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    For more information see here Bug Report Template

    Build: 1.10.4 4243
    Mode: Creative / Survival
    Mode: Single

    SEED-ID: N/A

    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: Always
    Severity: Minor (should be easy fix)

    Type: Global

    Summary: Windows impede player movement


    SV/HV window frames (Regular or armoured) impede players walking under them. The bounding box on the edges exceed beyond the edges of the block and stop the player. (See photos below)

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Build a 1 x 3 block "hallway"
    2) Place a window above the hallway
    3) Try to walk under the window. The player will be "bounced" back unless running. If the window is turned 90 degrees, it isn't possible to pass through unless crouched (or at a full run).

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:

    Simple Test Rig: (SV base)
    (All of the window frame types available - note the last one has the window frame rotated 90 degrees)

    Standard blocks no issue. Pass through at slow walk or full run.
    (Even if a force field is attached to the top of the opening, progress is not impacted)

    Bumps up against window. Removing the left window(s) has no impact on the issue.
    Note, this requires slow movement to see the effect. If running the pause will only be momentary and easy to miss. If 2 windows are placed back to back, then the player will have to be at a full run to pass through.

    Complete progress stopped if window rotated 90 degrees:
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