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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Pantera, Mar 29, 2023.

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    Hello Galactic Survivalists!

    We have some more changes & fixes coming your way today with another phase of experimental for v1.9.10. Please test as much as you like and give us feedback - thanks a lot!!
    Our Experimental server is also updated feel free to join!

    As always please note:
    Report bugs and issues right over here: https://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.34/
    Fixed Experimental version bugs can be found there: https://empyriononline.com/forums/fixed.90/

    For discussing the new and updated features, please head over to the Experimental Feedback forum: https://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35/

    - When publishing / updating a Workshop scenario all .yaml.bin files are deleted before upload (to avoid possible problems for subscribers)
    - Added a console command to switch loca texts with source KEYs in-session ("dt locakeys")

    - 00838: The HUD wouldn’t reappear on screen after hiding it
    - 00675: Personal Container has no working drop/trash boxes when opening the 2nd time
    - 00829: Terrain deco only rendering a short distance around the player after playfield changes
    - 00731: Hand weapon iron sight position not match to hit position
    - 00673: The airtight variant of Ramps 1x3x1 is not airtight
    - 00833: Too low render range for some turrets
    - 00824: Laser SMG holo sight is off in relation to the point of impact
    - PDA signals not removed when exiting savegame -> still visible when loading another savegame
    - Signal logic circuit "SR Latch" didn't save its state

    Guided Tutorial:
    - Biofuel Camp: Prevent crafting task seemingly not finishing after skipping time with Tent
    - Farm: No more Base Attacks while player is unprepared
    - Farm: Prevent potential non-spawning Troop transport during BA attack.
    - Farm: Flour does not spoil in crafting fridge any more
    - LostGarden: No more backstabbing by alienbugs
    - Promethium deposit: Prevent getting stuck by shooting drone very early
    - HV builder bunker: Fix message when declining to continue. Less messages overlapping.
    - Salvage Beach: Tweaked info for steel plate salvage & techtree unlocks & growing plots
    - Added lever to access PDA debug chapters close to planet starting teleporter
    - Changed player starting reputation

    Feedback thread can be found here https://empyriononline.com/threads/1-9-10-exp-standalone-tutorial-feedback.101328/


    Previous v1.9.10 Patch notes:
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    Mar 22, 2023
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    How do I get Steam to let me download this experimental version? I'm still on 1.9.4 and there's nowhere I can find for an option to update it. Any help from somebody would be appreciated!
    Edit: I found it on the "Betas" option.
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