Feedback Required Your most wanted QUALITY OF LIFE feature?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hummel-o-War, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Jorgodan

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    Jul 29, 2020
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    A German translation of the quest dialogues and the quest description.
    And if not that then at least an extension of the fade-in times. The texts / logs partially have become quite long.
    I was freezing to death while reading because I had to repeat so many times :eek:
  2. Splendid gentleman

    Splendid gentleman Lieutenant

    Jun 30, 2020
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    Ooo ive got one:

    The ability to select multiple modules to add to a custome signal logic.

    E.g i want to put all thruster into a customer signal logic which turns them all off when activated.
    Currently i have to select each thruster indivodually, find my named signal in the dropdown, click invert, then do that many many times.
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  3. RavagedSociety

    Jun 25, 2018
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    Lots of great ones here. For me, these are my most wanted, in order of importance to me personally:

    1. Ability to assign hot keys to quickly access turrets, particularly mining/salvaging turrets. The idea of passenger seats linked to turrets is a fantastic idea but could be limiting when you're in a ship with an enclosed cockpit only and wanting to use a turret.
    2. Plot a course on the galaxy map. Whether that be via some manual plotting or automatic (auto being preferable of course)
    3. Area voice communication for MP/Co-Op
    4. Set position of where you're placed when you leave any cockpit seat.
    5. Enemy foot soldier NPCs and such showing on radar
    6. A device like the repair bay to disassemble ships, even if it's just base materials returned.
    7. Better spot lighting. Currently those portable lights are useless. They just bathe everything in a foggy haze. Spotlights on ships generally also make things foggy, at least through glass. In 3rd Person view, the spotlights seem fine so maybe just do something about the glass.
    8. Allow one extra level of docking. Ex: SV carrying a docked HV then lands and docks to a CV or BA.
    9. Blink timers on LCDs similar to what we currently have for lights.
    10. Ability to assign hotkeys to P menu switches.
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  4. Sephrajin

    Sephrajin Rear Admiral

    Dec 22, 2017
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    Are you aware that one can group different thrusters and then en-/disable that group as a whole?
  5. jadefalcon

    jadefalcon Captain

    Jan 30, 2018
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    I would like night and night vision goggles to have some tangible effect in combat.
    Like zirax cant see as well at night - visibility 50% or something, less likely to be detected unless you turn a light on.
  6. The Big Brzezinski

    The Big Brzezinski Commander

    Nov 4, 2019
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    I'd like to be able to mouse over an item in a container and press a number key to add it directly to a toolbar, either personal or logistics. This would bypass the "hot potato" problem where a you pull a stack from a container, but have nowhere to put it. Collecting materials from loot containers, water generators, and autominers would be a lot safer this way.
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  7. icky

    icky Lieutenant

    May 15, 2016
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    change something so when looting a poi with a lot of cargo boxes i dont have to click the dropdown then scroll down to the desired box and click on it, then click the dropdown and scroll all the way back down again every single time. let me just select one then scroll to next or previous with arrow keys or something.

    also id love the option for my turrets to only shoot VISIBLE tagets. obviously some targets will always be hidden like generators or cores so you want the option, but personally ive actually never found myself wanting my turrets to shoot anything besides turrets. also if they could target sentry guns too that'd be fantastic.

    a way to edit the size/shape of a grav generators area the same way you can with sensors.
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  8. CaptRiker

    CaptRiker Commander

    Sep 17, 2018
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    SUPER large hangar doors.. instead of 14x7 being the max.. let's go 42x21 and even 56x28... putting two 56x28's together to allow landing CV's inside a base!
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  9. Alhira_K

    Alhira_K Captain

    Jan 16, 2017
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    The very same for shields, shutter doors and ramps please.
  10. ChumSickle

    ChumSickle Captain

    Jul 17, 2020
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    I would love some sort of damage control feature for vessels. I took out a Zirax cruiser during my recent game play. I dont recall my shield ever totally failing, but it did get low, so it could have. Went back to base, didnt see any noticable damage. My base repair thing wouldnt let me choose "repair to template" or whatever, so I just repaird blocks as everything on the menu for the ship looked fine. Fast forward a bit and I am back at that cruiser salvaging it using a CV turret and I notice my oxygen dropping. So I turn on "show O2" and realize that only tiny parts of my ship still have air circulating. So I head back to a NPC base and have them repair it and its fine. I assume a vent was blown out during the battle, or something. But, its that "I assume" I am not a fan of.

    What I propose, at least as a simple solution, is that when we find a derilict vessel it will show us what parts are needed to get it running. So do this except it shows any blocks that are missing/damage since the last BP save in that same area. We are flying ships capable of complex firing solutions, interstellar warp travel, matter transportation through space, and laser saying " lost your ventilator" should be simple.
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  11. Mikiy

    Mikiy Lieutenant

    Sep 6, 2015
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    Multi-User capabilities for the P-menu/containers/logistics would be nice.
    Way to often i run into menu occupied, container occupied, inventory-full can't loot (while looting/drilling into a connected container) because some teammate (playing co-op) has opened the container.
  12. SlayDark27

    SlayDark27 Ensign

    Nov 21, 2016
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    Hi all! i have in mind a feature that can get ours lifes better, i think.

    Summarized feature: I wish I could disconnect on my capital ship, and if it moves of position or playfield, appear inside again, just where i disconnected.

    Real example: i have a group of 5 friends and we have only one or two capital ships. if one of my friends have to disconnect, he goes to a chair and he disconnect. but if we, the others, continue playing and we move the capital ship, our disconnected friend, when he come back, he 'll be in the middle of space, exactly where he disconnected. Alone and lost.

    My wish: it is we can disconnect on an specific chair or bed inside capital ship, and even if it moves from position, or even playfield, the game can put the player back to the chair/bed/(¿cryosleep?) where he disconnected, calculating the new position of the capital ship.

    is a pain on the ass to wait for disconnected players when we play togheter in the same capital ship. i know it can be a hard feature, but the game really needs something like that.

    Problems like ¿ship destroyed? ¿chair block destroyed or removed? maybe needs some mindwork, but i'm sure we can find some equilibrated fix for that.

    thankyou for your time in reading me :)
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  13. Dinkelsen

    Dinkelsen Captain

    Aug 2, 2016
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    Quality of life features:

    Lots of good suggestions in this thread so far, could +1 most of them immediately. Here are mine:

    - Ability to customize a vehicle's toolbar and add signal switches from the "P-menu" to the hotbar (has already been said but I want to emphasize)

    - Do not sell weapons from the toolbar (has already been there but I want to emphasize)

    - Allow some sort of Logic Circuit Organization. For the very least, adding namable directories would be a godsend. Having more than 10 logic circuits makes the list so cumbersome to read. This would enable us to create a sort of module system.

    - Allow logic "subroutines" to be created, edited and saved (to use in other builds)

    - Allow us to create logic pulses more easily than with the current system (requires 2 additional logic gates for every pulse) The current system uses continuous signals but it is far easier to work with S/R Latches when having pulses. (Interface element: Button. Press button -> Xs logic pulse of signal Y)

    - Add (optional) motion sensor functionality to lights.

    - A motion sensor that switches on if it detects something but switches off only after a delay if <input> seconds. This is something I use in almost every build, it can be made with the tools we have but it will cost 2 logic elements every time.

    - Add an inverter switch for input signals (would save a lot of inverter gates)

    - Allow input signals for devices to be written in Text, this is sometimes easier as creating logic elements and tying them together. Example for a light input signal: "(MotionSensor AND MasterLightSwitch) OR DemoMode". The game can then create the logic elements internally if it has to.

    - Clean up "dead" logic signals. At the moment, if you delete a logic element, you cannot use the name of the output logic element, because the game thinks it is still used. A relog helps but relogging is a bit cumbersome in Empyrion especially if you are debuging your logic circuits..

    - A debug tool for the logic engine.

    - Now I'm getting greedy: Add a graphical tool to create and manage logic circuits.

    - Signals provided by the core of a structure
    - IsDaytime (CV, BA)
    Is on if it is considered daytime - maybe even tie to a level of environmental lighting (that would be the gold plated version)
    There is a symbol on the HUD that shows it its daytime or nighttime, the same code executed once per minute would be enough.
    I'd like to have that primarily to control internal lighting for bases and POIs (who needs light on while daytime?)
    - IsOnPlanet (CV)
    Is on if the stucture is inside a planetary playfield. Could be used to automatically turn certain weapons on or off. Or the gravity generator. Or launch thrusters. Yeah, I know, I'm an automation hog.
    - IsUnderAttack (Any)
    Is on for a configurable time after the structure gets damaged. Or... switches on from the message "Your base is under attack" to "You have successfully defended from a base assoult".

    - Killed enemies that have been looted should despawn within 10s. On the other hand, those that have NOT been looted, should stay for far longer than the 3 minutes, I'd rather have them at 30 minutes. At least in SP, there is no reason to remove them that fast.
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  14. Alendi Istari

    Alendi Istari Lieutenant

    May 7, 2020
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    Three things that really annoy me.

    1> No way to know how much power (i.e. generators) are needed for a design to prevent generator damage.
    2> Range of deep space detectors is too short. Needs to be at least doubled.
    3> No way to span more than 12 blocks (24 meters) on an atmospheric base. Truss blocks at least should allow double the span and stacking trusses even more (2 or three high "beams") affording greater spans though with diminishing returns.
  15. Germanicus

    Germanicus Rear Admiral

    Jan 22, 2018
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    @Alendi Istari
    Pt.1) Use CPU - > 100% means full Power out Put, as soon as you over step CPU Limits power output drops If "Over CPU" reaches 100% Generator takes Damage - and shortly after explodes. Or, in the worst Case, being 1000% over CPU, it explodes AT ONCE.
    Pt.2) :D exactly opposite to whats others say: Range goes to FAR:D
    Pt.3) SI will be reworked in the Future BUT currently you can use FORCE FIELDS as long-Beam-Span-Support
  16. fuzzyspyder

    fuzzyspyder Lieutenant

    Mar 1, 2017
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    Better third person camera.
  17. GTv

    GTv Rear Admiral

    Feb 28, 2017
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    Elevator cars we can ride in (similar to Satisfactory game)
    The ability to walk around and work on a moving ship.
  18. piddlefoot

    piddlefoot Rear Admiral

    Mar 4, 2015
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    Helper AI, robots or clones you can assign tasks.
  19. stecph

    stecph Lieutenant

    Aug 21, 2018
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    My classic: a decent crosshair please.
  20. ChumSickle

    ChumSickle Captain

    Jul 17, 2020
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    I would like to see where if a cargo container has anything in it something appeared beside it to show. When looting a POI, or even doing inventory management i have to go through tons of boxes that are potentially empty.

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