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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Pantera, Apr 13, 2023.

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  1. Pantera

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    Aug 15, 2016
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    Hello Galactic Survivalists!

    Get ready for an exciting update with Version 1.9.10! What fantastic features and improvements can you expect?

    A brief list of the main feature changes and additions:

    • Added a dedicated standalone tutorial for new players
    • FPS optimization (Object Culling & AI Multi threading optimization)
    • Radial damage hit indicator (player/vessel combat)
    • Improved Animations
    • Improved damage indication visuals (player)
    • Device/Signal group hotkeys (Control Panel)
    • Check out our update release video and the detailed changelog below for more details

    We would like to extend a huge thank you to all the contributors of bases and ships. With this update, we have added a larger batch of your submissions from the public Builders Forum (with more to come!).
    As always:

    The Eleon team wishes you loads of fun playing the new version!


    - Added hotkeys for control panel signals & device groups:
    • Device Groups are toggled with CTRL + SHIFT + 1 to 8
    • Signals Column are toggled with CTRL + ALT + 1 to 8
    - Adding Occlusion Culling to structure decoration blocks & NPC's in rooms the player cannot see when in a POI & optimizations to AI multi threading have been worked on.
    With both of the above optimizations available as of this build you should see an FPS boost in POI’s.
    Note: Activating godmode disables the culling so the FPS will go down to how it used to be until godmode is disabled when at a POI.

    Visuals & Effects:

    - Added new animations for Jumping, running & sprinting, falling & crouch walking with a weapon equipped (improved)
    - Added radial damage indicator to Vessel HUD. Now players damage will appear in red & vessel damage will appear in blue
    Added new screen vfx for:

    • Radiation: Activates when Body Radiations reaches 4)
    • Poison: Activates for both stages of Poison Bite
    • Heat: Activates when Body Temperatures reaches 38
    • Frost: When body temp lowers to 9

    - Improved new Load/Start menu:
    • Left-aligned buttons and window title with title menu
    • Exchanged Load and Start to have most used Load at top (and no mouse move needed for loading a single player game)

    - Added a "clear pivot point" checkbox on the BP menu window to be used before using Save As / Overwrite
    - Added two new config files (see content/configuration); Read the info in the head of the files carefully
    +BlocksGroupsConfig.ecf: Define custom Block Group String for better balancing Block Groups MaxCount.
    +GlobalDefsConfig.ecf: Combine properties and reference them in the ItemsConfig.ecf and BlocksConfig.ecf with a global parameter. This way you can easily use the same values on multiple entries.

    - Added GalaxyConfig properties to hide star system from search (HideFromSearch) or map display (HideFromMap), adapted respective properties for Sectors.yam
    - Added new PDA Checks: Player adding/removing armor booster (ArmorBoostEquipped / ArmorBoostUnequipped)
    - Added 'Comment' field in all PDA data structures
    - Added PDA Check: Player un-/equips armor type (ArmorEquipped, ArmorUnequipped)


    - POI update: please retest story missions if all replaced pois still work. Thx!
    - Added several new Warlord vessels and POI (thx to teakeycee)
    - Added/updated Warlord POI (thx to sulusdacor)
    - Updated/Added Kriel POI and OPV (thx to Stellar Titan & Escarli)
    - Added/Updated UCH POI (thx to Don2k7 & Stellar Titan)
    - Added/Updated Pirates BAO (thx to Stellar Titan)
    - Added new SV wreckages for orbital junkyards (thx to sulusdacor)
    - Added Karana and Tresari POIs and OPV (thx to Escarli, Ramachandra, MatCZ and others)
    - Fixed/updatede several story POI (GLaDOutpost, PirateBaseStory, GhystPrison; thx to sulusdacor)
    - Added 'collector' random POI placeables (thx to sulusdacor)
    - Updated OPVs that had an extreme amount of Pentaxid (thx to Escarli)

    Technical & Other

    - Added a “Guided Tutorial” scenario which is aimed at helping new players to learn the basics before playing survival:
    Multiple new structures are set up to be used in this scenario thanks to all these builders!!
    CrazyZ, Frank the Witch, HeckenDiver, Hootsman, Jenniphurr, Kithid, LycanThrope, LyfeForse, Jrandall, Sulusdacor & Yunaleska_Kurryku.

    - Now validating playfield names in Sectors.yaml (as they are used as folder names)
    - Pointer: NPC weapons ZiraxAssaultRiflePlayer & ZiraxShotgunPlayer damage revert
    - Default Multiplayer: Removed Story related POIs
    - Main localization updated
    - Added Help buttons to Repair Bay, Repair Station and Armor Locker windows
    - When publishing / updating a Workshop scenario all .yaml.bin files are deleted before upload (to avoid possible problems for subscribers)
    - Add console command to switch loca texts with source KEYs in-session ("dt locakeys")


    - 00493: Possible fix for Players can get stuck in the loading screen when teleporting to another structure
    - 00171: Solar power & battery calculation issue when returning to a playfield
    - 00631: Killing one core in a multiple-core POI will deactivate NPC Spawners
    - Fixed spawners in Zirax Trading Outpost
    - 00536: Several PDA Checks don't work with 'Token:xyz' syntax in Types parameter list
    - Connected toolbar items disappear after using the game backup option
    - 00798: Teleporters not in the network are also blocked by Friendly-only usage limitation
    - 00835: HeartBeat sound played multiple times after stamina depletes.
    - 00675: Personal Container has no working drop/trash boxes when opening the 2nd time
    - PDA signals not removed when exiting savegame -> still visible when loading another savegame
    - Signal logic circuit "SR Latch" didn't save its state
    - 00673: The airtight variant of Ramps 1x3x1 is not airtight
    - 00824: Laser SMG holo sight is off in relation to the point of impact
    - Fixed Merdar not loading in the Invader vs Defender Scenario
    - Invader vs Defender: Fixed PlanetType in SpaceWarpTarget: Resulted in Explorer Tokens not being given
    - Invader vs Defender: Fixed starting planets not loading in some cases
    More fixes done can be found here https://empyriononline.com/forums/fixed.90/


    - https://eah.empyrion-homeworld.net/download/patch-notes-emp-admin-helper-full
  2. markoredflag

    markoredflag Commander

    Oct 26, 2016
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    who did not like this addition and does not want to use can disable it? honestly you guys are destroying the game, and the immersion.
  3. ravien_ff

    ravien_ff Rear Admiral

    Oct 22, 2017
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    People complaining without saying what they are actually complaining about triggers me.
  4. Fractalite

    Fractalite Rear Admiral

    Aug 10, 2016
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    So many awesome changes but this feature/tweak alone is amazing.
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  5. Myrmidon

    Myrmidon Rear Admiral

    Mar 26, 2016
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    I really enjoy this patch. Specially the performance optimization. Might need more time to adjust to the new HUD damage indicators. Thank you Eleon.
  6. Paranoid Loyd

    Paranoid Loyd Ensign

    Mar 14, 2023
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    Since the update I'm getting a constant "Target out of Range" notification when I am mining. If the indicator is red it won't trigger but the second the resource is mined and the indicator turns white I get a notification continuously until I move close enough for the indicator to turn red again.
  7. Arthmoor

    Arthmoor Commander

    Sep 30, 2020
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    Not sure what you're seeing that's bad.

    I've only put about an hour or so into a fresh start so far and just on the starting planet I have seen several notification messages that are much clearer in their meaning and also have better formatting in their presentation.
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  8. HybriDPjT

    HybriDPjT Ensign

    Apr 15, 2023
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    Hey Guys!

    wondering if anyone can help!

    ok so me and my son fired up an old co-op game, we dove right in and all was as it usually is.

    only now after this update v1.9.10 / 11 4131 ( the version number in the top left is v1.9.11 4131 )
    it seems to have broken co-op for me..

    me and another friend started a new game ( on the latest steam non beta version ) as we had not been on in a while..

    started fine

    played fine

    all good

    until it came time to fire up the new save.
    keep getting the error cont , cont&mail, quit&mail

    game would not load and would either hang or close back to desktop depending on which option was chosen.

    ive not really done a lot of technical messing about with empryion ( never had to before lol )

    i can replicate the issue so im going to reinstall the whole game and try to replicate it again to see how it goes

    but here to throw myself on the forums mercy for a bit of help or guidance



    Reinstalled the game and still the same thing..

    can start a new co-op game fine but cannot load that game save again in co-op or single player mode
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  9. Stampy

    Stampy Lieutenant

    Sep 17, 2020
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    I love the change to the lights on an SV...can't wait to make a CV and see if they act the same!
  10. The Android

    The Android Lieutenant

    Dec 29, 2022
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    THIS. PLEASE FIX THIS. When mining pentaxid asteroids:

    Ding. "Target out of Range"
    Ding. "Target out of Range"
    Ding. "Target out of Range"
    Ding. "Target out of Range"
    Ding. "Target out of Range"
    Ding. "Target out of Range"
    Ding. "Target out of Range"
    Ding. "Target out of Range"

    I'm going to murder someone.

    Ding. "Target out of Range"


    <Rage Quit>
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  11. Slam Jones

    Slam Jones Rear Admiral

    Oct 16, 2015
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    I have to wonder if they got their philosophy on this backwards?

    I would think that it would make more sense to show a hit marker when you are connecting with mine-able material, rather than showing a message when you are not connecting with mine-able material.
  12. Germanicus

    Germanicus Rear Admiral

    Jan 22, 2018
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    The "Hit-marker" is shown when using a handheld Drill. But it gets complete invisible if several laser Drills on a Vessel are used. Therefore they may have thought to add the warning for not touching anything in range.
    But I am also not a fan of this warning either:NewRollingEyes:
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  13. Kryzzk

    Kryzzk Lieutenant

    May 17, 2016
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    Anyway to disable the Radial damage hit indicator? It's quite annoying especially when it gets stuck and won't go away.
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  14. Taelyn

    Taelyn Administrator Staff Member Community Manager

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    Oct 4, 2021
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    No currently there is no way to disable it.
    We are working on changes to it for a next update
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  15. The Android

    The Android Lieutenant

    Dec 29, 2022
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    In the latest update this still has the alert message but with no bell. I am ok with this as I can ignore the message (and when multiples happen it all looks like one message). The bell was killing me....

    Thank you!
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