Known Issue Temperate Start: RND issue with Deposits and Zirax POIs

Discussion in 'Known Issues' started by StyxAnnihilator, May 10, 2020.

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    Build: 2891
    Mode: Singleplayer
    Mode: Survival

    SEED-ID: Any, 816049 as an example.

    Reproducibility: Always
    Severity: Major

    Type: Gamestart

    Summary: Temperate Start: RND issue with Deposits and Zirax POIs

    Description: New Survival Single Player Temperate start, Large. Ore settings Rich & Plentiful. Planet spawns with almost fixed ore amount, 8-10 each of Iron & Copper & Silicon, 1 of Promethium and Gold. Start area have 1-3 copper. Few Zirax POIs that are in 2-3 clusters.
    With Poor and Few setting then very few deposits. Large and Medium planet size not that much different.

    Arid and Swamp start seems OK.
    Game files verified and game Exit-ed several times.

    Steps to Reproduce: Start a new Temperate Start Single Player Survival.
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    The reduction is somehow intentional - but there seems to be an issue the settings do not scale with size and mode anymore.
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