, Sometimes, Unable)
    Severity: (Trivial, Minor, Major, Crash)

    Type: (Global / O2Rooms / Temperature,Radiation / Player Armor,Boosters / Repair / Teleport,Portals / Instances / Triggers,Sensors / AIVessels / Gamestart / ... )

    Summary: (1-liner = can be the same as the thread headline)

    Description: (short description: 1-2 sentences)

    Steps to Reproduce: (steps to reproduce the issue. This is ESSENTIAL for a bugfix!)

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:
    ( Note: for more complex reproduction usecases that require quite some "setup", please create a savegame and upload it to a service.
    Go to:

    For SP:
    SteamLibrary\steamapps\Common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Games

    For MP:
    SteamLibrary\steamapps\Common\Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Saves\Games

    right click on the save folder & place your mouse cursor over 'Send to' create a compressed copy of it then drag & drop a copy in your reply box or use the upload a file option on the forum.
    If the folder is too large use a file hosting site like mediafire, dropbox or google drive then add a share link to it.
    Thanks in advance for saving us time to address your issue! :)
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    READ FIRST: For a proper testing procedure and bug reporting, we recommend the following preparations and workflows:
    1. Go to your steam library and VERIFY your game files!
      Steam > Library > Right-click Empyrion in the list > Properties > Local Files > Verify Locale Data
    2. Make sure you are NOT using a custom config!
      There are currently the following files that can be "modded"
      - Config_Example.ecf / Config.ecf ( "Config.ecf" is the critical one, as Config_Example has no impact on the game = pure storage)
      - EGroupsConfig.ecf
      - TraderNPCConfig.ecf
      - FactionWarfare.ecf
      - DefReputation.ecf
      Those are to be found in: Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Configuration

      When running into an issue, it would be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to check if you are using a customized version of any of these files named above.

      If so, please move the customzied files out of the folder (Rename, remove, move), then verify game files via STEAM (this will restore the default files if you do not have them ready)

    3. Avoid resuming any pre-Release Candidate savegame!
      There is a chance that changes we made do not translate to older savegames. Especially for bugs concerning terrain, loot and other playfield configs.
      Best practice: if you run into an issue with a savegame that was started BEFORE a RC has been released, please re-test the issue in a fresh new RC savegame again!

    4. Additional Routine: Delete the GAME CACHE when trying to reproduce a bug!
      The game cache saves some presets and may be source of a false positive reports or even be part of the problem. To make sure we have all the infos, please check the following folder when trying to reproduce a but and make a note in your report if the bug still happens AFTER clearing the cache: ..\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Cache

    Continue or Quit’ (CoQ) Error

    1) When you get a so called 'CoQ' (Continue or Quit) error in SINGLEPLAYER, please do the following
    a) Exit the game (click QUIT or ALT+F4)
    b) go to this folder: C:\games\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs\
    c) watch for the folder name with the highest number and open it
    d) Find the Client.log which has been changed recently right click on the client log from when this happened & place your mouse cursor over 'Send to' create a compressed copy of it
    e) Open your Email, attach the compressed copy of the log & write what happened BEFORE the CoQ and send to:

    [email protected]

    The QA team will pick up your issue and decode or ask back more info.

    - need to send in the Client.logs for all players that were affected
    - need to send in the COOP server and COOP-client logs

    The COOP Client logs are in the SAME folder on the PC which started the session.

    Look for
    a) logs that start with 'Client_AsPf_'
    b) log that starts with 'Dedicated_'

    Send in both COOP Client and Server logs to the same Email address

    3) IF you are running a DEDICATED SERVER,
    go the the /LOGS folder, zip the whole thing (in case you do not know what are the latest files) + ADD an info on which playfield and WHEN (time stamp) the issue happened...and send it to the same Email address as well.



    1. If you haven an issue with a Base or Vessel with temperature, radiation, colliders, can-not-dock, o2 or plants not growing or anything that happens without anything else in the game world is directly affected, please ADD THE BLUEPRINT or the SAVEGAME and add an info if SP or MP! If you want to add your savegame, please upload your savegame to a cloud host (like dropbox, google,..) and add a LINK to your report

    2. If you having issues with something missing from your planet, spawned in the wrong place or anything that keeps being broken after resuming a savegame PLEASE UPLOAD the savegame to a cloud host (like dropbox, google etc) and add a LINK in your bug report

    3. If you CRASHED with a message "Continue or Quit" on a SP or MP game, PLEASE FOLLOW 'Continue or Quit' instructions as written above

    4. If you CRASHED back to desktop (empyion.exe does not work anymore) do the same as in (3.).

    5. If you game FREEZES (locked up), please make a note that this is a FREEZE (not a "Crash"). Add the same files as in 3. and maybe add a dxdiag as well.

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    • Text from LCD screens appearing on other LCD screens [6760]
    • [MP] The repair bay 'Green' shield gets removed from the vessel it wraps around when a player moves far away & returns [6759]
    • [MP] R2T: Repair console 'last saved', 'Total repair time' & 'Remaining time' don't update when first opened [6758]
    • Constructors, Food processors, water gen's, Auto miners etc can 'freeze' when resuming a save game [6757]
    • When a vessel with retractable turrets changes pitch the turrets barrels aim downwards [6756]
    • When a HV touches the bedrock it will get repositioned above terrain [6743]
    • Armored Single door glass L & R & Armored Single door full glass L & R damage texture is wrong [6687]
    • With the weight & mass check disabled the pentaxid tank when 'overfilled' shows a higher percentage than it should [6291]
    • Signal logic can force the covered thrusters to turn on [6287]
    • Damage level % not functional & WIP in the main window of the control panel
    • MainDroneBase Space POIs don't use DSL [6434]
    • Constructor item list - invalid scroll position [6414]
    • Camera view becomes glitched when players Personal drone is destroyed [4384]
    • Sometimes when drilling rocks/ore rocks in water nothing is dropped from them for the player to pick up [6361]
    • Placement preview of starter blocks AND blueprints does not vanish after deconnecting container [6052]
    • Respawning on a floating POI will always spawn you on top of where you died [6450]

    • F4 structure convenience caching gets stuck when several structures are close by [5562]
    • A large item or stack when swapped with a smaller one will leave the inventory overfull [5963]
    • Container-Slots get increased when re-accessing dead corpses [5971]
    • [MP] Container controller volume info is not updated after removing & placing a new one until another CE is added. [6061]
    • Second pane for logistics dialog persists an entry from previous source when you pick a new one [6135]
    • Items on the virtual toolbar do not contribute to the mass of the connected container. [6267]


    Game pad/Controller issues:


    Previous Known issues:
    • Weapon color changes after entering & exiting a cockpit [5923]
    • After rotating a base to spawn, Home/End causes base to move side to side [5985]
    • [Coop] 'AllowedBlueprints:' is not being added in the dedicated.yaml in Coop mode. [5994]
    • CV mining drills 'Failed setting triangles' messages [5295]
    • Mirroring Lights does not copy over the settings of lights [5952]
    • Compass heading showing incorrect when exiting & reentering a cockpit until the vessel is moved again [6258]
    • HV thrusters cannot be entirely turned on or off via switches or signals [6271]
    • Distant planet gets black when it "overlaps" with the terrain [6490]
    • Autominers do not deplete Voxel Deposits [4930]
    • Large Blueprints (max size) are broken in 2 parts or do not spawn completely. [1887]
    • AI vessel RespawnDelay Timer not working [3913]
    • Symbol + and double+ are off about 1px in some directions [2838]
    • HV/SV still produce "Smoke" when grounded and all thrusters and hover engines are off [3503]
    • Area damage gets removed when firing from forward moving vessel [4944]
    • Turret zoom level applied to 3rd person vessel view after exiting turret. [4748]
    • Symbols orientation is not mirrored correctly. [3957]
    • Player falling through the world when getting of a motorbike on uneven/mined terrain [4872]
    • Waypoints are not finding the quickest route through polar region [4789]
    • Docked vessels that have the waypoint option enabled take the name of the vessel they are docked to [5434]
    • Invisible Sun in space when viewed through any transparent object [6064]
    • [MP] Replace mode not showing changes made in creative MP until structure is respawned. [4359]
    • Windowed mode 'always shown on top' [6165]
    • Cannot exit ATM with F [6141]
    • When you have the 'Show on HUD' option enabled on a device after removing that device the marker isn't removed also [3814]
    • Orbit map markers disappearing [6420]
    • Possible to fly through AI freighters, Carriers etc with player vessels (MP also has a issue with drones spawning & teleporting around player vessels) [3498]

    Should be fixed now, but please observe:
    • Planet terrain in the map view loses detail & goes dark after changing from a moon playfield to a planet playfield [6611]
    • Transparent AIPV’s (Thruster flares are visible through hull blocks) (resolves when doing some damage to the vessel) [5667]
    • [MP] After changing from 1 orbit to another sometimes the AI vessels in that orbit can be invisible [6341]
    • No longer possible to copy & paste text or symbols from one LCD screen to another [6629]
    • Using Auto level in a vessel can cause the thrusters of a vessel to get stuck switching quickly between 2 directions [6612]
    • [SELECTION BUILD TOOL] LCD screen text or symbols not maintained when copy & pasting screen.[4358]
    • [SELECTION BUILD TOOL] NPC settings for NPC-Spawners is not maintained after copy & paste [5088]
    • [SELECTION BUILD TOOL] Sensor range settings not maintained when re-inserting [5362]
    • [SELECTION BUILD TOOL] Codelocks are not maintained when copy & pasting [5089]
    • Multiple block types (concrete, steel etc) when picked up from SI drops are not put into the correct block groups [6473]
    • Terrain deco can go invisible after a playfield change when moving around f.ex Rocks, plants etc [6671]
    • Terrain rocks/stones vanish when drilling nearby [6663]
    • Vessel speed is not maintained after warping when moving into a sector you have not been before [6679]
    • Drill Animation not stopping [6563]
    • CoQ loop from Troop transporter when it is returning to the Drone base [6686]
    • Missing damages states for T1 generator & multiple armored doors [6687]
    • Exception triggered when crafting a T3 Auto mining device [6376]
    • General issue with placing or picking items from the tool bar or using other UI elements [6171]
    • Weapons won't react to left & right triggers on first load until they are fired by a mouse button first [6588]
    • Radial menus will not open for controllers on first load into a save game until they are used by a mouse [6594]
    • Mounted weapons & Turrets cannot be fired from the controller until LMB on the mouse is used 1 time [6595]
    • Repair console UI does not update the needed resources until exiting & re-entering the console [6607]
    • On screen Soft Cursor cannot be used until the controllers Right stick has been pressed/'Clicked' [6675]
    • Not possible to place a symmetry plane or place the selection area on a structure when the building tools window is open [6672]
    • Not possible to zoom in with a scoped weapon or Turret when using a controller [6587]
    • Items cannot be consumed from the player inventory whilst using a controller [6688] - D-PAD down + X button now consumes a item from a inventory
    • Left & right bumper for 'Common controls' to roll left or right when the jetpack is on whilst in space doesn't work. [6676]
    • Item info UI can get stuck on screen when the controller places the cursor over an item from the toolbar in the inventory window [6680]
    • Coop mode when joining players cannot see each other & a exception is sometimes triggered when joining [6696]
    • Text disappears off screen when editing or adding text that was already there. [6711]
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