V 1.8 FPS drops du to vegetation (AKUA start speaking)

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    I have checked Internet and found that this issue occured often, upon releases of new versions.

    I already have commentated another thread about some lags while flying low/mid alitude above populated area (objects speaking) and noticed some FPS drops.

    This time, I'd like to speak about the new vegetation system I have tested on fresh starts on AKUA, while wandering on walking quietly into the plains / forests around the crash site.

    On my system, all these new plants / vegetation don't render so well, and it's laggy.

    With the V1.7 and before, I could play with max graphical settings, without remembering any issues while walking into forest / swamp.

    In V1.8, I rapidly made some basic tests and I can't tell exactly what is wrong looking, but it''s with the fast automatic option that my eyes don't notice any lags....

    I won't see V1.8 as an improvement if it comes at a cost of switching from best/ultra to fastest/low settings...

    My system isn't so old (see dxdiag file), and as I said in another thread, I can run Fallout 4, red dead redemption 2 on max graphical settings without problem, so I doubt that Empyrion is above these games....

    I wonder if you guys noticed this as well, and how did you tweaked the graphical settings to to better.
    Please don't tell me about SSD vs HD drive, because it was ok before, and I won't change a part or a whole performing PC for a "fancy" upgrade...

    EDIT : Today I just downloaded and ran FRAPS. I switched back to BEST (max) settings, despite NVIDIA EXPERIENCE suggested that the optimization would be FAST (low).
    So I loaded my last save on AKUA starting area whiole running FRAPS and had an average of 42/45 FPS, which isn't so bad.
    Toggling each setting, I found (for me in a specific static avatar position in the forest) that "Shadow quality" and "Bloom" seem to be the more impactful on FPS drop

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    Hi, Can you record some video to show exactly what you are describing ?
    & please also leave your character standing in the location where FPS is the worst for you, exit to the main menu & supply a copy of the save game:

    How to attach a save game to a report:
    Go to:
    For SP or Co-op:
    Right click on "Empyrion" in your steam library > Properties > Local files > Browse > Saves > Games
    or: SteamLibrary\steamapps\Common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Games

    For MP:
    Right click on "Empyrion - Dedicated Server" in your steam library > Properties > Local files > Browse > Saves > Games
    or: SteamLibrary\steamapps\Common\Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Saves\Games
    1. Right click on the save folder & place your mouse cursor over 'Send to' create a compressed copy of it (or use winzip or 7zip)
    2. Use a file hosting site like mediafire, dropbox or google drive & add a share link to it
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