Feedback Required Three things you absolutely DISlike about Empyrion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hummel-o-War, Jul 9, 2020.

  1. TrashMan

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    Jan 10, 2018
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    1. Weapon/turret variety and balance (gattling turrets feel terrible, no really big armored turrets for the battleship feel , no good turrets for SV's, etc..)

    2. Ship building still feels cheap (no real thought necessary, everything magically works regardless how or where it's placed. No need to connect engines/reactions with fuel. No need for turrets to have bases/parts below the hull for ammo and other stuff). Yeas, I realize changing this would mess up many workshop designs and I do not care.
  2. Khaleg

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    Nov 5, 2020
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    But I care, so count a -1 from me. It is a game, not a 3D application to design functional war machines in the space. When I play a game, I like the fantasy to evade me from the reality, not another job in which I have to play with realistic rules and being constrained by the crude reality of this world. So, just as you said, I do not care about your likings neither.
  3. fa_q2

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    Oct 30, 2019
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    1. Targeting. AI targeting is absolutely abysmal. Turrets should target ships that are both unpowered or hiding behind a piece of another ship. Virtually all of the most exploitive 'strategies' against other players comes down to turning your ship off and shooting at block while several fully loaded bases bristling with weaponry 20m away just sit there and do nothing.

    2. Advanced cores. Get rid of them for PVP at the very least. SP and PvE such a mechanic is find but in MP it just destroys any sembalance of design and thrusts it back to just build bigger.

    3. Water collectors are a pain, integrate them with the logistic system so that I do not have to spend an entire hour collecting water crates for my crew. And get rid of advanced cores.

    4. Max player count on official servers. You have a playfield with hundreds of planets and less than 50 players. Everyone can have their own planet. Not much multiplayer in that.

    5. Kiting. We desperately need a system that either forces another player to engage or jump away. With max speeds being universal it is simply impossible to chase a target down or be caught if you are the target. PvP space has no danger feel to it as it is impossible to be caught.

    6. PvP server should actually be PvP. The vast majority of PvP is actually PvE space and that should just not exist at all

    Already way over....
  4. Kassonnade

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    May 13, 2017
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    In fact the "choose 3 features" was just an IQ test to see how many players can count up to 3. The developers were not interested in anything else...
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  6. Kassonnade

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    May 13, 2017
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    Title could just be "Things you absolutely dislike about Empyrion" indeed. If players did read the OP and not just the title, they would also have read "no discussion".

    It's also possible that nobody really cares.
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  7. Hunngarr

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    May 5, 2021
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    1: No controller support for flight sticks.

    2: Lack of a target lead reticle for svs.

    3: Toolbar doesn't save on death. So when you have to retrieve your bag you are defenceless and get to die over and over.
  8. Germanicus

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    Jan 22, 2018
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    This - > you have to chose for yourself
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  9. I think they were referring to how when you recover your backpack after death it doesn't put your toolbar items back where they belong, leaving you to have to open your inventory and shift click them back in place every time.

    I too wish it remembered which slots I had my items in and returned them to their proper place....

    It also doesn't help that toolbar items are put at the TOP of your backpack when you recover it, which leaves ALL your inventory displaced from it's original proper place you had it before death. Toolbar items should at least be placed LAST in the backpack to avoid this issue....
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  10. Francois

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    Aug 6, 2015
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    1- Not being able to walk or even stand on a moving ship (mostly when playing coop, it is very annoying my friend can't quicky hop in the back when i am taking off) the fact that he falls through the ship is also not very immersive.
    2- why can't i crouch?
    3- I'm sorry you asked "absolutely dislike" i can only think of 2
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  11. Brandinimo

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    May 28, 2021
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    1.) Enemy AI. It's so stupid.
    2.) Textures that aren't all shiny. Everything shouldn't look freshly polished.
    3.) Gun models + features - make them more intricate/cool looking/unique.
  12. ESOWarrior

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    May 29, 2021
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    I absolutely hate these parts about Empyrion GS:

    1). when first starting a new world, the alien bugs are such a nuisance, mainly due to their ridiculously large attack range, the speed at which they catch you, and how early you encounter them. The fastest I have encountered them, mainly by random, was 15 seconds out of the escape pod and they simply are very hard to combat when first starting and using a basic survival tool to defend yourself. I'd mainly suggest pushing them away from the starting area to allow players to get a start and a pistol before having to be forced into combat with them.

    2). The random generator for planets, no matter the biome. Very basic worlds that sometimes are simply not helpful for progressing with the storyline. Just need more of a balance between resource availability across the whole planet and more diversity with POI's.

    3). The loot system, mainly for boxes and such which you can interact with onto the sense that i hate it when i find a seed or if im 5 minutes into a new world, I'll magically find a rare item right off the get go. Just seems to be needing more of a balancing like the random generator.

    I still love the game though but these are mainly just some of my most hated features as the discussion implicates us members to do :)
  13. ZipSnipe

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    May 19, 2016
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    1) The constant changing of how all vessels work and operate. This made most of earlier designs non working, also made most of us quit the game. Would have been nice that with every change to the way vessels operate that Eleon incorporated a automatic conversions to blue prints, instead it required us to make major over hauls to our designs.

    2) No road map of the games future. Would have been nice to see a plan layed out ahead to see things that would be implemented in the future.

    3) All my friends and enemies leaving the game :-(
  14. Spoon

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    Jun 27, 2020
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  15. PickleJar

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    Jul 13, 2020
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    1. Light projecting THROUGH blocks and creating reflections in the wrong place. This goes along with general light intensity and distribution. It's always hurting my eyes.

    2. Progression speed is unbalanced. Some things come too fast. Some take too long. Many times the only thing preventing you from getting an endgame CV on your starter planet is the lack of materials - why am I level 25 on the starter planet? Why do I NEED to be so high level to functionally fit out my base or ships?

    3. SOUND DESIGN. It's horrible. The music is beautiful. But the sound effects are a -10 out of 10. Specific effects are sub-par and the frequency with which you hear them makes them painful. Directionality is also not great. There is no volume change over distance. Think of any sound, drilling, raptor bites, Zirax's stomach grumbling, DOOR SPAM! If literally NOTHING ELSE got fixed but the sound design, I'd be happy. It's absolutely my most hated aspect of the game. Makes me play on mute many times.
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  16. Fenris

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    Jul 19, 2018
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    Having to come to a complete stop before jumping out of a vehicle. And yeah I've played Space Engineers where jumping out of a moving vehicle means you have to go chasing after it. What bothers me is when I'm in an HV and trying to gather plant or other resources and am constantly moving stopping then trying to get out only to get the stupid message that I have to wait for the vehicle to stop. I have zero m/s on the speed odometer, but have to wait for the vehicle to take it's sweet time leveling out. And yes I could stop while holding down "O" then hop out before the vehicle takes forever to level out. But really, if my forward, backward, or side to side speed is zero, just let me jump out. In fact even if I'm going full speed let me jump out, then have the vehicle apply an "Emergency Stop" since no one is piloting it. It's not like this could be abused in multiplayer since there is no collision damage. And if I get hurt or die, that's my own fault. If I have to go chasing after a vehicle because it slid down a hill or something before it could stop, again that's my own fault. Although maybe have a conformation button for SVs and CVs in case you accidentally hit the "F" key.
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  17. My personal preference, if it is possible, would be double press F to exit a moving vessel.
    That way a single accidental press doesn't cause issues. A single press would still work if the vessel were stationary just like it does now.

    I'm not sure how possible it is, but that is my preference.
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  18. Criss Hansen

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    May 6, 2021
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    1. Economy of the game is broken. You can exploit traders with buying - selling so easy (a quick example : trader selling Crew for X price, at the NEXT BUILDING another trader is buying crew at larger price (even double!!). At few minutes you are rich!) Need to rework all the Trading imo

    2. Lack of purpose / end-game (at default game, never played Scenario tbh) , most of survival games have the same problem tbh. There are many ways to avoid this ("boss" list, victory conditions settings when starting a game etc.)

    3. Playing multiplayer with 2 friends I found the lack of ability to browsing the storage (cargo boxes) at the same time with my friends very very annoying! Seriously , very very very annoying!! We cannot check together what materials we have, or craft at the same time.
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  19. IndigoWyrd

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    Jun 19, 2018
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    Updated for v 1.5:

    1. Players cannot crouch - it seems like a fairly minor thing to Dislike, but crouching is a staple for most games, and it would be quite helpful here as well, not just tactically, but also in the build and repair process.

    2. Vehicle Weapon/Device selection cannot be modified - the order of vehicle weapons/devices is locked and cannot be reorganized

    3. Cannot Build/Deconstruct Certain Items - Notably armor above Light, Armor Modifications other than EVA, but there are a fair number of items that can be acquired, largely as loot items, that cannot be deconstructed into components. Likewise, being unable to craft armors other than Light, is extremely limiting. While this can be purchased, they can be quite expensive early on, or exceptional difficult to obtain from POI's. Later on, they can be somewhat common as loot items, and while profitable to sell, could be more useful as raw materials when broken down instead.
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  20. cmguardia

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    Mar 4, 2018
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    Just one thing that is pulling me out of the game's immersion far more than anything.
    The NPCs who are human everywhere and do not intervene in any way in the story.
    I look at this this way:
    I am a Terran who came to this galaxy and there are no others like me here. By accident I discover that I separated from mine. Then my search for my crew begins ... In the first space station I see humans walking ... My real reaction would be to run up to him and talk to him !!
    Exchange all the information I can on the situation! But this doesn't happen here, you just walk around without any interaction options.
    There are also humans working in some stations and they are not even surprised to see another human ... "Hey! I have not seen you before around here we are few and we already know each other! Where do you come from ?! Do you bring news of another group of humans? Do you come from earth with new news ?? But nothing of this happens and that takes me out of history.
    Maybe a little talk that puts you in context of what those who, like us, separated from the largest contingent and remade their life trading Someone who says he was touring the sector and had to leave because a laser hit him in the knee or some crazy story with Klingons.

    Solo una cosaque me esta sacando de la inmersión del juego mucho más que cualquier cosa.
    Los NPC que son humanos por todos lados y no intervienen en ninguna forma en la historia.
    Miro esto de la siguiente manera:
    Soy un terrano que llego a esta galaxia y aquí no hay otros como yo. Por el accidente descubro que me separé de los míos.
    Entonces comienza mi busqueda de mi tripulación... En la primer estación espacial veo humanos caminando... Mi reacción real sería ir corriendo hasta él y hablarle!! Intercambiar toda la información que puedo de la situación!!
    Pero aquí no pasa esto, solo camina por allí sin ninguna opción de interacción.
    También hay humanos trabajando en algunas estaciones y nisiquiera se sorprenden al ver a otro humano... "Oye! No te he visto antes por aquí somos pocos y ya nos conocemos todos! De donde vienes?! Traes noticias de otro grupo de humanos? Vienes de la tierra con nuevas noticias??
    Pero no sucede nada de esto y eso me saca de la historia. Quizas un poco de charla que te ponga en contexto de que estuvieron haciendo los que, como nosotros, nos separamos del contingente mas grande y rehacieron su vida comerciando. Alguno que diga que estuvo recorriendo el sector y lo tuvo que dejar porque un laser le dio en la rodilla o alguna historia loca con klingons.
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