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    Hello Galactic Survivalists!

    At the beginning of March, we provided some insights here into the basic contents for the coming weeks and months (Roadmap Blog - March/April 2024).

    Today, we want to get more specific and give you a little preview of the upcoming update.

    Here's a little disclaimer: All images below and detailed information should be considered as work in progress. They are from the active development process, and it's possible that even days before a release, things may change or, if in doubt, be postponed to the next update. Therefore, the information below is primarily to let you know what we are currently working on and to shorten the waiting time for the next update. Thank you for your understanding.

    With that said - What are the main topics of the next update?

    New Features: Boarding Parties!
    The turrets of the Dark Faction are getting (the first iteration of) a new function! The Disruptor Turret will now be able to immobilize your (not shield-protected) ship and then the Translocator turret will teleport troops over to your vessel! Make sure your internal security is up to scratch!

    Improvement: Sword and Body Shield
    Three improvements are planned here. Not only has the swing speed of the sword been significantly increased. There is now also an additional animation and a glow effect around your avatar as soon as the shield is active.


    UI/UX Improvements:
    • Dark Field On Screen Info & Warning message
      We added new information and updated the markers in the various map views about the presence or strength of the local Dark Field. There is also now a new message: when you approach a planet it will inform you about the strength of the Dark Field even before you attempt to land!

    • Lift-Off Warning
      In addition to that, we also plan to add another new warning message - available for both game versions: If you approach a planet, a warning will be displayed in case you would not be able to take off from this planet.

    Last but not least, the current update includes a topic that fits with the previous improvement and also brings some new content that we would like to explain to you in advance.

    New Feature: Range Preview for Generators
    Both for the Dark Field Neutralizers (also for the Dark Field Generators) and the regular gravity generators, there is now a live preview of the effect field that you can activate BEFORE the final placement! This feature will, of course, also be included in the main game (without DLC) for the gravity generators!


    And yes, we are deliberately using the plural "gravity field generators". ;)

    New Content: Gravity Generator for Small Vessels (SV) and New Model
    We will not only renew the model of the gravity generator and give several models with different ranges, but also introduce gravity generators for SV - for both game versions (with and without DLC).

    Overall, this should give you more flexibility for your building projects - or, if it's your aim, a needs-oriented and more precise coverage without just installing the biggest generator. ;)


    As mentioned above, everything here is still a work in progress and can be subject to change. ;)

    Beyond the mentioned topics, there are, of course, general improvements, e.g., to the movement patterns of the creatures and, of course, bug fixing!

    We hope there is something among the above improvements for you as well.

    There is no fixed date for the mentioned update yet, but it looks good for the coming week.

    We will keep you updated.

    Your Eleon Game Studios Team.
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    From the post, it states that there will be a disruptor turret which will immobilize your ship (if un-shielded) which would then allow enemy troops to be teleported across. Based on that statement, you will not be moving when this happens. If still shielded, then, again from the statement, troops cannot transport across.

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