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    Reforged Eden Scenario A12

    Reforged Eden is the official combination of my Reforged Galaxy and @ravien_ff 's Project Eden for the ultimate survival experience.

    You can subscribe to it as a regular scenario on the Steam Workshop from the link below:
    Reforged Eden for Alpha 12.2+

    You can get much of the Information on both Reforged Galaxy and Project Eden from their individual threads and hopefully @ravien_ff will add on to this with his relevant information.
    The main use of this new thread is to highlight (in detail) the changes implemented by Reforged Galaxy into Project Eden to prevent all those annoying questions from people who keep intentionally ignoring all the warnings and are now stuck.

    For ease of use, i'll compress all the relevant information into spoilers. Consider this page a wiki for both Reforged Galaxy and Reforged Eden.
    I'll be spreading the information into multiple posts, so if you're looking for how to get started, check Post #2.

    Problems starting the Scenario?
    Once you've subscribed to the Reforged Eden scenario on the workshop, it will be added to your Scenario list on the main menu.
    If you get a Continue or Quit (CoQ) error on starting the scenario, it's because of one of two reasons:
    1. You're using an unsupported version of Empyrion (Experimental version) you must be using the public branch of A12 since the experimental version is not updated and will not be updated until the A13 experimental enters testing.
    2. You're using a Config.ecf in your game Configuration folder or you've added it to the Scenario's configuration folder. Don't do that, get rid of it. It's overriding the scenario configs and the differences between your config and the scenario's configs are throwing errors.

    CPU Overhauled
    Reforged Eden overhauls the entire... well, everything. Including the CPU system from the ground up. In all likelihood all your blueprints over Tier 3 will be inoperable, at least without adding more extenders.
    The CPU Tiers are completely disabled. All your vessels will be visibly stuck at Tier 1.
    You can increase your ship/base CPU limits with CPU extenders. Each extender increases your CPU limit by a fixed amount of points each.
    If an extender is destroyed, you'll only lose the amount of CPU points that extender provided instead of dropping to an unusable CPU tier that instantly cripples your ship. This also means that you can get by on a single T4 CPU extender instead of needing all 4 to get CPU.
    The maximum number of extenders possible on a structure is still 7, using the same extender limits as vanilla. In the case of most not-excessive T3 SVs, you may only need to add a T2 extender to make it usable.
    Crewmembers (Human/Alien) will take 1000 CPU off the CPU draw of other devices.
    For in-depth information on how CPU works with RE/GR see the relevant section below.

    Reforged Eden is meant to be played with CPU and Mass/Volume Enabled.

    Flight Model Rebalanced
    Reforged Eden rebalances the flight model away from super-fast CVs and drone-like SVs.
    The A11 flight model requires a specific amount of thrusters to achieve torque on multiple axes, which the default thruster and mass balancing of A11 never took into account.
    CVs will handle slower, they will move slower. They won't handle like an SV unless you make a trade-off of weapons (CPU enabled) for thrusters.

    Similarly, SVs will handle slower as long as you're using inferior thrusters. Upgrade your thrusters as weight becomes an issue, but remember that power and infrastructure needs to be improved as you do to support the stronger thrusters.
    S > M > M T2 > L > L T2 > Jet-S > Jet-M > Jet-L > Jet-XL > Jet-XXL
    You probably won't need to upgrade higher than an M T2 though.
    I recommend doing hit and run tactics against POIs instead of circle and strafe. You're in a fighter, not a drone.

    With the power of Reforged Boosting Technology. Your Ships will be able to reach a much higher max speed both on planets and in space (both SV and CV) of up to 90m/s in atmo and 160m/s in space while boosting with an appropriately-powerful thruster.

    Combat Evolved
    Enemies are faster, smarter and more observant in Reforged Eden. They can see further and hear the sound of gunshots and investigate the source (dependant on creature).
    Spiders can jump and climb; zirax will track and fire upon aircrafts; Troops will flank and move to take your position at the same speeds the player can move; Assassins will move at lightning fast speeds and Nightmares will gather together and swarm the player.
    Zirax troops have less health to compensate for their improved intelligence and because no one likes a bulletsponge.
    Planetary Drones are now the flying aircrafts they appear to be. They're armored against small arms fire and deadly against a player on foot. Take them on with a rocket launcher or plasma cannon.
    Space Drones are highly-mobile interceptor crafts with the firepower and maneuverability to pose a serious threat to unprepared CVs.

    To combat these new threats there are new weapons, armors and boosters to help you on your way. But you're not the only ones to benefit from these, so keep an eye out for Flamethrower Zirax and Heavy Assault Mechs.

    > Laser Weapons (all) require only one laser charge to fully reload their ammo. No longer will you need to carry around 1000 individual magic laser shots.
    > Drills and Turrets are available for SV (fully functional)
    > Reload times are standardized for each weapon type.
    > Some weapons and most turrets have a secondary firing mode activated with RMB.

    Do the names in the scenario seem a bit different to you? That's because they've been completely rewritten away from those horrible google-translated names they were. It might take some getting used to, but you'll find them more immersive and less engrishy.
    These changes also include full descriptions on items, useful information and tips.
    References below this point will for items and weapons will be with their reforged names.

    Just as there's questionable naming in the game due to the developers not being native english speakers, there's evidently questionable visual and audible effect choices that have been corrected in Reforged Eden.
    These include 80% of all handheld weapons and 20% of all mounted weapon and turret sound effects.
    Your shotgun will sound like a shotgun; Your rocket launcher (HV/SV) will sound like a rocket launcher instead of a cannon; Your sniper rifle will sound like a rifle instead of a desert eagle, etc...

    Energy weapons now emit the color and flash of their energy projectile instead of a generic muzzle flash.

    The basic drone models have been changed to match their environment. So the basic drones on the starter planets will be larger Aerodrones since they (visually) require atmosphere to fly, they can be heard, seen and shot easier. Making it an easier task for new players to identify the drones from a distance.

    Some models have been changed for blocks. The Science and Tech deco Lockers are now a full wall of lockers for example. The devs should've done this years ago, but still haven't.

    The crafting costs of all blocks have been increased relative to their complexity. It's not much of a difference for HV/SV but for CV/BA they're considerably more expensive, but more durable to compensate.
    For a starter base, it's still easy to get started if you have an HV to get and store the materials needed.
    Concrete, Wood and Carbon Composite are still cheap and upgradable, but the stone requirements for concrete will require you to target surface rocks due to their higher stone yield than the ground.

    General Additions
    Deconstructors are available on CVs
    Minigun, Pulse Laser and Plasma Turrets are available (including retractable) are available for SV.
    Medic Station is available for SV.
    Wings provide torque for SVs.
    CVs get a T2 Warp Drive that goes further for less (Unique model)
    Weapons and Turrets have secondary firing modes.
    CVs get a Heavy Rocket Launcher.
    Explosion Effects overhaul (MUCH better explosions)
    Explosion Damage Overhaul (Explosions don't bypass armor blocks)
    Better sound effects.
    Dynamic PvE combat (Every weapon behaves differently, with different uses)
    Enemies are faster and smarter, but less bullet spongey.
    Ability to heal allies in MP.
    T1 Repair Bay (BA) can repair to template.

    For a list of workshop builds adapted or built specifically for Reforged Galaxy and Reforged Eden CLICK HERE

    See Post #2 for info on getting started and mining.
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    Getting Started - A new game

    This will vary based on your start in Reforged Eden. You'll have a seriously nightmarish time with the Dark Rogue starter in Reforged Eden, but that is the hardest start in the game and you'll die a LOT of times. especially if you prioritizing fighting over running.
    But this is about the standard survival start you'll do on most other starts in Reforged Eden.

    The game starts off like any ordinary survival game of Empyrion. You come down in an escape pod on your chosen starter planet and once you're out of your pod you'll have your survival tool, a detector (which isn't needed anymore) and some supplies.
    I'll now tell you about the differences of the things in your way, since I assume you already know how to play the game.

    The Survival Multitool
    • Mode 1: Defense - Inferior damage. This will kill spiders and other weak creatures over a long time of sustained fire, but is inferior to a starter pistol. This will cut down trees, but it will take a very long time to do so, far longer than the default game.
    • Mode 2: Salvage - Retrieval rate of materials from salvaging with the Survival Multitool is 25%. With the changes in crafting to adhere to the rule of 4, salvaging any large block is guaranteed to give you at least 1 of each non-unique component in the block/device instead of nothing.
    • Mode 3: Mining - The Mining mode of the Survival Multitool deals additional damage against dirt and surface rocks. For mining ore and rock it has a smaller radius than the vanilla game and is far slower.
      This is an emergency tool! It will not win you the game, so abandon mining ore deposits with it immediately.
    • Mode 4: Detector - The Survival Multitool now has the detector built into it. Change to it with the radial menu and fire it like a gun to detect POIs, Drones and ore deposits up to 1000m away.
    Of course, the regular Handheld detector is also still available (for now). But unlike in the default game, it has a held model like a gun so you can SEE it and know that it's firable.

    The Chainsaw
    The Survival Multitool is fine as a FREE emergency tool, but if you want to cut down trees the survival tool isn't going to cut it. You're gonna need a Chainsaw, it's why it exists and it's an important aspect of the game that the devs have neglected for far too long.
    The Chainsaw in Reforged Eden deals more damage than it's default counterpart with an additional 25% damage against enemies and wildlife making it a very effective weapon in close combat.
    One bottle of Biofuel will fill completely fill the fuel tank (175 ammo).

    Important: Trees are more resilient but give more wood logs than in the default game (relative to the tree's size). You'll burn through fuel fast with the chainsaw, but you'll make several times more.
    Biofuel also has a shorter crafting time, so you don't need to wait as long.

    The Mechanical Drill
    The prodigal son returns. The Mechanical drill unlocks at level 3 and is your key to faster mining and taking down ore deposits.
    Like the chainsaw it runs on biofuel (250 ammo). It has a wider radius than the survival Multitool, even though it only has a slightly higher damage value which means the actual damage applied while mining is more than double that of the Survival Multitool.
    Additionally, it deals significantly more damage to surface rocks (200%) and 125% to dirt.

    Warning: This tool is a starter tool and should be replaced with a dedicated Mining HV/SV as soon as possible. This isn't a suggestion, it's a requirement. I don't care if you don't want to make a miner, you're GOING to if you want to get enough resources for a bigger BA/CV.

    Mining in Reforged
    This probably requires a section all it's own, because apparently the game is now fully of entitled crybabies who go crazy when they don't get to finish the game without a mining HV.
    You wanted to play the game. This is part of it.
    Your Survival Tool is ineffective at mining ore and should be used almost exclusively for breaking open Ore Rocks and surface rocks for materials to make a mechanical drill, which in turn lets you make a mining HV/SV.

    Surface Rocks (Ore): In Reforged Eden these rocks give significantly more ore and XP than they do in the default game. They should be your focus instead of trying to grind your way through a solid iron ore deposit with a peashooter. You even crack them open faster than the default game.

    Surface Rocks (Stone): Need crushed stone for concrete or carbon composite? These surface rocks will get you more crushed stone than digging up the ground. They're actually useful now.
    The more HP the rock has, the more stone it gives. Over 1000hp and you can expect to get 300+ crushed stone. Those giant brown rock pillars? Thousands of crushed stone each.

    Ore Deposits (Soft): Soft ore deposits include: Copper, Iron, Silicon, Magnesium, Ice and Aluminium. Each block of ore voxel has 80 hp. Which is twice as durable as the stone around it at 40 hp.
    Ore yield is individually scaled relative to their demands of devices and blocks used in Reforged.
    Because SSOR deposits don't obey health, hardness, yield or faction rules, they had to be changed from Project Eden's normal setup to voxel deposits.
    These are easily minable with the mechanical drill, but they will take quite a while. Ideally, you should be using a mining ship.

    Ore Deposits (Medium): Medium ore deposits include: Promethium, Cobalt, Erestrum, Gold and Titanium.
    Each block of ore voxel has 110 hp, making it harder to dig through than soft ore (obviously).

    Ore Deposits (Hard): Hard ore deposits include: Sathium, Asteroid Rock, Neodymium, Zascosium, Pentaxid and Platinum.
    Each block of ore voxel has 150 hp. For asteroid rock, this is a deterrent against mining asteroid base POIs and adding a level of resistance to POIs using asteroid rock. The extra durability also gives more use to the more powerful CV drills over HV or SV drills in the same situation.
    The amount of crushed stone obtained from Asteroid Rock is more than double that of mining terrain.

    Player Weapons
    Back to the article at hand, in the order that you get them: We're up to weapons. You'll be seeing the new names used by Reforged here, so don't be confuzzled.
    I'll also include their NEW in-depth descriptions because apparently immersion isn't high on the devs priority.

    Note: Weapon degradation is much higher in Reforged since normally you NEVER break a weapon. Any weapon, ever. T1 tools break fast, T2 are average and T3 (epic) take a while to break because you cannot repair them. But because they break faster, one ultra rare container with a gun in it will not last you an entire playthrough; There's incentive to find replacements.

    Status Effects: Player weapons now inflict status effects. Larger projectile weapons will deal Open Wound, Laser weapons will deal Dermal Burns, and Rockets will deal some seriously bad **** so don't shoot yourself with them. (I'm looking at you, Miketanic)
    M-5 Pistol
    A standard-issue sidearm for UCH personel for defense. It's rated for underwater use.
    Damage: 70 (x3.5 headshot)
    Ammo: 10 (Pistol Rounds)
    The pistol is far stronger than the default version. It's more accurate, can be fired underwater and has a nice new sound effect of a Desert Eagle.

    A basic pump-action shotgun that's standard issue to UCH tactical personel for close quarters combat.
    Damage: 100 (x2 headshot)
    Ammo: 5 (Shotgun Shells)
    Bullets per shot: 8
    The shotgun has a slightly wider spread, making it less effective at long range. It has a new Pump-Action Shotgun sound effect.

    Assault Rifle
    A lightweight squad automatic weapon that's standard issue for UCH military and tactical personel for rear support. It has superior range and damage over speed.
    Damage: 70 (x2.5 headshot)
    Ammo: 30 (5.8mm Rifle Rounds)
    The assault rifle has a larger magazine than the default game, a less... "squishy" sound effect and slightly longer range.
    It's better than the pulse rifle in long-ranged combat due to the larger magazine and better long-ranged accuracy, but is less effective at close range where the pulse rifles far higher DPM will bring down enemies in seconds.

    Sniper Rifle
    A long ranged anti-personel and anti-materiel rifle weapon with a telescopic sight that has become the standard LRSW of the UCH.
    Damage: 220 (x4 headshot)
    Ammo: 6 (12.7mm Sniper Rounds)
    The Sniper rifle is fairly standard. Against basic zirax it'll one-shot them if you get them in the head.
    It's the only early-game weapon that'll effectively take out a basic Aerodrone with consistent headshots at distance, taking 6-8 rounds to bring one down.
    It has a nice echo-ey rifle sound effect instead of the old sound effect, which was a desert eagle (now used by the M5 Pistol).

    Pulse Rifle
    A rapid-fire combat rifle used by UCH military personel as the standard-issue rifle.
    Damage: 54 (x2 headshot)
    Ammo: 25 (5.8mm Rifle Rounds)
    The pulse rifle got a bit of a nerf. It's no longer 100% superior to the larger assault rifle, but in close combat where it's typically used it's still unsurpassed.
    It no longer has the poor quality sound effect from Aliens. It's got one of the faster alternative rifle sounds.

    A portable rotary cannon for manned emplacements. This weapon has safeties in place to prevent personal injury. Press LMB + RMB to disable safeties.
    LMB: Safety ON (600 RPM)
    Damage: 65 (x1.5 headshot)
    Ammo: 600 (8.3mm Minigun Rounds)
    RMB: Safety OFF (+600 RPM)
    Damage: 50 (x1.5 headshot)
    Following the A12.3 update, weapons maximum RoF were capped at 600 RPM. Now, in order to exceed the 600 RPM limit, you must press LMB and RMB together to reach 1200 RPM.
    Pressing either individually works fine as well.
    Truly the king of anti-nightmare combat. It reduces the population of any room to zero in a very short amount of time.

    Rocket Launcher
    A modified and enlarged MGL designed to operate using microrockets for anti-aircraft engagements where the targets are protected behind armor. Instantly downs drones with a strike to critical components.
    Damage: 500 (x11 Entity damage)
    Blast Damage: 500
    Ammo: 6 (35mm Anti-Personel Rocket)
    The rocket launcher is the highest damage weapon against drones and other entities. It already one-shot pretty much every kind of ground enemy, even at level 10 so the entity damage modifiers of the rocket launcher was increased specifically to deal with drones. Blast damage is unchanged.

    A short-medium ranged weapon that fires and ignites a stream of biofuel to set targets on fire. Inflicts fire and dermal burns.
    Damage: 25 (10 blast damage)
    Ammo: 50 (Biofuel)
    One bottle of biofuel fills the flamethrower up completely. Creates a large ball of flame in front of the wielder, dealing massive damage to anything in front of the player. Ideal for killing legacy creatures, especially scorpions and nightmares. Just walk backwards and hose them with purifying fire until there's nothing but ashes.
    Keep an eye on your fuel gauge though, because it takes a while to reload.

    M-6 Holosight Pistol
    A specialist sidearm with a larger magazine and holosight. It possesses superior stopping power and can operate underwater.
    Damage: 80 (x4 headshot)
    Ammo: 14 (Pistol Rounds)
    Better than the M5, the M6 is more accurate and has a better sight. It works more like a mini-sniper rifle at shorter ranges and will put down zirax with a few shots. Works underwater.

    LS-22 Laser Pistol
    Utilizing a pulsed laser array this weapon can produce collimated hard light beams that ignore atmospheric density and deal extreme thermal damage to the target.
    Damage: 85 (x3 headshot)
    Ammo: 20 (Laser Pistol Charge)
    One laser pistol charge recharges the entire ammo clip of the laser pistol. This is an automatic pistol and will outperform the assault rifle and maybe even the pulse rifle if you manage to get one. As a type of pistol, it has one of the fastest reload times. Cannot be used underwater. Almost no recoil.

    LS-38 Advanced Laser Pistol
    Utilizing a pulsed laser array this weapon can produce collimated hard light beams that ignore atmospheric density and deal extreme thermal damage to the target.
    Damage: 100 (x4 headshot)
    Ammo: 24 (Laser Pistol Charge)
    A scoped laser pistol that's on par with a sniper rifle. Both laser pistols might get an RoF nerf in future now that they're automatic. Seriously, these things are amazing.

    LS-45 Laser Rifle
    Utilizing a pulsed laser array this weapon can produce collimated hard light beams that ignore atmospheric density and deal extreme thermal damage to the target.
    Damage: 144 (x3 headshot)
    Ammo: 25 (Laser Rifle Charge)
    Like all laser weapons, almost zero recoil and a single laser charge will refill the ammo clip. This bad boy has a nice new sound effect that's just plain amazing. I could stand around and fire it all day.
    These are also the most valuable craftable items you can sell to traders now.

    Plasma Cannon
    An experimental energy weapon that uses a concave laser array to superheat a cell of Erestrum Gel into plasma and propel it using electromagnetic fields towards a target.
    Mode 1: Anti-Personel Mode
    Damage: 600
    Blast Damage: 500
    Ammo: 5 (Type-C Plasma Cell)
    Mode 2: Particle Beam Mode
    Damage: 850 (x4 headshot)
    The plasma cannon is great against a group of troops, it's also got a nice beam mode that'll one-shot pretty much any single ground troop in front of you and deal massive damage to drones and likely destroy them if it gets them in the "eye" (depends on drone and level). The beam mode isn't explosive, so it's safe indoors and deals additional damage against turrets, devices and non-armor blocks.
    This is a PLASMA weapon, not a laser weapon. One plasma cell does not fill the entire magazine. It has high recoil and the particle beam mode will have you seeing stars.

    Combat Shotgun
    An advanced semi-automatic combat shotgun used by elite UCH personel for close quarters combat. It has a larger magazine and more stopping power than it's standard issue counterpart.
    Damage: 115 (x2.5 headshot)
    Ammo: 7 (Shotgun Shells)
    Bullets per shot: 8
    This T2 shotgun has a narrower cone of fire making it far more deadly than its stats would hint at. It's basically unchanged from how it is in the default game. Though I tried to attach a torch to it, it turns out the light emissive features for weapons don't work anymore (eleon! please fix!)

    Advanced Assault Rifle
    A lightweight squad automatic weapon that's standard issue for UCH military and tactical personel for rear support. It has superior range and damage over speed.
    Damage: 81 (x3 headshot)
    Ammo: 38 (5.8mm Rifle Rounds)
    Like the T1 assault rifle, it has longer range, better accuracy at long range and a large magazine. It's not as useful close up where the lack of speed gives the enemy more time to hit you.

    Heavy Sniper Rifle
    A long ranged anti-materiel rifle with advanced telescopic sights and aim stabilizers allowing longer shots with more penetrative power against armored targets.
    Damage: 300 (x5 headshot)
    Ammo: 8 (12.7mm Sniper Rounds)
    It's a T2 sniper rifle, not much of a difference. It has a nice, deep rifle sound effect though. Which is nice.

    Advanced Pulse Rifle
    A rapid-fire combat rifle used by UCH military personel as the standard-issue rifle.
    Damage: 65 (x2.5 headshot)
    Ammo: 32 (5.8mm Rifle Rounds)
    The superior close-combat rifle. Massive rate of fire and good damage causes it to easily outdamage the assault rifle in a very short amount of time. The small ammo magazine means you'll need to reload often.

    Guided Rocket Launcher
    An improved variant of Rocket Launcher designed to operate using laser-guided microrockets for anti-aircraft engagements where the targets are protected behind armor.
    Damage: 500 (x11 Entity damage)
    Blast Damage: 500
    Ammo: 8 (35mm Guided Rocket)
    Same deal as the regular rocket launcher except it fires homing rockets, which makes a huge difference at shooting down drones at distance.
    Unfortunately, all rocket launchers have the longest reloading times of any handheld weapon.

    EM Pulse Rifle
    An automatic electromagnetic rifle developed by the Zirax after examining UCH weapons retrieved from the Titan's Wreckage. The technology to repair this weapon does not exist yet.
    Damage: 100 (x3 headshot)
    Ammo: 40 (Laser Rifle Charge)
    Like all laser weapons, almost zero recoil and a single laser charge will refill the ammo clip.
    Has a great sound effect and is easily the most overpowered rifle in the game.

    Plasma Rifle
    A superior plasma rifle developed by the Zirax after examining UCH weapons retrieved from the Titan's Wreckage. The technology to repair this weapon does not exist yet.
    Damage: 195 (x4 headshot)
    Ammo: 30 (Type-C Plasma Cell)
    This weapon reloads like a laser weapon, using only one ammo making extremely ammo-efficient for the cost of Type-C plasma cells. Like the much larger plasma cannon, this weapon has high recoil, so you'd better be good at compensating for the kick this thing has.

    Laser Minigun
    An experimental rotary laser cannon developed by the Zirax after examining UCH weapons retrieved from the Titan's Wreckage. It's equipped with a secondary firing mode activated with RMB. The technology to repair this weapon does not exist yet.
    LMB: Safety ON (600 RPM)
    Damage: 106 (x2 headshot)
    Ammo: 500 (Type-A Laser Charge)
    RMB: Safety OFF (+600 RPM)
    Damage: 106 (x2 headshot)
    This big-ass gun reloads using a single SV laser charge and those things are big and heavy. Much like the normal minigun it will eat through ammo at an insane speed when LMB+RMB are used together.
    This weapon can also take down shields very effectively.

    High-Output Plasma Cannon
    An experimental plasma cannon developed by the Zirax after examining UCH weapons retrieved from the Titan's Wreckage. It's equipped with an Anti-Ship mode that can be activated with RMB. The technology to repair this weapon does not exist yet.
    Mode 1: Anti-Personel Mode
    Damage: 600
    Blast Damage: 500
    Ammo: 7 (Type-C Plasma Cell)
    Mode 2: Anti-Ship Mode
    Damage: 1500 (x3 headshot, x2 bodyshot)
    Fires faster with less recoil and a larger magazine than the standard plasma cannon.
    The secondary firing mode will (aside from killing anything you point it at) will put holes through armor blocks and turrets. It's also pretty effective against shields.

    Superior Combat Pistol
    An improved automatic pistol developed by the Zirax after examining UCH weapons retrieved from the Titan's Wreckage. The technology to repair this weapon does not exist yet.
    Damage: 100 (x4.5 headshot)
    Ammo: 24 (Pistol Rounds)
    I know people hate the pistols in the game, but i've tried this one and it's actually really nice if you don't have any other epic weapon. Fully automatic, low recoil, high damage, fast reload and a scope.

    Heavy Assault Rifle
    An advanced light machine gun developed by the Zirax after examining UCH weapons retrieved from the Titan's Wreckage. The technology to repair this weapon does not exist yet.
    Damage: 120 (x4 headshot)
    Ammo: 48 (5.8mm Rifle Rounds)
    This gun has a massive magazine. It's also got range and accuracy and if I can ever get the ammo consumption to work as intended, it'll also be able to launch grenades... just not yet.

    M-77 Anti-Tank Rifle
    An advanced anti-materiel sniper rifle developed by the Zirax after examining UCH weapons retrieved from the Titan's Wreckage. The technology to repair this weapon does not exist yet.
    Damage: 425 (x7 headshot)
    Ammo: 10 (15x127mm Rounds)
    It's a big-ass sniper rifle. It's also really loud and there's a good chance it'll draw zirax to your position if you fire it in an open field. Good for taking out drones and can even put holes through solid armor.

    Assault Shotgun
    An advanced combat shotgun developed by the Zirax after examining UCH weapons retrieved from the Titan's Wreckage. The technology to repair this weapon does not exist yet.
    Damage: 150 (x3 headshot)
    Ammo: 11 (Shotgun Shells)
    A fully-automatic shotgun, narrow cone of fire. Good for close combat, no real difference from the base game.

    Advanced Guided Rocket Launcher
    A refined version of the standard UCH Rocket Launcher developed by the Zirax after examining UCH weapons retrieved from the Titan's Wreckage. The technology to repair this weapon does not exist yet.
    Damage: 500 (x11 Entity damage)
    Blast Damage: 500
    Ammo: 8 (35mm Guided Rocket)
    Has a fast, low recoil rate of fire and a faster reload time than other rocket launchers. There's not a lot you can do with these since their damage and stats are on the rocket, not the gun.

    Medical Injector
    A specialized injector gun for administering medical aid to an ally in the field.
    Mode 1: Heal
    Effect: Gives another player fast, stackable regeneration (75 hp) per shot
    Ammo: 6 (Health Pack)
    Mode 2: Treat
    Effect: Cures Dermal Burn, Radiation Burn, Dermal Parasite, Open Wound, Open Fracture and Poisonous Bite on another player.
    One Health Pack will fill all 6 shots in the Medical Injector (Medigun), giving you almost double the amount of HP obtained from using a Health Pack yourself. The Medigun can also be used by drone, allowing you to heal friends you can't reach.
    Cannot be used on yourself, even by drone. MP/Co-op only.

    Zirax Heavy Shotgun
    A standard-issue zirax shotgun. It seems to be compatible with regular shotgun ammunition but won't be repairable.
    Damage: UNKNOWN
    Ammo: ?? (Shotgun Shells)
    Rare drop from Shotgun Zirax. Its performance is unknown.

    Zirax Combat Rifle
    A zirax heavy assault rifle. It appears to be compatible with standard rifle rounds but it's not going to be possible to repair it.
    Damage: UNKNOWN
    Ammo: ?? (8.3mm Minigun Round)
    Rare drop from Rifle Zirax. Its performance is unknown.

    Explosive Charge
    Info: An explosive charge that can be used from your toolbar with LMB to attach it to a surface - It will explode after 8 seconds.
    Blast Damage: 5000 (2.5x vs entities)
    Blast Radius: 2

    The explosive charge was buffed as a viable anti-troop weapon with a larger explosive radius and a massive damage bonus against creatures, guaranteeing a 100% kill against ground troops, mechs and nightmares at any level.
    It will deal less damage to shields.

    Player Armors and Boosters
    Reforged galaxy gives you a larger choice of armor and boosters of varying rarity and crafability. The Light Armor is available early, the same as the default game and if you haven't found anything better later you can unlock and upgrade it to the Improved Light Armor.

    Light Armor: 125 Armor, 2 booster slots. Unlocks at level 5, craftable.
    Improved Light Armor: 150 Armor, 2 booster slots. Unlocks at 15, craftable.
    Medium Armor: 200 Armor, 3 booster slots.
    Reinforced Medium Armor: 250 Armor, 3 booster slots.
    Heavy Armor: 275 Armor, 4 booster slots.
    Advanced Heavy Armor: 325 Armor, 4 booster slots.

    Armor Booster: Armor +75, Heat -5, Cold -5, Radiation +1.
    Jetpack Booster: Jetpack Fuel consumption -25%.
    Multibooster: Armor +15, Oxygen +25, Heat +6, cold +3, Radiation +1.
    Oxygen Booster: Armor -10, Oxygen +150.
    Insulation Booster: Heat +50, cold -25.
    Mobility Booster: Armor -25, speed +15%, stamina consumption -20%, jump +15%.
    Radiation Booster: Radiation Protection +7.
    EVA Booster: Armor -80, Heat -15, Cold +190.
    Transportation Booster: Inventory Capacity +100L, Speed -20%.

    Advanced Armor Booster: Armor +100, Heat -6, Cold -6, Radiation +2.
    Advanced Jetpack Booster: Jetpack Fuel consumption -50%.
    Advanced Multibooster: Armor +25, Oxygen +50, Heat +10, cold +6, Radiation +3.
    Advanced Insulation Booster: Heat +75, cold -40.
    Advanced Mobility Booster: Armor -25, speed +20%, stamina consumption -30%, jump +50%.
    Advanced Radiation Booster: Radiation Protection +15.
    - Advanced Boosters are found in Very Rare and Ultra Rare containers.
    Note: These boosters all adjust other stats in small increments not listed.

    CPU Overhaul Information
    This one gets a big title since it's very important.
    CPU in Reforged is a complete overhaul of the CPU system, from values to extenders and everything in between.
    CPU tiers have been completely disabled. They still appear on your GUI since I can't remove elements from the GUI, they're hard-coded. But i've stuck a big notice on it to tell you that tiers are locked down.
    Instead, what you get is a cumulative CPU system. For each extender you add to your vessel/base you gain a fixed amount of CPU that each extender represents. More advanced extenders give a CPU bonus, but if you're trying to use a formerly T3 or T4 ship or base you'll probably need to add a Basic Extender or an Advanced Extender or more.
    Losing an extender in combat will not cripple your ship like it does in the default game by dropping you to the next functional tier that's so far below your ship's functionality that you drop to 0% efficiency and your generators explode.
    The maximum number of extenders you can use are:
    1 Basic CPU Extender, 2 Improved CPU Extenders and 4 Advanced CPU Extenders for a total of 7 CPU Extenders per structure.

    ---HV Default CPU Limit: 5,000 CPU
    HV Basic CPU Extender: +5000 CPU
    HV Improved CPU Extender: +5500 CPU
    HV Advanced CPU Extender: + 6000 CPU

    ---SV Default CPU Limit: 6,000 CPU
    SV Basic CPU Extender: +6000 CPU
    SV Improved CPU Extender: +6500 CPU
    SV Advanced CPU Extender: +7000 CPU

    ---CV Default CPU Limit: 200,000 CPU
    CV Basic CPU Extender: +200,000 CPU
    CV Improved CPU Extender: +225,000 CPU
    CV Advanced CPU Extender: +250,000 CPU

    ---BA Default CPU Limit: 80,000 CPU
    BA Basic CPU Extender: +80,000 CPU
    BA Improved CPU Extender: +90,000 CPU
    BA Advanced CPU Extender: +100,000 CPU

    ---Quantum CPU Extenders:
    Quantum CPU Extender (Small): +6,000 CPU
    Quantum CPU Extender (Large): +200,000 CPU
    Quantum CPU Extenders are obtained from Legacy Warships and Dungeons instead of Advanced Cores. They're 1x1x1 in size. Small extenders are compatible with both HV and SV, while Large extenders are compatible with both CV and BA.
    Quantum CPU Extenders have a power consumption and block mass between a T2 and T3 extender, and being small they're easy to add to any blueprint. They have no placement limits, so you can use as many as you can get your hands on.

    NPC Crew Alien or Human (CV/BA): 1000 CPU
    NPC crew don't actually increase your CPU, instead they reduce the amount of CPU currently being consumed by other devices. There is no limit to how many you can have on a ship, but they can only be found rarely in Cryo Chambers or bought from Traders.
    I'm hoping that someday they'll require air and favorable temperatures, like crops.

    CPU Balancing
    Firstly, let me assure you that all building blocks, from wood to combat steel consume zero CPU points, none at all. This includes windows, handrails, computer consoles and decorative blocks and anything that isn't an accessible device.
    The initial reason i've been told for building blocks to consume CPU in the default game was a choice by the developers to keep ships small. This is an unfathomably terrible way to achieve what should be a simple task, simply because it doesn't work. The old T4 CPU limits are so high that it has almost no impact on what's buildable and most players simply opt to disable CPU altogether rendering the developer's goals Null and Void.

    This was correctly handled in Reforged by allowing players full use of building blocks to build their ships as massive as they want. But those ships still need propulsion and propulsion is reliant on devices which everyone can agree would consume CPU. Thrusters need power, power needs generators, generators need CPU; So we have yet another aspect to restrict ship size without touching a player's creativity.
    Now, if only we could get rid of a mass-enforced top speed penalty everything would run perfectly...

    CPU Distribution varies slightly between vessel types, but for the most part you should be devoting at least 60% of your total CPU to Power Infrastructure and Thrusters. The remaining 40% is for specializations such as Drills, Harvester, Turrets, Weapons, Shields, Warp Drive or better Thrusters.

    Below, in these spoilers are the CPU distribution for primary devices, because ALL CPU values were calculated to fit into the new limits. If you have a ship that even after using a full set of extenders, still doesn't fit into the CPU limits, your ship is just bad. That's your problem, not mine.
    Devices shared by HV and SV
    Cargo Containers (all): 1 CPU (To facilitate a logistics connection)
    Container Extension: 1 CPU
    Cargo Controller: 25 CPU
    Harvest Controller: 25 CPU
    Ammunition Controller: 25 CPU
    Oxygen Tank: 25 CPU
    Small Fuel Tank: 35 CPU
    Fuel Tank: 50 CPU
    Basic Generator: 500 CPU
    Small Generator: 1000 CPU
    Mini-Fridge: 5 CPU
    Cockpit: 10 CPU
    O2 Station: 50 CPU
    Wireless Connection: 200 CPU
    Pentaxid Tank: 200 CPU
    Trauma Station: 300 CPU
    Mechanical Drill Module: 225 CPU
    Large Mechanical Drill Module: 500 CPU
    Laser Drill Module: 850 CPU
    Gatling Cannon: 800 CPU
    Pulse Laser: 1200 CPU
    Rocket Launcher: 1400 CPU
    Guided Missile Launcher: 1800 CPU
    Plasma Cannon: 1600 CPU
    Minigun Turrets: 1000 CPU
    Plasma Turrets: 2000 CPU

    HV-Only Devices
    Missile Turrets
    : 1500 CPU
    Artillery Turrets: 4000 CPU
    Tool Turrets: 2500 CPU
    Hover Engine: 75 CPU
    Large Hover Engine: 250 CPU
    Hover Booster: 25 CPU
    Ground Repulsor Engine: 400 CPU
    Clone Chamber: 200 CPU
    Harvester Module: 1000 CPU
    RCS: 250 CPU
    Hover Constructor: 1000 CPU
    Detector: 50 CPU
    Polarized Hull Generator: 5000 CPU
    Small Thruster: 100 CPU
    Medium Thruster: 135 CPU
    Large Thruster: 200 CPU
    Advanced Medium Thruster: 165 CPU
    Advanced Large Thruster: 250 CPU
    Small Turbothruster: 220 CPU
    Medium Turbothruster: 1100 CPU

    SV-Only Devices
    RCS: 300 CPU
    Railgun: 2000 CPU
    Short Ranged Warp Drive: 1500 CPU
    Mobile Constructor: 1000 CPU
    Detector: 50 CPU
    Polarized Hull Generator: 1000 CPU
    Small Thruster: 100 CPU
    Medium Thruster: 135 CPU
    Large Thruster: 200 CPU
    Advanced Medium Thruster: 165 CPU
    Advanced Large Thruster: 250 CPU
    Small Jet Thruster: 220 CPU
    Medium Jet Thruster: 1470 CPU
    Large Jet Thruster: 4680 CPU
    Improved Large Jet Thruster: 6750 CPU
    Advanced Large Jet Thruster: 8870 CPU
    Devices shared by BA and CV
    Cargo Containers (all)
    : 10 CPU (To facilitate a logistics connection)
    Container Extension: 5 CPU
    Cargo Controller: 100 CPU
    Ammunition Controller: 100 CPU
    Ammunition Container: 200 CPU
    Small O2 Tank: 50 CPU
    Large O2 Tank: 50 CPU
    Small Fuel Tank: 100 CPU
    Fuel Tank: 100 CPU
    Large Fuel Tank: 100 CPU
    Generator: 4250 CPU
    Large Generator: 25,000 CPU
    Advanced Generator: 150,000 CPU
    Fridges: 120 CPU
    Food Processor: 1000 CPU
    Gravity Generator: 1000 CPU
    Wireless Connection: 200 CPU
    Pentaxid Tank: 10,000 CPU
    Medical Devices: 500 CPU
    Small Constructor: 5,000 CP
    Large Constructor: 10,000 CPU
    Advanced Constructor: 20,000 CPU
    Hydroponics Lamp: 5 CPU
    Repair Station: 1250 CPU
    Sentry Guns: 1000 CPU
    Repair Console: 2500 CPU

    CV-Only Devices
    Large RCS
    : 20,000 CPU
    Advanced RCS: 40,000 CPU
    Warp Drive: 40,000 CPU
    Advanced Warp Drive: 80,000 CPU
    Artillery Cannon: 45,000 CPU
    Pulse Laser Cannon: 17,500 CPU
    Drill Module - Laser: 15,000 CPU
    Detector: 2500 CPU
    Teleporter: 25,000 CPU
    Repair Bay: 100,000 CPU
    Advanced Repair Bat: 150,000 CPU
    Polarized Hull Generator: 50,000 CPU
    Advanced Polarized Hull Generator: 125,000 CPU
    Minigun Turret: 15,000 CPU
    Cannon Turret: 12,500 CPU
    Flak Turret: 17,500 CPU
    Missile Turret: 30,000 CPU
    Pulse Laser Turret: 20,000 CPU
    Plasma Turret: 40,000 CPU
    Artillery Turret: 50,000 CPU
    Tool Turrets: 80,000 CPU
    Small Thruster: 5,000 CPU
    Medium Thrusters: 7,500 CPU
    Large Thrusters: 40,000 CPU
    Drive Thrusters: 125,000 CPU

    BA-Only Devices
    Furnace: 25,000 CPU
    Deconstructor: 30,000 CPU
    Solar Capacitor: 2500 CPU
    Solar Panels (small): 20 CPU
    Solar Panels (large): 50 CPU
    Teleporter: 50,000 CPU
    Repair Bay: 45,000 CPU
    Advanced Repair Bay: 68,000 CPU
    Polarized Hull Generator: 50,000 CPU
    Advanced Polarized Hull Generator: 100,000 CPU
    Minigun Turret: 15,000 CPU
    Cannon Turret: 15,000 CPU
    Flak Turret: 35,000 CPU
    Missile Turret: 40,000 CPU
    Pulse Laser Turret: 27,500 CPU
    Plasma Turret: 55,000 CPU
    Artillery Turret: 80,000 CPU
    That ends this portion of the guide. See part 3 for more info on stuff.
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    Reforged Economy

    As of November, Reforged Eden's economy was reworked (it's so boring doing this and takes HOURS) to operate on values similar to the vanilla game.

    The Purchase Price of items from NPCs is an exact value measured by the component values of the item. The more complex and expensive the base components are, the more expensive the finished item will be. Obviously, this also applies to the sale price when selling these items to NPC.

    Buying: Base Item prices are between their minimum (total base cost) base value and their maximum value (total base cost +50%).
    So a steel plate is worth $12 as it's base price, which means that the price for a steel plate to buy from an NPC will always be between $12 and $18.
    Selling: Selling to an NPC is always 50% of the base item price up to 50% of the maximum sale price. This is more-or-less how the base game does it, so nothing changes there except that you're operating on a larger budget. So that same steel plate would sell to an NPC for between $6 and $9.
    Commodity Items: Commodity items are a special batch of items. They cannot be crafted and usually cannot be found. They can only be bought from registered supplier NPCs, usually in bulk numbers. They can then be sold to NPCs belonging to another faction or at a different location that buy the item for a fair or significant profit, based on their initial purchase prices.
    You can literally be a delivery driver for money, using commodity items. Though the NPC restock prices, may require you to travel further as supply and demand dries up.

    Faction reputation discounts will allow you to reduce the cost to buy most items. The buy and sell prices do not overlap in order to prevent an exploit where the player can buy items from the trader, then sell back for a profit.

    Item Base Values:
    Each base item has a value that I assigned them relative to all other items and their value in recipes and progression. The base game has similar values, but they're too goddamn small that the difference between say... erestrum and iron is only a few credits despite erestrum being an endgame, rare and hard-to-mine material. Differences in price in the base game cause price exploits in the costs of gold due to inconsistencies between crafting, repairing and purchasing.

    The base pricing for each component:
    Iron Ingot: 20
    Copper Ingot: 30
    Silicon Ingot: 25
    Cobalt Ingot: 40
    Magnesium Powder: 25
    Titanium Rod: 45
    Neodymium Ingot: 60
    Sathium Ingot: 50
    Erestrum Ingot: 70
    Zascosium Ingot: 90
    Gold Ingot: 2000*
    Promethium Pellet: 25
    Refined Pentaxid: 100
    Wood Logs: 12
    Crushed Stone: 3
    Water Container: 180
    Xeno Substrate: 50

    From these numbers you can deduce the exact value of any item by simply looking at the item's constructor recipe and adding up the items that go into it.
    Note: Gold ingot's base price does not increase. It always sells to the player for 2000 (excluding discounts) and can always be sold for 2000. Gold can be converted into coins worth exactly 2000 and coins can be melted down into a gold ingot that sells for 2000. It's a fixed conversion system.

    Construction Cost Calculations:
    Each item's base value is determined by the number and complexity of the components based on the above values. This is using the Reforged recipes not the base game so there's no point in trying to calculate it yourself unless you're looking at the reforged crafting templates.
    There is also a construction bonus cost of exactly 25% that goes into every single crafted item.
    For example: 5 Iron Ingots crafts 10 Steel Plates.
    5 iron ingots are worth $100 (at $20 each), but because there's also time and energy consumption involved in the crafting an additional modifier of +25% total cost is applied. Bringing the total cost to $250 divided by the number of output items.
    So 250/10 = 25 per Steel Plate.
    Thus, all steel plates in recipes are worth 12 and any item made with steel plates would itself be worth an extra +25%.
    As such, an item with a lot of multi-stage components (e.g. Power Coils) are worth significantly more than their component parts.

    Some examples:
    Power Coil: 4442
    Capacitor Component: 946
    Computer: 290
    Laser Rifle: 18836
    Small Optronic Bridge: 19737

    Note: Because buy and sell prices are 50% cost apart, the amount you can sell items for will be 50-75% of the above values.

    Food Price Values:
    The monetary values of food items are added together in a similar way. But their base costs is largely determined by their component food values. Although unrealistic, it would be unfair to buy dino stew for $6, allowing you to never need to craft food.
    Although, food is still cheap enough that you can survive off bought food right from the beginning if you have a good source of money.
    Plant Protein: 25
    Vegetables: 20
    Fruit: 20
    Grain: 15
    Natural Stimulant: 20
    Berries: 20
    Mushrooms: 30
    Natural Sweetener: 30
    Spice: 25
    Herbal Leaves: 30
    Alien Thorn: 46
    Alien Tooth: 10
    Meat: 87
    Egg: 101
    Confetti Moss Scrapings: 34
    Firemoss Scrapings: 25
    Nutrient Solution: 135

    Energy Bar = 2 plant protein = 25x2=50+25% = $62
    Some Final Examples:
    Waffles: 280
    Dino Stew: 361
    Pizza: 445
    Emergency Rations: 1371
    Anti-Parasite Injection: 573

    Note: Medical treatments are in high demand and selling medicines yields a significant price bonus for higher quality meds.
    The production and sale of kits and injections will net you a lot of money from a large farming operation for those that simply don't have the means of generating revenue through weapon and device sales.
    Hopefully the base game will start to use a similar system, but be able to do what RG/RE cannot, which is change the trader distribution count allowing each trader to have unique trades.

    Enemy troops and drones
    This is a big part of Reforged Eden. The AI aren't quite so stupid as they are in the default game because their "intelligence" limiters have been removed so you can actually see them process a situation and respond because there's time and space to do so, which otherwise wouldn't happen.
    This depends on what the creature you're engaging is, since they're all set differently.

    > NPC level affects their maximum hp and damage, this is hardcoded to I believe +20% per NPC level. It cannot be changed.
    > Drones' speed and behaviour is likewise hardcoded. Only their weapon and hp are alterable at this time, but there are some ways to get around some behaviour traits.

    Drones generally have a larger amount of HP and changed models to fit their environment. Their weapons are also customized like everything else. They've been redesigned to fit the role of an attack helicopter. Making them particularly dangerous against ground-based targets and if they weren't so... bouncy and could fire upwards they'd be a threat to SVs too.
    If I ever get full control over their speed and tracking, they'll be moving like SVs so you have something to dogfight against in the air.
    Minigun Aerodrone
    Health: 5000
    RPM: 600
    Damage: 14
    The basic zirax drone. The model has been changed for the larger Turbofan drone since it's easier for new players to see, hear and shoot. The engine model is designed for atmosphere, which doesn't exist on the moons where this model is normally used.
    Rocket Aerodrone: 5000 hp
    Plasma Drone: 7000 hp
    Cannon Aerodrone: 5000 hp
    Dual Minigun Aerodrone: 7500 hp
    Large Minigun Drone: 17,500 hp

    Large Plasma Drone: 17,500 hp
    Large Dual Minigun Drone: 10,000 hp
    Large Dual Cannon Drone: 10,000 hp
    Heavy Drone: 17,500 hp

    Troop Transport: 20,000 hp
    Rocket Siege Drone: 6,500 hp
    Minigun Siege Drone: 6,500 hp
    Heavy Siege Drone (Rocket): 15,000 hp
    Heavy Siege Drone (Minigun): 15,000 hp
    Heavy Bomber: 21,000 hp

    Interdictor Drone: 15,000 hp (Plasma)
    Interceptor Drone: 15,000 hp (Laser)
    Laser Drone: 14,500 hp (Trader)
    Surveyor Drone: 16,000 hp (Polaris)
    Disruptor Drone: 17,500 hp (Kriel)

    Siege drones are used in base attacks... though the heavy ones are never actually used because base attacks are still broken, regardless of what the staff claim.
    Ah yes, the troops. Their natural health values have been decreased across the board so they're not so bulletspongy at the higher levels. Their increased sight and hearing makes them deadlier in the open than they are in close quarters, since they're quite hard to spot at a distance.
    Zirax troopers will now open fire on any structure controlled by the player. They won't ignore an unpiloted ship or base, they'll aim into the air at a CV shooting down at them and they'll give it their all to defend their position. They'll even steal your motorbike if you leave it unattended.

    Firing gunshots now ellicit a response as zirax will turn and move towards the source of the sound (if they can). This depends on the weapon used and its loudness values.
    Zirax DO NOT see 360 degrees, they see 110 degrees in a cone in front of the direction their head is facing.
    When a alerted to the player's location zirax no longer walk towards the location, they RUN.
    When they've got a direct line of sight and a confirmed target (and aren't shooting at the time), they will SPRINT towards you. They're as fast as the player while sprinting, so keep an eye on them because if you look away they will overrun your position.
    Unfortunately, their turning speed is still broken so they still turn around on the spot slowly (Eleon, please fix!).
    Soldier Zirax
    Max Health: 360
    Formerly known as Zirax (Minigun) these guys don't actually USE a minigun anymore. It's a rifle.
    If they spot a player, they'll fire and move to 40 meters from the player and hold position from there and continue firing. They'll try and keep their distance if you get closer, but this is irrelevant indoors.

    Laser Zirax
    Max Health: 420
    These guys won't get any closer to the player, instead they'll keep as far away as possible and shoot from there. Their accuracy isn't the best, but they're fairly reliable at hitting you if you get closer.

    Shotgun Zirax
    Max Health: 490
    Shotgunners have always been useless in open fields. Not anymore. These guys are durable and FAST. They know they're useless in the open, so they have the highest sprinting speed of any zirax, able to close the distance between you on that hill and them in the valley faster than any zirax. You don't want to meet any of these guys in a forest, you'll never see them coming.

    Rocket Zirax
    Max Health: 460
    Sadly, they're not the most reliable bunch. But they've got the right spirit and will happily try and shoot down HV, SV and CV flying overhead with at least some success if you're not paying attention.
    I've set them to try and get away from you and others before firing, but like I said: not the most reliable bunch.

    Sniper Zirax
    Max Health: 370
    These guys will now spawn in the open where they belong and they're DANGEROUS. They'll stay as far away as they can and pick you off from a distance and they can see further than you render, so watch your ass. They aren't aimbots thanks to the rebalancing I did on all zirax weapons for long-ranged combat but their bullets, if you see them are pretty hard to track to their source since they're not as flashy as laser zirax and they tend to get low and stand still.

    Zirax Commander
    Max Health: 700
    Updated: These guys were nothing more than a more durable minigun zirax. Not anymore. They're now equipped with a player's Laser Rifle. Just one regular, non-epic laser rifle doesn't sound too dangerous right? You'd be very wrong. If one of these guys gets the jump on you, you're toast.
    Just goes to show just how overpowered player weapons are compared to zirax ones.

    Flamethrower Zirax (new!)
    Max Health: 490
    Similar to a shotgun zirax these new guys will rush your position. Their weapon is even less useful than the shotgun at long range, but if they get closer... Well, you'll be nice and warm for a short time.
    Their weapons set the player on fire and inflict dermal burns.
    These guys don't spawn in POIs except in very old POIs, so your encounters with them will be almost exclusively outside in the open.

    Combat Mechanoid
    Max Health: 650
    These guys can't see as far as zirax but they're dangerous in close quarters.

    Assault Mechanoid
    Max Health: 7500
    No, that 7500 hp isn't a mistake. These guys are literal walking tanks and are just as big.
    Assault Mechanoids can be found in zirax territory commanding combat mechanoid squadrons and are effectively a ground-based Drone.
    Be afraid, because the only way you're cracking one of these open is with heavy weapons.
    Fortunately, they're pretty much harmless at long range since their AI is half-blind and I can't do anything about it. But if you're zooming past one in an HV, you'll be rolling away in wreckage.

    Max Health: 350
    The new and improved ripperdogs have some better sound effects than the spider sounds effects they're currently using. At least until the devs add some real sounds for them.
    Also, these guys move at greyhound speeds in the open. Able to close the distance between their handler and the player in seconds, so don't just ignore them as harmless melee creatures because they're dangerous in tall grass.

    Siege Zirax
    Max Health: 700
    These are your typical assault rifle-wielding Base Attack zirax. They're armed and armored for attacking a base, so your best bet is to take their transport out before it unloads its cargo because they're pain in the ass to deal with once they're on the ground and there's 12 of them.

    Assault Zirax
    Max Health: 700
    Shotgun zirax that are armed and armored for taking a base. Not much different from the Soldier Zirax.

    Elite Zirax Soldier (new!)
    Max Health: 440
    These bad boys are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment far beyond your typical zirax. They presently don't spawn. They have enhanced armor with jetpacks that allow them to run as fast as a player with mobility boosts and boost over walls. Worse still, they're equipped with Zirax Combat Rifles (They can drop these on death, and are available from loot containers and regular soldiers). While they're not as destructive against vehicles, they'll massacre you in a straight-up fight.

    Elite Plasma Zirax (new!)
    Max Health: 500
    Like the elite soldiers, the plasma are specialist zirax units. As Heavy Weapon experts they stay at the back instead of closing with the player, laying down a swathe of destructive plasma rounds on the player's location.

    Elite Shotgun Zirax(new!)
    Max Health: 540
    Equipped with suit boosters and enhanced armor, Elite Shotgunners will sprint like Usain Bolt, jump ravines and scale walls like a boss in order to get within accurate firing distance. They're equipped with a Zirax Combat Shotgun and they'll love to show it to you.

    Elite Zirax Marksman (new!)
    Max Health: 370
    These dudes stay still and crouched and generally don't move much from their position. If you try to close in on them, they'll run to maintain distance and very easily put you down. They're equipped with a T1 Sniper Rifle; Weak right? Not in the hands of a zirax. You'll see just how dangerous even basic starter weapons are compared to the normal zirax guns.

    POI Combat
    An extra section for fighting POIs is probably necessary due to the handling differences and turret/weapon behavior exhibited in Reforged.
    You should all be familiar with the turrets themselves, though they've been customized somewhat there are some major differences.
    For those of you familiar with A12, your SV Gatling guns are almost useless against POI turrets and with the new models the Reforged Turrets are sporting you won't be able to hide above them while they can't point up. They have full hemispherical targeting.

    Zirax Ion Turret (EMP Turret) no longer fire yellow lasers, virtually indistinguishable from normal laser turrets. They now fire EMP shells at a slow speed. You'll be able to spot these by their telltale blue glow and resounding explosion sound when they hit your ship.
    These turrets deal no damage to blocks, same as vanilla but they'll deal high damage to shields.
    Their EMP shockwaves will deal overload damage to generators and shield generators near the impact site without a shield to stop them.

    Missile Turrets:
    This needs a large explanation, especially since this also applies to player turrets and missiles.
    Their blast radius has been reduced by 1 since it was the same as an artillery turret in the base game, making them simply too dangerous for how cheap they are (both player and zirax versions).
    The real change is their tracking. Where the old missiles would come at you fast, turn to track you and in most cases: Miss if you strafed and harmlessly soar off into the distance without attempting to curve back around.
    With Reforged, these missiles are much slower but because of this their tracking ability is far, far more effective. They can turn and pivot multiple times and will keep coming after you. No amount of strafing will save you from a missile if it's locked onto you.

    In a battle against missile turrets your only chance is Hit-and-Run tactics. DO NOT STOP! Fly your SV like it's a jet fighter. Divebomb the turrets with rockets, plasma or railguns and pull up and get as far away as fast as possible. Speed is your friend here more than armor, since those missiles will chase you for about 2km, but will never exceed 55m/s, which is slower than your SV can move.
    With their persistence it's very possible to lead those missiles around and back at the POI that launched them, a drone, a patrol vessel or any other kind of obstruction that you can get between them and you.
    Be like Batman in the Dark Knight Rises with the rockets on your tail and bring 'em back around to hit the one that launched them.

    BA/CV Missile Turrets have the same kind of performance. So whether it's PvP or PvE, anti-missile combat is the same.
    HV Missile turrets also have the same abilities, (which is why SVs don't get these turrets). Making HVs ideal AA platforms in PvP... if anyone cares about PvP.

    So I repeat: If you're up against missiles DO NOT STRAFE. You will not survive the experience. Hit your accelerator and lead them away until they fizzle out or loop around and hit the turrets from the back before they turn.
    If your SV is equipped with Plasma Turrets, circle the POI in a wide circle. Let your turrets do their thing while you keep an eye on those missiles and stay away from them.

    Disruptor Cannons:
    Formerly the Pulse Laser Turret (T2) for legacy, these guns deal very little damage to shields making it possible to resist them longer than you'd normally be able to. However, once your shields are getting low it's advised that you run away because once your shields are gone these will tear through your ship's hull like tissue paper.
    You can get these turrets and their ammo for CV/BA from defeating Legacy Warships. But be careful, they consume a lot of power and CPU.
    Their shots are also more visible than they are in vanilla since they chose the wrong weapon effect, so you can tell when and where you're being shot.

    Shields in Reforged are considerably weaker than they are in vanilla. That means it takes less for you to crack open a Drone Base, but at the same time your own shields won't stand up to much of a beating.

    For SVs, their shields are cheaper to mount (6000 CPU), so they can be used with a single Basic Extender with the addition of a single Generator to run it (instead of 2-3). SV shields are the weakest in the game though, designed to protect you only from a few hits before collapsing. You're expected to at least know how to fight without a shield.

    For HVs, their shields are comparatively cheap to mount, and are stronger than their SV counterpart to serve as heavy tanks in place of several meters of heavy armor since the changes to block mass makes such builds very slow.

    For CVs, their shields can stand up to a fair amount of battering, as long as you're not being focused on by an EMP turret or two. A T1 shield generator on a CV will stand up to a single ground POI for the duration of the battle in a decently-armed CV.

    POI shield generators sit mid-way between T1 and T2 in terms of shield strength.
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    Crafting and Salvaging

    Reforged Eden overhauls most of the crafting recipes used in the game. They still use the same kinds of materials, but the amounts and complexity are higher relative to the size of the blocks.
    This isn't a one-sided deal though. Ore deposits, surface rocks and trees all give more materials to compensate, but it's up to YOU to figure out how to move that extra mass.

    Starting off, you'll want to use Wood or Carbon Composite over straight concrete unless you find one of those huge surface rocks that give 1000+ crushed stone. Wood can be upgraded with the multitool into Concrete and Carbon Composite can be upgraded into Steel.
    There's no penalty to CPU for building blocks, so if you have the materials it's recommended that you upgrade your base as needed. Doing the same for ships however, is a different prospect best left until you've read the Ship Dynamics Section further down.

    For Bases and Capital Vessels, costs will be significantly higher. But like with the materials used you gain higher durability for the costs. Your CVs will be able to take a serious hit and keep going as they're able to resist damage better with higher HP and different damage values on weapons.
    If you start small and work your way up, you'll have no problems. But if you try to build the biggest, most complete base from the get-go it's going to take you ages to get the materials to do so.

    Salvage: The Rule of 4
    Nothing to do with the Sith's "Rule of 2" the rule of 4 was originally proposed by @Hummel-o-War in order to handle the salvage mechanics better. This interfaces the crafting system with the salvage values of the multitools and multiturrets.
    Basically, almost all blocks' crafting components are multiples of 4 where possible. This is because the multitools salvage different amounts and when they're not aligned properly, you get nothing from salvaging or an inconsistent amount of components.

    Survival Multitool: Salvages 25% of components
    Multitool: Salvages 50% of components
    Advanced Multitool: Salvages 75% of components
    Multiturret (HV/CV): Salvages 75% of components.
    The Multiturret in Reforged will salvage multiple blocks at once, depending on your distance and angle relative to the target area. It can also retrieve and repair with the same effect.

    Titanium Plates can be melted down in a Furnace for Titanium.
    Sathium Plates can be melted down in a Furnace for Sathium.
    Gold Coins can be melted down in a Furnace for Gold.
    Metal Pieces can be melted down in a Furnace for Neodymium.
    _ _ _ _ __ __ ____________________________________________________ __ __ _ _ _ _

    Ship Dynamics
    The theory of everything

    This section gets its own big title and everything since this is a rather complicated section on how ships are handled in Reforged Eden/Galaxy that's different from how the base game handles them that's gone so horribly wrong because a lack of understanding of math.

    Thrust vs Weight:
    Even with Mass & Volume turned off ships still have mass, and in order to move that mass you need thrust from thrusters. Thrust relative to the center of mass of a ship provides torque (the ability to turn in a certain direction).
    The A11 Flight Model requires the player to balance their thruster location and output to provide torque to a ship. On average, this means that a ship requires 4 points of thrusters on the bottom, 2 on each side, 2-3 on the top and 2 on the front and back. For most ships this works out at 4 thrusters on the back, 4 on the bottom, 3 on the top, 2 on the front and 3 on each side or 16 thrusters as the bare minimum an all-axis ship requires.

    Here's a useful rule to help you determine how much thrust you need to lift your ship in standard 1G environment.
    1kN of thrust can lift 100kg.

    This is important because all thrusters measure their thrust in KiloNewtons (kN) or greater (MN).
    In vanilla, the SV Small Thruster, the smallest, weakest thruster in the game has an output of 75kN of thrust.
    That's a lifting force of 7500kg to lift an SV with a weight between 2500 and 7000kg from a single thruster.
    You need 4 thrusters to get acceptable roll and pitch, so that's enough thrust from 4 of the worst thrust to lift

    This extremely bad for any semblance of progression in the game, or of any attempts at improved shiphandling as all ships more or less behave the same.
    It doesn't help that the base weight of SV armor blocks is only 8kg for a block of armor. This produces extremely lightweight SVs with more thrust than they will ever need.
    Reforged Galaxy fixes this massive problem by fixing both aspects of the flight model, without breaking the underlying mechanics.
    Thrust is reduced and fit into a forked progression of pros and cons for each tier.
    Additionally, SV block mass is scaled up to fit the realistic mass of an armor block (not a solid block of steel, that would be ridiculous. But 8kg of steel in a 50x50x50cm cube would have sides as thin as paper).

    As a result, the final state means you get just the right amount of thrust for your ship's mass (assuming you didn't build it like a madman).
    Handling is affected by the materials you use, acceleration is a nice smooth boost instead of a sudden kick up the ass that sends you into walls at uncontrollable speeds.
    Your ship will, or at least should turn more like a fighter jet instead of drone and accelerate and handle just the same.
    The CPU system is balanced to keep these values in check using power, efficiency and trade-offs to form a perfectly balanced system that lets you choose your specialization with how you've designed your ship instead of either forcing one on you or letting you pick everything and ruin the game for yourself as you make one ship that does everything and now you no longer need to get resources, don't need to upgrade and you stagnate and quit.

    Ship performance is based entirely on ship design, supported and enhanced by the A11 flight model instead of at odds with it.
    If you don't have enough torque from thruster placement, you'll be pleased to know that RCS consume far less CPU each and provide more torque than the default game to fill the gap in turning created by the higher ship mass. They consume quite a bit of power though, so you may still want to keep your RCS use low.

    Ship Damage Distribution
    An important part of the game is of course ship combat. CPU, Mass, Power Consumption balancing went into ensuring that your desire for as much dakka as possible is mitigated so you don't ruin the game by removing the challenge of fighting POIs, Drones and Patrol Vessels.

    Additionally, this will cover the secondary firing modes of various ship-mounted weapons.
    To activate a fixed-weapon secondary firing mode, press RMB instead of or with LMB to activate the secondary mode.
    For Turrets, RMB while in manual control will let you change firing modes.
    Unlike the default game, all non-explosive turrets and fixed weapons deal more damage with headshots.
    All mounted weapons inflict severe status effects relative to their damage type.

    Important Change: As of Empyrion 1.0 and Reforged Galaxy V1.50b, all projectile explosions will NO LONGER bypass armor blocks and destroy protected stuff on the inside.
    Explosions from rockets, artillery and plasma that detonate on the surface will only deal severe damage to the exterior of the ship instead of blowing up stuff that should be protected by the armor.
    This does not apply to internal thrusters or decoy weapons (by design).

    Additionally, EMP weapons (Zirax and Player) aside from damaging shields and dealing no damage to blocks, WILL deal overload damage to generators near the impact site.
    That means that you can disable a patrol vessel by targetting the locations of its generators and hitting them with EMP warheads from an artillery turret. This will prevent it from self-destructing by removing the generators instead of the core when it's disabled.

    Gatling Cannon
    : 800
    Power: 5PU
    LMB: Main gatling firing mode - 160 damage at 300 RPM (48,000 damage per minute)
    RMB: Secondary spread shot mode - 80 damage at 300 RPM (24,000 damage) + Higher damage vs entities.
    LMB+RMB: Full speed mode - 240 damage at 300 RPM (72,000 damage, double ammo consumption)
    Predominantly an anti-drone and anti-troop weapon. Not suited for attacking turrets, ships or shields.

    Pulse Laser
    : 1200
    Power: 30PU
    Firing: 400 damage at 171 RPM (68,571 damage).
    A straight upgrade over the Gatling Cannon, it has higher accuracy, longer range and one laser cell will recharge the entire weapon's ammo capacity using up a fraction of the mass and volume that the gatling cannon ammo does.
    Additionally, it deals high damage to shields, making it a good step-up over the gatlings if you can afford to craft and arm it. It does deal slightly less damage to entities over the gatling though.

    Rocket Launcher
    : 1400
    Power: 15PU
    Firing: Fires a slow, unguided rocket at 30 RPM with an impact damage of 535 and a blast damage of 1375 (2m radius), it deals 400% impact damage against drones and troop transports.
    A low tier anti-armor weapon against slow or immobile targets like turrets or planetary drones best suited for hit-and-run tactics and divebombing enemy positions. The size and weight of the ammo limits the number of munitions carriable.
    The rockets inherit the speed of the vessel that launches them, so the faster you're moving the faster the rockets will move.

    Plasma Cannon
    : 1600
    Power: 35PU
    Firing: Fires a fast-moving explosive plasma projectile at 37.5 RPM with an impact damage of 570 and blast damage of 1300 (3m radius)
    An improvement over the standard rocket launcher. The plasma cannon's RoF has been slowed and its damage increased since the original "faster" speeds were not suited for high-speed combat. Either lacking damage when they hit or not firing fast enough for single hit-and-run strikes.
    These stats are shared with the HV/SV plasma turret.
    The plasma cannon deals higher blast damage against entities, but lower impact damage against them. Dealing wide-spread thermal and radiological damage instead of penetrating damage.

    Homing Missile Launcher
    : 1800
    Power: 30PU
    Firing: Fires slow, extremely accurate homing missiles at 30 RPM with an impact damage of 535 and a blast damage of 1375 (2m radius), it deals 150% impact damage against drones and troop transports. A trade-off for extreme accuracy.
    Their speed, like those of the regular rocket launcher are inherited from the parent vessel. So the faster you're moving, the easier it will be for these missiles to hit their target in a high-speed dogfight. On a slow-moving gunship attacking ground targets, you'd be better off using regular rockets.

    : 2000
    Power: 50PU
    Firing: Fires high-speed slugs of inert metal at 40 RPM with an impact damage of 3780 damage with high penetrative damage against armor blocks and turrets.
    The true weapon of a sharpshooter, the Railgun deals catastrophic damage with pinpoint accuracy and genuine anti-armor capabilities as it deals greater damage against stronger armors and 300% damage against turrets.
    However, the passive drain of power is the highest of any fixed weapon and the ammunition is extremely heavy and carrying too many will throw off your maneuverability.
    It's recommended to carry only the minimum amount of ammunition, make every shot count and keep your guns powered down while not in use.
    Projectile speed of the slugs has been greatly increased in Reforged, so they're very fast.

    CV and BA weapons have had their damage greatly reduced by a specific amount for several reasons.
    1: Consistency - A 15mm fired from an HV minigun turret and one fired from a BA aren't too dissimilar in performance, instead of the giant gulf of damage between the vanilla HV and CV minigun turrets.
    2: Dynamic combat - The lower damage values draw out combat instead of making it a minute or two of frantic shooting out of turrets.
    3: Pre-balancing for full CV-vs-Planet combat - This is all done in preparation of being able to put CVs inside a planet's atmosphere with all weapons unrestricted. Oh yes, I bet you're all looking forward to that and i've got things all lined up so that when you bring a CV against a POI you don't just vaporize it in 3 seconds.
    Note: I'm not stupid. I boosted the damage modifiers vs entities of all CV/BA weapons so their damage vs drones and troops is unchanged so you're not dealing half damage in a base attack. It's all performing exactly as intended.
    Ironically, their damage modifiers were halved by default, so now most are dealing their 100% modifier damage.

    Pulse Laser Cannon
    : 17500
    Power: 300PU
    Firing: Fires a hitscan laser beam at 100 RPM at 1000 damage (100,000 Damage per minute).
    The general fixed weapon for CVs primarily used for taking down Shields. Like the SV and handheld lasers, one Laser Cell will fully recharge the weapon's magazine.

    Artillery Cannon
    : 45000
    Power: 200PU
    Firing: Fires a high-explosive artillery shell at 9.2 RPM with an impact damage of 8775 and a blast damage of 10,125 and a blast radius of 4.
    Through some kind of insanity, this is classed as a "rocket launcher" in the default game when it's literally the barrel of the Artillery Turret. So this IS the artillery cannon for CVs in reforged, as needed by all good battleships.
    The artillery cannon deals catastrophic damage at a slow rate of fire.

    Minigun Turrets
    : 15000
    Power: 15PU
    Firing 1: Main firing mode - Fires fairly accurate 15mm rounds at 300 RPM for 250 damage (75,000 damage per minute) while manned at 120 RPM unmanned (30,000 damage)
    Firing 2: Secondary firing mode - Fires low accuracy 15mm rounds at 600 RPM for 150 damage (90,000 damage) for taking out closer targets and ground troops.
    Like vanilla, the Minigun turrets deal more damage against entities and less against blocks.

    Cannon Turrets
    : 12500
    Power: 25PU
    Firing 1: Main firing mode - Fires accurate 30mm rounds at 171 RPM for 330 damage (56,430 damage per minute) while manned at 120 RPM unmanned (39,600 damage)
    Firing 2: Secondary firing mode - Fires incendiary 30mm rounds at 100 RPM for 75 impact damage and 400 blast damage with a 1m radius.
    Like vanilla, the Cannon turrets deal more damage against blocks and less against entities. The Incendiary mode is very effective against troops and drones, but must be fired manually. It inflicts dermal burn and sets the target on fire.

    Flak Turrets
    : 17500
    Power: 35PU
    Firing 1: Main firing mode - Fires incendiary flak shells at 100 RPM for 171 impact damage and 420 blast damage with a 3m radius.
    Firing 2: Secondary firing mode - Fires low accuracy airburst rounds containing multiple "bullets" at 171 RPM for 140 damage per bullet dealing high damage against armor, but low damage against internal components.
    The secondary firing mode functions like a giant shotgun designed to deal high damage to armor blocks on high-speed crafts that can't be effectively shot with the main firing mode. It's also pretty handy for taking out a close grouping of drones at once.

    Missile Turrets
    : 30000
    Power: 40PU
    Firing: Fires slow-moving, extremely accurate and persistent homing missiles at 15 RPM with 3240 impact damage and 3240 blast damage with a blast radius of 3.
    Dodging these things requires a fast ship capable of outrunning their 60m/s speed (100m/s space) which shouldn't be a problem for an SV, but will require a CV to boost to get away. Speed rather than fancy flying will get you safely away from these.
    The blast radius of these missiles is 4 in vanilla, the same as the ship-destroying Artillery. Which makes it clear there's some kind of ridiculous bias towards rockets over any other weapon type and the devs need to seriously STOP IT. In making every other weapon crap to highlight the various homing missiles, you bring the entire game down.

    Pulse Laser Turrets
    : 20000
    Power: 30PU
    Firing 1: Main firing mode - Fires laser beams at 100 RPM for 765 impact damage.
    Firing 2: Secondary firing mode - Fires rapid-fire small lasers at 400 RPM for 84 damage each with a high damage modifier against entities.
    Like the HV/SV-mounted pulse laser, the secondary firing mode is something of a straight upgrade to the minigun turret with an anti-personel mode for dealing with troops and drones at close range.
    Like all Laser Weapons, a single Laser Charge will fill the weapon's full magazine, making it mass and volume friendly ammo-wise.

    Plasma Turrets
    : 50000
    Power: 40PU
    Firing 1: Main firing mode - Fires a fast-moving, explosive plasma projectile at 7.5 RPM for 8640 impact damage and 8640 blast damage with a radius of 3.
    Firing 2: Secondary firing mode - Fires a hitscan particle beam at 20 RPM for 8400 damage dealing high damage to armor and devices
    The secondary firing mode is good for base defense for picking off drones at long range, before they come into range of other turrets, and if you have a buddy manning a gun on your ship it's great for taking out thrusters and turrets, but it's hard to aim while you're moving.

    Artillery Turrets
    : 50000
    Power: 50PU
    Firing 1: Main firing mode - Fires 375mm high-explosive Artillery shells at 9.2 RPM for 8775 impact damage and 10,125 blast damage with a radius of 4.
    Firing 2: Secondary firing mode - Fires a slow-moving EMP warhead that deals catastrophic damage to shields and drones. They are quite easy to dodge and very slow to fire at 2.5 RPM.
    - WIP -
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    Great idea to post this!
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  6. ravien_ff

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    Added a link to this on the Reforged Workshop too.
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  7. EternalHeathen

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    Thanks for this, you've answered questions I hadn't even asked yet.

    And now I have a reason to use the motorbike.
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  8. Cherry Burrito

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    Jul 23, 2020
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    Regarding this description of the Mechanical Drill:
    I am probably missing something here, but it doesn't seem to be performing as described. The Survival Multitool is doing 8 damage per tick to all surface ore and rocks, while the Mechanical Drill is doing 9 to those same nodes. I was expecting the Mechanical drill to do 9 to ore nodes, but 18 to rocks.

    Edit: just want to note that I started a new game a couple of hours ago, in case that matters.
  9. Vermillion

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    Are you sure? That seems odd, but I checked miketanic's Reforged Eden playthrough and that seems to be right. Which is odd.
    The survival tool should be dealing 12.5 damage per hit.
    The mechanical drill should be dealing 18 damage per hit.

    I will need to investigate this further.

    Edit: Found the problem. Will be fixed in the next update, which should hopefully be later today.
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  10. dichebach

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    Yowzers . . . after years of pawning Zirax noobs using all the standard bouncy boy and kitey shotgun maniac 'tactics' the prospect of actually being afraid is sphincter-clenching!

    Sounds delightful!

    I'm curious: how the HECK did you implement these types of changes? Use their API? This sounds like it must be getting down to the level of source code almost . . .
  11. dichebach

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    Do I understand correctly that the "Drill" (the powerful handheld rock sucking device which requires prom pellet derived fuel cells) is just OUT in this mod/scenario?

    I will wholeheartedly agree that the "Drill" is way overpowered. The player can remove landscape at a DIZZYING pace and this is central to my primary "Mole Man" Russian Sapping FTW way of playing the game and winning at low cost. Has been for ages.

    As such, I have mixed feelings about trying out the mod.

    As an example of the "Mole Man" gambit I'm talking about, in my latest Project Eden solo campaign starting on Ningues with all hard enemies, CPU and volume on, device limits off, and pretty much everything else at Normal except for Rich deposits . . .

    My first priority was toget food and hot bevs, then the hoverbike and upgrade it to an enclosed cabin. Then I grinded to Level 7 (I think it is) to be able to build the drill and multi-tool. I made sure to have a handful of prom pellets on hand, and once I had a nice cache of building materials, pre-built a BA starter, gen, fuel and small constructor. This was to do nothing but plop down a temp base on which to place a large constructor in order to build a drill (had already looted a multi-tool) and some power packs. I then salvaged all those machines and began to tunnel to set up my first actual base with the core buried a layer above the molten.
  12. Vermillion

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    Drill is not out. In fact, it just got buffed in the latest 12.3 version for RG, which will be in the next update of Reforged Eden in the next few hours.
    The survival tool is bad, you'll be grinding with it. It's best used for cracking open surface rocks, which have higher yield in RE.
    Within the first 5 minutes of starting the game, you'll be level 3 and have unlocked the Mechanical Drill before even reaching an ore deposit. The mechanical drill is still pretty grindy against the harder ores (non-starter ores), but will get the job done easy enough to get you an SV/Hover Miner which will make it all much easier.
    A mining ship is a requirement of the game instead of a waste of resources that it is in the base game.

    The laser drill and multitool no longer use straight promethium pellets, it can be made with promethium fuel packs taken from your fuel tank via the biofuel route to prevent people from being screwed out of block retrieval earlygame.
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  13. Cherry Burrito

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    Wow, so fast! Looking forward to it, thank you!

    I really appreciate the changes to the tools. In vanilla it seemed like I got the epic drill from the quest reward before I had the means to make enough drill charges to make good use of the regular drill. Now they have a clear role in progression.

    I also like changes to the tips - maybe a tip could be added describing how to get power packs from bio fuel?
  14. Cherry Burrito

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    When will this update make it into Reforged Eden?
  15. Vermillion

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    Sometime soon, just waiting on Ravien to update it.
  16. Cherry Burrito

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    Cool, makes sense!
  17. shinooni

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    I am having issues with getting this running ever since 12.3 - tried all the usual tricks but this time even coop mode isn't working.
    By not working i mean half generated POIs and blueprints just flat only half spawning. Trying to figure this out. Any ideas on what could be causing this behavior when I look at the logs they do show some errors; ill include the playfield log.

    Attached Files:

  18. Vermillion

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    From what I can see, you don't have the Reforged configs. It's throwing an error because it's trying to find the Flamethrower when you load the game but it doesn't exist in the scenario configs.
    Make sure your main Configurations folder doesn't have a Config.ecf that's overriding the scenario configs and double-check the scenario configs themselves to make sure that they're intact. (e.g. open the ItemsConfig.ecf and scroll down to the bottom and the last large entry should be the MedicGun ID: 47)

    @ravien_ff gave me an idea that should prevent overriding config.ecf in future. But I need to test it. If it works, it'll be in the next update.
  19. Cherry Burrito

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    The multitool and drill are now doing the increased damage to surface rocks, thank you both!
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  20. neil.phillips5

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    Thought I would share my situation with you so you can consider if a change needs to be made.

    Start Akua, single player, survival.
    Slow progression - ok with that. Doing the Robinson Protocol to gain some xp. Level 7 but xp split between base, hv and sv. Got the hoverbike fixed and the sv. All this right next to the escape pod on the surface. All good.

    Here comes the rub.
    3rd part is making a base. Dangerous version of the game so I built mine deep under ground.
    Managed to dig a tunnel with a bend in it to allow the vehicles to get down there.
    Along comes the Zirax with their drone attack. All fine.

    Notice how I said deep underground with split xp spend?
    Well that means no defense other than a single sentry gun.

    The Zirax will not go away. They appear to have infinite ammo. I cannot take them on hand to hand. I cannot reasonably try to build up to the surface - lack of blocks, only a sentry gun learnt etc.

    Any chance of considering limited ammo? or even make them go home after a certain amount of time?
    They are making little to no impression on the ground above, so them shooting a way through the ground to my base is going to take years.

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