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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Pantera, Feb 6, 2024.

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    Hello Galactic Survivalists!

    Today we are not only releasing "Dark Faction", our first content expansion for Empyrion Galactic Survival - we are also releasing a general update for version 1.11

    You can find all changes in the changelog below.

    The bugfixes listed below also apply to owners of the DLC. We released most of the planned bug fixes towards the end of last year because we didn't want to keep you waiting for the release of version 1.11!

    Very important: For the main game version without DLC, development will of course continue (with free content updates and bug fixes)!

    As always, we look forward to your valued feedback!

    Have fun playing!
    Your Eleon Game Studios team.

    Main game changes:
    - Base attack system changes: now the base attack's system checks for the playfield difficulty level & also the player structures attack & defense rating to determine what kind of attack will be triggered.
    - Decreased the overall fog seen when lights (suit light, handheld light, spotlights) are enabled in particular weather types
    - DialogueState from BlockConfig.ecf: if this is set, always this dialogue state is taken (even if it is overwritten using god mode)
    - DialogueSystem: added 'RemoveBookmark(int bmId)' and new 'AddBookmark()' with possibility to get the bookmark id (bmId) on bookmark creation
    - Edited FWN constructor icons to include a colored background and darker shadows.
    - Various optimisations done for loading into saves to cut down on how long it takes to load into a save game.

    Playfield changes ‘Akua’ playfield:
    - RockResources can be easier dug close to poles
    - Tundra biome is larger
    - Nights are a bit brighter; adjusted Storm fog colors
    - Biomes tweaked for decorations, added Savanna transition biome ‘HighGrass’
    - Terrain stamp placement tweaks, removing some texture artifacts. Note: Playfield seed has been altered.

    - Parts Collection window: fixed CoQ when pressing "L" in the search window, now updating the page "Info" when pressing "Reload" of a BP and also reloading it in BP lib (so the new version gets spawned)
    - Parts Collection Window: fixed Blueprints losing blocks when saving a BP via Parts Collection Window and there were blocks without Id changed/moved in BlocksConfig.ecf
    01184: Delay of Fuel calculation for just loaded structure lead to wrong fuel consumption
    01113: Forcefield effect visual glitch while moving in 1PV on the vessel
    01007: Flickering of holo devices & force fields seen at certain angles
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    There are some nice subtle changes not mentioned here. Thanks for the change to hitpoints on blocks.
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